Is Connor Smith the One? Indiana star Connor Smith was arrested in connection to rape of a 16-year old girl.

  • Connor Smith was charged with rape in Illinois. 
  • Additionally, he was accused of sexual battery as well as criminal confinement.
  • Smith appeared on MTV’s previous dating show, Are You The One? 2015.
  • Initial statements by the victim to police suggested that he had taken her out of her bedroom.
  • He later claimed she had sneaked her out to meet her.
  • The police said that Smith’s vehicle was correctly identified by Smith’s family after he returned home.

Connor Smith, who was a guest on MTV’s dating show Are You The One?, was last week arrested after allegedly raping & assaulting a 16year-old girl.

The ex-reality star was taken into custody by Cook County, Illinois. However, the crime allegedly occurred in Indiana, TMZ reported.

Smith is currently facing one charge each of rape or sexual battery and two charges of criminal confinement.

Horrific crime: Connor Smith, who appeared on MTV's Are You The One?, was arrested last week in Illinois for allegedly raping a 16-year-old girl in Indiana in July

Horrible crime: Connor Smith (who appeared on MTV’s Are You The One?) was arrested in Illinois last Wednesday for allegedly raping a sixteen-year-old girl from Indiana in July.

A publication arrest affidavit paints a changing story about the teenage girl.

Reports say she confessed to Smith that Smith kidnapped her during a visit to Indiana with family members in July. 

They first connected via snapchat, she claimed. She messaged someone to sell a cat and she gave them the address where she was staying.

According to the victim, a man broke through her bedroom screen and forced her out. He then took her to his truck where he drove her to a motel and began sexual assaulting her.

However, she changed her story in later police interviews. Later she told authorities she had come to Smith out of nowhere after meeting on a dating site. 

Sex crime: The 16-year-old claimed Smith forced her to perform oral sex in his truck while driving to a motel, where he allegedly urinated on her and forced her to perform oral sex again; Smith (top left) seen on MTV's Are You The One? in 2015

Sex crime: A 16-year old claimed Smith made her perform oral sexual sex while she was driving to a motel. Smith (top right) can be seen appearing on MTV’s “Are You the One?” 2015.

Police interviewed her and found out that Smith had left her with a bad feeling.

He allegedly repeatedly slapped the teenage girl and tried to choke her in the car ride. When they reached the motel, the boy reportedly urinated on her then forced her to do oral sex again.

She said Smith had driven her home and promised to return to her the next night.

According to police, the family of the girl was outside as the girls searched for their daughter. They reportedly pursued the vehicle’s owner and were able relay the description to authorities.

Shifting story: The girl first claimed that Smith abducted her from her room, but later told police that she met him on a dating app, though she described the sex acts as nonconsensual

Shifting Story: Although the girl initially claimed Smith had taken her out of her bedroom, she later admitted to police she first met Smith on a dating site. She described their sex acts, however, as not consensual.

Smith was picked by the girl out of a line-up. According to police, Smith may have traveled from Illinois to Indiana, where he was later arrested.

He is being held without bail in jail.

Smith appeared on the 2015 MTV Dating Series Are You The One?. This series featured singles who were looking for a relationship and all lived together.

Matchmaking algorithms were used to pair contestants together to create ideal partners. Contestants had to choose the right couple and then share a $1 million prize if they identified the correct ones.