Fighting over food In a fight for reduced-price meals, an Asda shop smacks a woman in the face with a slice of pizza

  • Asda shoppers jostled for lower-priced meals 
  • American influencer Nick Alexander caught the frenzy with a TikTok 
  • In the chaos, a shop assistant accidentally drops a chicken box on someone’s head. 
  • After slapping the shopper with a cold pizza, the shopper appears to be retaliating. 

As Asda offers reduced-price food at Asda, this is what happens when one shopper hits another with a piece of pizza.

American Influencer Nick Alexander shared the wildly chaotic scenes on TikTok yesterday. He calls himself Mr Miami UK, having moved from Florida to Wolverhampton.

The footage is believed to have been shot in the West Midlands city, although Alexander’s TikTok videos often show him visiting new locations across Britain.

As customers push and shove, you can see them pushing and pulling at each other. At one point, a customer is seen placing an empty chicken packet on the head of a woman while others laugh and shout in the background.

The shoppers shove and push to get to the reduced-price items in an Asda store believed to be in Wolverhampton

They push the shoppers to grab lower-priced products in Asda stores believed to be in Wolverhampton. 

A fight breaks out as shoppers rush around and scour through he shelves for the items on sale

As shoppers race to find the sale items, there is a commotion.

She retorted by slapping the customer over the head with a frozen pizza as chaos broke out with customers frantically rummaging for the goods.  

Alexander can be heard saying, “Oh my goodness. Wow. They are fighting.

‘Slapped with a  pizza baby, I know that’s right. This is going down.

The man then turns to him and throws him a peace symbol amid the chaos.

He said, “Aisle 37, baby, that’s right,” he continued. It’s happening on aisle 37 baby. It’s an open-for-all. It is frenzy.

The shoppers fight each other in a clamour to get to the reduced-price items on aisle 37

In a race to reach the lower-priced items along aisle 37, shoppers battle each other.

At one point a shopper puts an empty box of chicken on top of a woman's head amidst the chaos

Amidst all the chaos, a shop assistant places an empty chicken box on top a woman’s head.

The woman retorts by slapping the other customer with a frozen pizza as the commotion conitnues

As the chaos ensues, the woman counters that she will slap the customer with frozen pizza. 

Shoppers scurry for sale items

In the chaos, a man throw a peace sign

You can hear the background noises of frantic shoppers in aisle 37 shouting and hooting. 

A few pieces of chicken were left on the floor, along with some flatbreads.

Influencer: “It is the aftermath for us.” They threw the chicken to the floor.

After waiting for the staff to give them reduced products, shoppers began looking for easy peelers.

Alexander captioned, “They throw the food at them like they are in the wild.” 

He said, “This is insane.”

In the initial commotion's aftermath discarded pieces of raw chicken can be seen on the floor

The floor can still be seen covered in pieces of raw chicken left behind from the initial chaos.

Staff arrive with reduced-price items in boxes

They hand easy-peelers out to shoppers

This influencer shows staff giving out items for sale to shoppers.  

This video has been viewed more than 427,000 times and received 32,900 likes. People are both surprised and bewildered by it. 

Simon Neil Scott said: “I understand that some people struggle in life. But I cannot help but think this is more about arrogance or people being rude. Staff are my heroes! 

Jack Hirst stated that he was a retail worker and has always seen the same people. He said, “It’s practically like they are addicted for low prices.” users added that they could find this product in their local supermarkets.