A croupier accused of murdering one of Britain’s most wealthy landowners said to his friend that he had plans for revenge. He wanted to “go out with an even bang” months before he attacked the mother of a multimillionaire, according court hearings.

Thomas Schreiber (35) allegedly killed Sir Richard Sutton (83), and also stabbed Anne Schreiber (53) Following months of anger at his father’s inheritance, and their treatment of him as a child,

The hotelier had a knife plunged 12cm into his heart while Mrs Schreiber, 66, was stabbed so many times during the ‘vicious assault’ at Sir Richard’s £2m country mansion she was left paralysed from the neck down and breathing through a ventilator.

Following the attack, the Moorhill estate, located in Higher Langham, Dorset was covered with blood. It looked like a war zone.

James Reid, Schreiber’s best friend and confidante gave testimony today at Winchester Crown Court about chilling messages that were sent during the period leading up to the murder. Court heard Schreiber told Mr Reid, 64, that he was thinking of revenge and wanted to go out “with a bang”.

Sir Richard Sutton, 83, had a knife plunged 12cm into his heart as he was stabbed to death at his £2m home

Sir Richard Sutton, 83, had a knife plunged 12cm into his heart as he was stabbed to death at his £2m home

Thomas Schreiber, 35, allegedly murdered Sir Richard Sutton, 83, and stabbed his mother Anne Schreiber following months of resentment

Thomas Schreiber (35), allegedly killed Sir Richard Sutton,83. He then stabbed Anne Schreiber after months of bitterness.

He said, “I am so sorry to report that I’m consumed by hatred of the worst kind toward my family.” I was betrayed and distrusted by them.

“Simply stated, I have thought about murdering my family every morning and night. This isn’t what I wanted to think about, but it’s true. They should suffer.

He said, “I strategize every day on how to kill my mother and my co-workers… That’s how stupid my mind is.”

Schreiber started spreading hatred against his family and Sir Richard on WhatsApp as far back September 2020.

He wrote: ‘Sir f***ing Richard (again) raised his hand at me tonight as mum stood by him and watched. I pushed him back and told him to go f**k himself and his prejudiced ways.

‘F***ing nightmare, especially as I was cooking them an incredible roast duck recipe that took me two hours in total to make.

‘This b******t will never stop, these people are toxic c***s and the tragic thing is that it’s my own family.

“It is now that it’s time for me to go. I am working on a plan. It has many flaws, but it is a plan. It contains revenge, which I know I will regret. But it is about time.

Because of their tory capitalist control security guards like these live behind they will never be exposed to their crimes and misdemeanours.

“I have had enough with all this security and seeing people act as though they are invincible.

“No one can be invincible.” It is not my intention to be invisible. I refuse to accept this. You can walk away, but it’s another thing to go with the flow and walk out in style.

“No one will ever be physically hurt.”

Schreiber has admitted manslaughter over the hotelier's death but denies murdering him. He pleads not guilty to the attempted murder of his mother (pictured with Thomas)

Schreiber admitted to manslaughter in the death of the hotelier, but denied murder. Thomas and Schreiber are pictured together.

Court heard that Schreiber lived with Richard at their sprawling country estate and became a “vicious triangle” as Sir Richard tried to rid himself of the ambitious painter.

His daughter Caroline Sutton even revealed the hotelier paid Schreiber £100,000 for a house deposit in a desperate attempt to get him to leave his home.

Sir Richard, who last year was listed at number 435 in the Sunday Times Rich List with an estimated family fortune of £301 million, was killed following rows with Schreiber about the inheritance of a family chandelier and a day at the races.

The sprawling empire of property that the 83-year old owned included more than 7,500 acres and five-star Sheraton London Park Lane hotel and Mayfair’s Athenaeum Hotel.

Schreiber admitted to manslaughter in the death of the hotelier, but denied murder. Schreiber pleads guilty not to attempted murder of his mother.

After fleeing in Range Rover, he was caught by police and taken into custody.

Sir Richard’s corpse was discovered on the landing. After being initially attacked downstairs, he limped upstairs and Schreiber is reported to have then stabbed him with a kitchen knife five additional times.

After fantasizing for many months about the murders of Sir Richard and his mother, Schreiber is accused of repeatedly knifing them.

Sir Richard was blessed with two children, Fiamma and five grandchildren.

Danish-born physiotherapist Mrs Schreiber has her own practice in Milborne Port (Dorset) and has three grown-up kids, including Thomas.

The trial is continuing.