After an agency locum doctor stated that the symptoms of cervical cancer were caused by her hormones, an investigation has revealed that a young model who was aspiring had died from this disease at 27.

Porsche ‘Pops’ McGregor-Sims actually had an aggressive form of the disease which had gone undiagnosed for months despite her complaining to medics of continual  pain and bleeding.

Miss McGregor-Sims, from Portsmouth, Hants, was even prescribed antibiotics over the phone as the cancer was continuously missed by experts at the start of the first Covid lockdown in 2020.

She wasn’t actually seen by any doctor until one day before she died. They thought she might have contracted coronavirus. However, it was only then that they realized she had cancer.

She was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital where she succumbed on April 14, 2020.

The coroner has suggested that the national guidelines that state women who suspect they have the disease should wait for two weeks before seeing a specialist, may have led to her death.

Porsche 'Pops' McGregor-Sims had an 'aggressive' form of the disease which had gone undiagnosed for months

Porsche “Pops” McGregor-Sims suffered from an aggressive type of the disease, which was undiagnosed since months.

Porsche with fiance Mark Chappel in a heartbreaking photo before her cancer was found

Porsche and Mark Chappel, her fiancee. This is a sad photo taken before she was diagnosed with cancer.

Inquest at Portsmouth, Hants heard that Miss McGregor Sims, who was engaged, had her first smear in 2017.

Although she found no cancerous cells, her inquest was heard. There was no further action.

Her symptoms worsened over the next two years, and she began experiencing abdominal pain and excessive bleeding. She was referred to a consultant in December 2019.

According to national guidelines, the appointment should be scheduled no sooner than two weeks after the symptoms subsided. Further investigations can also take place.

Her then was seen by Dr Peter Schlesinger at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth. He is an agency locum doctor who specializes in gynaecology.

After Dr Schlesinger stopped giving her birth control shots around one year before she died, he said that his symptoms were hormonal.

Her family was able to accept his apology for not having detected her cancer.

The inquest was told by him that Porsche suffered from both periods bleeding and post-coital bleeding, which is bleeding after an intercourse.

Porsche's fiance Mark Chappel kisses her in this poignant picture of the engaged couple

Porsche’s fiancé Mark Chappel kisses Porsche in this touching picture of the engaged couple

Porsche and her twin brother Deucalion on their 24th Birthday three years before she died

Porsche and Deucalion her twin brother, three years before Porsche died.

“She said that she used a contraceptive up until six months ago. Two years ago, she had undergone a normal smear and scan. [which showed] no abnormalities.

I felt that there were many possible causes of her pain. Because she was on birth control and had not stopped, I advised her to try again.

“In view of her usual smear tests and her age, I don’t believe a vaginal exam is necessary – it seemed like there was no benefit.

“It was very disappointing to learn that my daughter was suffering from advanced cervical cancer. This kind of cancer is uncommon and less likely to show up in smear tests.

«When I became a qualified teacher. [in 1987]Everyone was examined [physically]However, scans and smear testing have made it easier to do so.

McGregor-Sims’ mother Fiona Hawke, fiancé Mark Chappel, and twin brother Deucalion questioned Dr Schlesinger’s practices during the inquest, asking why a physical examination didn’t take place.

Ms. Hawke (52), said that she didn’t give the basic and fundamental gift of giving to her children. [physical] examination.

“She was young and was being told that she may have cancer. She was scared and on her own.

“You were focusing on IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in her case. I find that this doesn’t make any sense.

“An internal exam is the best and most important examination.”

Dr Schlesinger responded to defend his actions by saying: ‘The quite specific nature her bleeding made it seem like her cervical cancer risk was very low.

“I am sorry that I was wrong but I believe hormonal manipulation was the best approach given all the symptoms the young lady had.”

Following the lockdown at the beginning of March 2020 Miss McGregor Sims received two telephone consultations. She was given antibiotics for feeling “short of breath”.

She was taken to Westlands Medical Centre, Portchester (near Portsmouth) for an in-person consultation after the antibiotics failed to have any effect and her symptoms got worsened.

The doctor found her’severely short of breath’ and she was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital. She died the next day, April 14, 2020.

Westlands Medical Centre’s Dr Helen Pandya stated that although the Covid Pandemic did not help the last stages, she said, “We thought we were doing all we could, but we will continue to learn.”

Familie expressed their concern about Miss McGregor Sims not seeing the consultant in time for the GP referral.

Rosamund Rhodes, Area Coroner Rosamund Rhodes – Kemp stated that the doctors’ guidelines may have contributed to the delay in diagnosing cancer.

She stated that Porsche had developed cervical cancer. This is a slow-growing type of cancer. As with many cancers, it’s better to be diagnosed early.

The only alternative was to refer priority patients. National guidelines use the two-week wait criteria. Four weeks [considering the Christmas break]It is quite quick.

“I feel there’s a structure that they need.” [doctors]These are the rules. This structure might be to blame. [The doctors]complied with national guidelines.

Miss McGregor Sims, who was a model and had previously studied at South Downs College in Hampshire as well as drama before moving to Plymouth University for Events Management.

She met fiancé Mark Chappel whilst at university, and the pair moved back to Portsmouth after finishing their studies.

Shortly after her mother’s death, Ms Hawke paid tribute to her daughter by saying it was like watching the sun set.

She shared that Porsche was always full of joy and vibrancy. I didn’t really appreciate this until her passing.

“She could see the positive in all things and she loved people. Losing her was like the sun burning out.

“It is frightening to imagine that someone so full of energy could disappear so quickly.”

Her strong connection to Titchfield Festival Theatre in Hants was also a strength. Deucalion, her twin brother, is still active with the theatre.

Fiona, Fiona’s mother said that she enjoyed watching her daughter’s drama.

She was passionate about the arts because her family has a love for it. She loved organizing events and cooking.

“The greatest reflection of her character is in the number of people that she has met during her brief life.”

“We all are going to miss her,”

More than 200 people donated nearly £4,000 to a Just Giving page to contribute to flowers which were woven into Porsche’s coffin for her funeral.

She was laid to rest at Sustainability Centre’s natural burial site in Petersfield.

The inquest was aponished and the conclusion of it will be made at a later time.