Hollywood action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday revealed he has reduced his meat-intake by three-quarters as he condemned leaders who claim fighting climate change harms the economy as ‘stupid or liars.’

He said his record as governor of California showed that tackling carbon emissions can go hand in hand with creating jobs and wealth.

The 73 year-old added that he has shown that reducing meat intake does NOT have to mean sacrificing something.

As world leaders prepare for Cop26 – a major summit on climate – he said to the BBC: “They are liars, and they are stupid.”

“Or they don’t know how to do that, because we did it. It’s all about having the courage to do it.

‘I’ve starred in a lot of science fiction movies and, let me tell you something, climate change is not science fiction, this is a battle in the real world,’ he warned. 

Since leaving office 10 years ago, the actor has been a champion of environmental causes and has clashed with other Republicans, including former President Trump, on the subject of climate change. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger was known for promoting green energy during his time as California governor and was spotted on a bicycle in Los Angeles recently

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was California governor during his time, was well-known for promoting green energy and was recently spotted riding a bike in Los Angeles.

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger blasted leaders who say they cannot tackle climate change because it would harm the economy as 'stupid or liars'

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Governor of California, blasted leaders who claim they can’t tackle climate change because it would damage the economy as’stupid’ or ‘liars’

Austrian-born Terminator star and ex-champion body builder, also stated that he has reduced his meat intake by three-quarters over recent years but is still ‘gaining’ as the result.

He said that since I have been eating more vegetables, and plant-based foods, my heart doctor has said that my arteries are less narrowed. “So how did I give up something?” It gave me two more years of health.  

His intervention came one day after House Republicans announced that they would be sending their first conservative-only delegation for the annual United Nations climate conference.

Many of the Republican Party’s most vocal critics of climate change are anti-business voices. However, they stated that part of their mission was showing that conservatives care about the environment and want to be part in finding a solution.

But Schwarzenegger also sounded a note of caution on the COP26 summit, saying there was only so much that leaders could do.

He stated that it was important to have a positive attitude and that we can see the benefits. It is impossible for one person to handle it all. It’s a massive undertaking.

He also urged shoppers to consider the carbon footprints of products in their stores.

He said, “Buy local products.”

“Buying anything from overseas is a terrible thing for the environment. This is the worst thing you can do.

Schwarzenegger, as governor, pushed for renewable energy initiatives and championed Global Warning Solutions Act to reduce emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.

The star also stated in the interview that he believes technology can solve the climate crisis. He cited the Hummer, which is a brand name of large military-style trucks or SUVs, as well as the fact that he switched from diesel fuel to battery power.

He said that the electric version is quicker and has more power than the other. 

Some 20,000 people will attend talks at the COP26 UN climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, including government representatives, scientists and policy experts

Around 20,000 people will attend the COP26 UN Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland. This includes scientists and policy experts as well as representatives from governments.

On Sunday, world leaders will arrive in Glasgow, Scotland for the annual United Nations Conference of the Parties.

It is the 26th edition of the event, making it COP26.

The goal is to reach an agreement on measures to reduce greenhouse gases emissions so that the global temperature does not rise more than 1.5 degrees Celsius.

There will be around 20,000 people in attendance, including scientists and policy experts as well as government representatives.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw will make up the Republican delegation.

He stated that there is a false choice being made by the left: Choose between reducing our carbon emissions or reliable, affordable energy that will power our economy.

“Republicans have offered solutions that are rational environmentalism over radical environmentalalism, solutions which will actually lower emissions without sacrificing job opportunities, reliable power and our energy independence.

“We’re going at COP26 to advocate these solutions.”