Asda security guard captured knocking out a man in front of a store. He claimed that he feared the attacker was reaching for knives.

CCTV footage shows Danny Anderson, 32 years old, knocking a man down as he walks towards the man in Shoeburyness (Essex).

He then drags the man, wearing a grey hoodie, out of the shop and dumps him outside.

Anderson, a father of three, claims he was afraid for his safety during the incident. The man allegedly threatened him, his colleagues, and customers. 

He said he was prompted to raise his fist by seeing the man reach for his pocket. 

The security guard, who earns £9-per-hour working for Asda, told MailOnline: ‘As he was walking towards me he said he was going to stab me and then he put his hand in his pocket so I punched him. 

“At that point, he had already made three threat to life to me, one to my colleague, and another to customers. 

“I thought he was going stab me, because he reached for his pocket. I didn’t know if he had a knife. At £9-an-hour I’m not going to take any chances with my life.’

Danny Anderson, a father-of-three, said he feared for his safety at the time because the man had allegedly made threats to colleagues and customers

Danny Anderson, father-of-three, said that he feared his safety at the moment because the man allegedly threatened customers and colleagues.

Shocking video has emerged of the moment a man is knocked out with a single punch by a security guard in an Asda store

As the man in grey approaches, the man wearing a black jumper unleashes a right-handed jab, catching him in the face

A shocking video shows the moment a security guard at Asda knocked out a man with one punch. The man in grey walks up to the man wearing a black jumper and unleashes a right-handed jab at him, catching him in his face.

Instantly stunned, the man falls straight to the floor as his knees buckle underneath him

Instantly stunned by the scene, the man falls to his knees and buckles underneath him.

The knocked-out man is then dragged by the hoodie and thrown outside the shop

The man who has been knocked out is then dragged along by the hoodie, and thrown outside of the shop.

As he's dragged away a phone that he appears to have been holding in his hand is dropped and falls on to the floor

He drags away the phone that he seems to have been holding in one hand, and it falls to the ground as he does so.

Anderson, who was born in Shoeburyness and has been working as a tree surgeon for the past year. Anderson is also a tree surgeon.

‘I’ve been in security for six years and I’ve never had anything like this. I’ve been on doors and sometimes you have to get physical, but it’s just drunken people,’ he told MailOnline.

‘But it’s not every day you get someone coming at you saying they are going to stab you.’

Anderson, who is a huge West Ham fan, also thanked everyone who posted support messages on social media.

The security guard earns £9-per-hour working for Asda and has previous experience working on the doors of nightclubs

The security guard earns £9-per-hour working for Asda and has previous experience working on the doors of nightclubs

He said: ‘I’ve seen that 99 per cent of the comments have all been really supportive and I want to thank people for that. 

“All the staff at Asda and my family have been very supportive. There have been a few people saying they think it was to do with racism and that’s been really hard. 

‘I’m not racist at all and it had nothing to do with that. I’ve been pretty much scared to leave the house (because of the comments).’

After footage of Anderson punching a grey-hooded man into the Asda store, Mr Anderson made his comments.

Anderson is seen launching a right-handed jab at the man, catching him in the face.

Instantly stunned, the man collapses to the ground as his knees buckle beneath him. Anderson then grabs the man by his hoodie, and throws him out of the shop.  

Still dazed from the punch, the man struggles for balance as he stumbles repeatedly and falls on his face.

As the man attempts to leave, blood can be seen dripping onto the concrete floor.

A man wearing a blue shirt gives his phone to him. He is unable to hold it so it is left beside him. 

A black jacketed observer helps the man to his feet. But he still struggles with his balance.

The man can then be seen moving side to side as he walks away. 

Still dazed from the punch, the man struggles for balance as he stumbles multiple time and falls on his face.

A black jacketed observer helps the man to his feet. However, he struggles to maintain his balance.

MailOnline was told by an Asda spokesperson: “We don’t tolerate violence in our shops. We are investigating the incident inside our Shoeburyness shop as well as supporting police with their inquiries.

“As this ongoing police investigation, we cannot offer any further comment at the moment.

MailOnline was told by a spokesperson from Essex Police that the police are investigating an incident in Shoeburyness.

‘We were called by Asda North Shoebury Road to investigate reports of a disturbance involving a man in 20s who was attacked. 

If you have any information, please call us at 101 or anonymously call Crimestoppers at 0800 5555 111.

‘Please quote crime reference number 42/212023/21.