Gang of seven boys, aged as young as 7, threatened to attack drivers with knife and fake gun. Armed officers seized them.

  • The threat of fake guns was made by four boys aged 12 to 7 years old, who threatened drivers.
  • After drivers called the police, two of the gang members were taken into custody by West Midlands Police.
  • According to rumors, the boys used weapons to carjack drivers unwittingly
  • Walsall, they also entered the Reedswood Retail Park and threatened employees

According to police, two kids were taken into custody after they threatened drivers with fake guns and knives in Walsall. 

Police from the West Midlands said that they received information from motorists about threats made by boys near Reedswood Retail Park Walsall.

Also, police noted that officers tried to force drivers into giving up their cars by using the fake firearms.

The incident took place near and in Reedswood Retail Park in Walsall

This incident occurred in Walsall near Reedswood Retail Park

Four boys were detained by armed police who arrived on the scene. Two were 12 years old, one was 11, and one was 7.

The wannabe thugs were given a toy gun and a knife.

Also, the gang was accused of throwing stones at vehicles.

As the rampage continued, the boys allegedly entered a retail store at the park and threatened staff.

The UK has not yet allowed the 7-year old to be charged with a crime.

However, police are yet to say whether or not they intend to indict the children for any offenses.