Bedsit killer and morgue rapist David Fuller received £46,000 in taxpayer-funded legal aid costs, it has been revealed.

According to the depraved hospital worker, 67 years old, admitted last month that he had murdered two women and sexually abused scores of corpses including those belonging to children in mortuaries.

The electrician is suspected of having sexually assaulted more than 100 victims in Kent, Sussex, and Tunbridge Wells hospitals. 

Recently, the Health Secretary confirmed that plans were in place for an independent investigation into the sickening crimes committed by necrophiliac. 

FOI data obtained from the Ministry of Justice now reveals the serial killer has benefitted from £46,065 in legal aid so far.

This includes £2,272.23 for a solicitor’s representation at a police station, £25,454.53 on a barrister for his Crown court trial and £18,072.84 in disbursements.

David Fuller, 67, last month admitted murdering two women in 1987, and sexually abusing scores of females corpses, including children, in mortuaries

David Fuller (67) admitted last month to murdering 2 women and abusing scores more female corpses in mortuaries.

Caroline Pierce

Wendy Knell

New DNA technology enabled Fuller to be identified after the murders of Wendy Knell (right), (left) and Caroline Pierce (left). This was 34 years ago.

One of Fuller's victims in the morgue in Tunbridge Wells was 24-year-old Azra Kemal

Azra Kmal (24 years old) was Fuller’s victim in Tunbridge Wells’s morgue.

Chief NHS Executive Sir Jonathan Michael was tasked to lead the investigation into David Fuller’s crimes.  

Sir Jonathan Michael heads the NHS’s investigation into the crimes committed by David Fuller, the mortuary monstrosity.

After being trained at St Thomas’ Hospital in 1970 as a doctor, Sir Johnathan went on to train as a kidney specialist for the following ten years.

St Thomas’ and Guy’s Hospitals were separate hospitals at the time. In 1993, the two hospitals were merged into Guy’s and Saint Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

Between 2000 and 2007, Sir Jonathan served as chief executive. He was also the medical director at University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust.

For his service to the NHS, he received the New Year Honours knighthood in 2005.

He left the NHS in 2007 to lead British Telecom’s Health division.

Three years later, he returned to the NHS in 2010 as the chief executive at Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust. This is one of the most prominent acute trusts in England.

He was appointed chief medical officer at the 6PM Group, an IT Software firm, after a period of four years.

In 2016, he was appointed as an independent supervisor of the plans for Manchester’s single hospital service.

David Spencer, Centre for Crime Prevention research director said that David Fuller’s list of horrible offences shocked the entire country. This will undoubtedly shock even more people because this self-confessed monster was also capable of claiming such a large amount of taxpayer money in legal assistance.

Fuller’s regular income was a source of income for the government and it is important to determine if these assets should be considered prior to taxpayer funding.

“The government has promised us that an evaluation of legal aid will be conducted.

“This case shows how flawed and needless the legal aid system can be.”

According to the MoJ’s Legal Aid Agency, “The costs above include VAT where applicable.”

Disbursements refer to expenses that are paid directly by the LAA to legal aid providers but are later paid to any other party involved in the case.

“The Legal Aid Agency has not received all claims related to the criminal trial. These are being received and paid in arrears.

“Where a trial was just completed, other claims could be made up until all the involved lawyers complete the billing process.

“The figures above are correct as of the date of writing, but they are subject to alter until all fees are submitted, taken into consideration and paid.

“Anyone who is facing a Crown court case trial can apply for legal assistance, but they must meet strict criteria.

“Depending on one’s financial situation, criminal legal assistance applicants may be required to contribute up to half of the defense costs.

“The money goes to legal professionals, which criminals can argue is unfair their trial and could have convictions quashed.”

After killing Wendy Knell in Kent and Caroline Pierce, Fuller was found using new DNA methods. This happened 34 years ago.

The 67-year old pleaded guilty last month to the murders of Ms Knell (25), and Ms Pierce (20) in Tunbridge Wells, 1987.

Maidstone Crown Court heard that Fuller also sexually assaulted women following the deaths.

Cops arrested the man who was married to Fuller in December and discovered his horde containing millions of videos and images showing Fuller sexually abusing bodies in mortuaries.

Fuller used the mortuary while he was working as an electrician or maintenance engineer.

While he admitted that he had assaulted almost 80 corpses over his lifetime, officers suspect that a total of 100 other bodies were abused by him in the span of at least three decades.

He was employed at Kent and Sussex Hospital, now closed. Then he worked as a nurse at Tunbridge Wells Hospital. It replaced the hospital in 2011.

According to reports, his victims ranged from nine-year old girls to 100-year-old women. This is the most severe case of necrophilia ever recorded in British legal history.