GB News to Launch a Radio Station in 2022. Eamonn, Anne Diamond, and Colin Brazier will be the presenters of shows on the new DAB Service.

  • It becomes only broadcaster to simulcast entire output live on both radio & TV
  • Holmes and Isabel Webster will co-host the morning show.
  • Bosses of GB News announced today that this move would turn ‘traditional’ media on its side.

GB News will launch a new radio station this year. It claims it will transform traditional media.

This channel will make the UK the only one to simultaneously broadcast its entire programme output on radio and TV.

Along with the launch of its DAB radio service, new programmes will be presented and many new presenters will be added – Eamonn Holmes was recently announced as a breakfast host. 

Eamonn Holmes, who replaces broadcaster Simon McCoy, and Isabel Webster (pictured together) will be the first to present on the dual service when their television programme airs on January 4

Eamonn Holmes, who replaces broadcaster Simon McCoy, and Isabel Webster (pictured together) will be the first to present on the dual service when their television programme airs on January 4

Every week, how many listeners does GB News attract? 

BBC Radio 4 – 10.8 Million

BBC Radio 5 Live 5.9 Million

LBC – 3 Million 

Times Radio – 637,000 

Holmes and Isabel Webster, the broadcaster Simon McCoy’s replacement, will present the television programmes on the dual channel when they air on January 4. 

Angelos Frangopoulos, chief executive officer, stated that the changes are the first in a series of improvements for 2022.

He said, “With radio we are turning on traditional media because everyone will have the ability to continue with same channel regardless of whether they’re home, traveling, or at work.”

“We wanted to innovate and shake up the news media, and that’s exactly what we did. Whether it be on mass reach TV and DAB radio or online apps, live on YouTube or other digital platforms, GB News is there where our audiences need us.

GB News was launched June 1st with seven shows daily. Now, it has more programming.

Anne Diamond, journalist, will present weekend breakfast together with Stephen Dixon in the New Year. She made her GB News debut on Dan Wootton’s Tuesday programme.

In the new year, journalist Anne Diamond (pictured) will co-present weekend breakfast with Stephen Dixon

Anne Diamond (pictured) and Stephen Dixon will be co-presenting weekend breakfast in 2019.

Colin Brazier (pictured) will anchor a new two-hour Drivetime programme on weekdays

Colin Brazier (pictured), anchors a brand new 2-hour Drivetime show on weekdays

Radio station GB News broadcasts key programmes 

Breakfast hosted by Isabel Webster and Eamonn Holmes 

Colin Brazier’s weekday program Drivetime, a 2-hour-long programme that is hosted by Colin Brazier

Alex Phillips hosts a weekday program called “We Need to Talk About…” at 2 pm.

A weekend program featuring Alastair Stewart and Friends, airing on three consecutive weekends.

Weekend Breakfast presented by Anne Diamond & Stephen Dixon

Real Britain – A Weekend Show presented by Darren Grimes

Inaya FolarinIman hosts The Discussion at 3:00pm on Sundays 

Colin Brazier will be hosting a two-hour Drivetime program on weekdays, while Alex Phillips will host weekday’s 2pm We Need to Talk About …, continuing the legacy she created with her show.

In the meantime, Alastair Steward and Friends will be airing three times a week on weekends.

The recently launched Headliners on the channel, which featured a panel made up of British comedians, will be a 7-night show, GB News reported.

In the New Year, Darren Grimes presents Real Britain on weekends. Calvin Robinson hosts a new program about religious affairs. Inaya FolarinIman will host The Discussion on Sundays at 3pm.

These changes follow McCoy’s announcement earlier in the month that he would be quitting GB News. 

McCoy is the second prominent figure to leave the free-to air news channel, which has been struggling since Andrew Neil was fired as chairman and presenter of a prime time show.

The 60-year-old left BBC News after almost 18 years to join GB News in March, where he has been presenting The Great British Breakfast alongside Kirsty Gallacher. 

However, GB News confirmed at the start of December that McCoy has left the channel for ‘personal reasons,’ with a representative of the journalist also confirming his exit.