EXCLUSIVE : Michael Vaughan was exiled from ALL UK coverage England’s Ashes series against Australia. BT Sport has plans to ban his comment on Fox Sports feed, after BBC Radio reprimanded Vaughan for racially aggravated comments about Azeem Rasiq.

  • The commentary of Michael Vaughan will not be broadcast in the UK as part of Ashes Series.
  • BT Sport will take the Fox Sports audio feed, which Vaughan features.
  • Vaughan will not be covered by BT, so BT has a contingency plan.
  • This could include a London-based commentary team or Channel 7 coverage
  • This is after BBC Radio removed Vaughan’s Ashes coverage
  • Ex-England Captain denies racist remarks towards Azeem Rasiq

Michael Vaughan is being exiled from English Ashes coverage due to racism accusations made by Azeem Rasiq against him. BT Sport also stated they would not be broadcast commentary involving former England captain, when it begins in Brisbane next year. 

BBC radio removed the 2005 Ashes winner captain earlier today for “editorial reasons”. Sportsmail He was informed by BT Sport that he would be unable to appear on the exclusive UK TV channel for the series of five matches.

BT Sport’s situation is made more complicated by not sending a commentary crew to Australia. Instead, they plan to use an Australian audio feed provided to them by Fox Sports rights holders. Fox Sports has a long-standing agreement with Vaughan that they will honor. 

Fox has learned that BT Sport executive have informed Fox they don’t want Vaughan to be on their feed. However, Fox will consider alternative arrangements for Vaughan’s commentary if needed.

Fox so far has stated that Vaughan will be supported by them, however they may feel pressured to alter their position after he was dropped by BBC. 

Michael Vaughan looked sullen as he was spotted out and about in Alderley Edge, Cheshire on Wednesday. BT Sport have decided to cut his commentary from their coverage of the upcoming Ashes series, while BBC Radio have stood Vaughan down from their commentary

Michael Vaughan appeared glum as he was observed out in Alderley Edge Cheshire, Wednesday. BT Sport decided to drop Vaughan’s commentary in their Ashes coverage. BBC Radio, however, has dropped Vaughan from their commentary

Azeem Rafiq alleged Vaughan made racist remarks towards Asian players at Yorkshire CCC, claims the former England captain denies

Azeem Rafiq claimed Vaughan had made racist comments towards Asian players at Yorkshire CCC. The former England captain denied these claims

If they don’t, BT Sport could alter their plans. They might try to assemble their own commentators to broadcast remotely from a London studio or use a feed from Channel 7 (Australian rights holders), whose commentary team includes Ricky Ponting Ricky Ponting Damien Fleming Simon Katich and Sir Ian Botham.

Vaughan previously worked as a freelance pundit with BT Sport, however, he does not hold a contract with the broadcaster, unlike Fox. Fox’s commentary team, which BT are planning to employ, also includes Shane Warne and Adam Gilchrist.

Although the 47-year old strongly denied making racist remarks towards Rafiq in his statements, BBC has decided not to air him on Test Match Special and Radio Five Live due to allegations against him.

The BBC stated that Vaughan is involved with a major story about cricket. However, the BBC did not consider it appropriate for Vaughan to play a part in the Ashes team, or in wider coverage of the sport.

“We ask our contributors not to discuss relevant topics. His involvement in the Yorkshire story is a conflict.

Vaughan, however, made an insolent statement yesterday and said he was looking forward to going to Australia to work with Fox.

Vaughan took to Instagram after the announcement to say he was 'very disappointed' he was taken off the BBC's coverage and said he was looking forward to working with Fox Sports

Vaughan posted on Instagram that he wasn’t happy with the BBC’s announcement and expressed his disappointment. He also said he looked forward to joining Fox Sports.

England captain Joe Root pictured during a training session ahead of the Ashes in Australia. The first Test gets underway in Brisbane on December 8

Joe Root is England’s skipper during an exercise session in preparation for the Ashes series in Australia. On December 8, the first Test will begin in Brisbane.

‘Very disappointed not to be commentating for TMS on the Ashes and will miss working with great colleagues & friends, but looking forward to being behind the mic for @foxcricket in Australia,’ he posted on Instagram.

“The challenges facing cricket go beyond any one case. As such, I am determined to contribute to the solution by learning from others and listening.

Rafiq claims Vaughan told him, along with three others, that he said “too many” to them all. This was before Vaughan’s Twenty20 Blast match in Yorkshire 2009. 

Former Pakistani bowler Rana Naved-ul-Hasan supported the account of the former off-spinner, as did Adil Rashid and England leg-spinner Adil Rahid. However, Azmal Shahzad said that he doesn’t recall the incident.

Tim Paine, who has since been forced to step down as Australia captain, with the trophy in 2019 after they retained the Ashes in a drawn series in England

After retaining the Ashes in an England draw, Tim Paine was forced to resign as Australia’s captain.