According to police, the attacker might have targeted Clarence Avant’s Beverly Hills house, which is worth $7 million. His wife was also shot and killed early Wednesday morning, even though a security guard was present.  

Jacqueline Avant’s horrific death, aged 81, wasn’t likely to be random, Beverly Hills Police Chief Mark Stainbrook stated Wednesday at a press conference.

He said that he didn’t believe it was a random attack but that he couldn’t speculate on the matter right now. 

Stainbrook stated that he knew who entered the house, but didn’t specify the reason. When it comes to burglarizing or robbing a home, many people mistakenly think of home invasion. … There are many nuances in the phrase “home invasion.”

Clarence, a security guard and Clarence were both at home at the time. Police say they have not been hurt. 

The Avants’ neighbors were so concerned about the rise in burglaries that they had hired armed guards one week before the wife of the music executive was murdered.

Trousdale Estate, Beverly Hills residents told TMZ last week that several of their neighbors hired a private security agency in response to a sudden spike in burglaries at homes and cars. 

Because they were scared, neighbors hired security companies and pooled funds to cover their needs. However, the patrols had not been started before Wednesday’s shooting. 

Jacqueline Avant, with her husband Clarence, was shot and killed in her Beverly Hills home

Jacqueline Avant and Clarence were shot to death in their Beverly Hills home. 

Shocking photos obtained by show the sliding glass door that was smashed by home invaders who killed the wife of legendary music executive Clarence Avant has shocking photos that show how the home invasions smashed the sliding glass doors of Clarence Avant’s wife, a legendary music executive.

Security guards patrol behind police tape set up in the Trousdale Estates section of Beverly Hills where Jacqueline Avant was shot and killed in her home

Surveillance guards watch over the police tape in Trousdale Estates in Beverly Hills, where Jacqueline Avant died after being shot in her home. 

An aerial view of Clarence and Jacqueline Avant's Beverly Hills home where the music executive's wife was shot in an apparent burglary

Aerial view of Clarence Avant and Jacqueline Avant’s Beverly Hills house where Jacqueline Avant was killed in an apparent burglary 

Police presence outside Avant's home after the tragic shooting death of his 81-year-old wife Jacqueline

Following the death tragically of Jacqueline Avant, his wife of 81 years, there was a police presence at Avant’s residence.

Beverly Hills police were called to the home around 2:30 am Wednesday after a 911 caller said someone had been shot and killed. Officers arriving at the scene discovered one victim, Avant's wife of 54 years, Jacqueline, suffering from a gunshot wound. She succumbed to her wounds later that day

Beverly Hills police officers were dispatched to the scene Wednesday morning around 2:30am after receiving a 911 call reporting that someone was shot and killed. Jacqueline Avant (avant’s spouse of 54 years) was one of the victims. Her injuries were severed later in the day.


On Wednesday, Clarence Avant’s wife of 54 years, Jacqueline Avant, died of a gunshot wound in what appears to have been a home invasion, although police have still declined to say how many suspects were involved, if anyone witnessed the attack or whether this incident is connected to a recent string of burglaries targeting the wealthy in the Los Angeles area. 

Jacqueline was taken to the local hospital, but she died shortly after. She was 81. 

According to law enforcement sources, at least one burglar entered the $7 million home before Jacqueline died. However, it’s not clear if the suspect was arrested and no descriptions have been published.

Beverly Hills police officers were dispatched to Trousdale Estates at 2.30 am Wednesday morning after being called by a 911 operator reporting that someone was shot. Chief Mark Stainbrook, Beverly Hills Police Department said the caller had reported that somebody had been shot.

One victim was Jacqueline Avant Avant, Avant’s 54-year-old wife. She had been shot in the leg. Clarence Avant, 90 years old, was at the house at the time, but was not seriously injured.

According to police, there weren’t any suspects on the spot when they arrived. Investigators have not been able to find the murderer or perpetrators of the crime through a manhunt.

Investigators work the scene of Jaqueline Avant's murder after an apparent home invader shot and killed her

After an apparent home invasion, Jaqueline Avant was shot to death and her body taken by police officers.

The home (pictured) in Trousdale Estates, a ritzy private community just outside Beverly Hills, is worth more than $7 million

The home (pictured) in Trousdale Estates, a ritzy private community just outside Beverly Hills, is worth more than $7 million

The scene of the crime at Clarence Avant's $7 million home was taped off by Beverly Hills police Wednesday morning. An investigation is currently ongoing

Beverly Hills police taped Wednesday morning the scene at Clarence Avant’s $7million home. An investigation into the crime is ongoing

Clarence was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2016, with his wife by his side

Clarence was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2016, with his wife by his side

Reports from TMZ indicate that residents hired armed security guards to provide extra protection following the murder.  

Beverly Hills Police stated that they will increase patrols in the area, and also have hired a private security firm to provide adequate coverage. 

Beverly Hills Police stated that they did not find any link between Avant’s shooting, and recent increases in looting across California. 

Danny Bakewell Sr, Los Angeles Sentinel owner/family friend and Los Angeles Sentinel editor, stated that Clarence Avant is ‘currently grieving’ but was resting with his loved ones.

The crime scene photos show the sliding glass door that was broken at the back of the house, as well as pieces of glass scattered around the outside pool deck. The cause of the broken glass is not clear.

According to reports, a security guard was present at the residence. According to reports, he was shot and did not fire back at the attackers. According to sources, Clarence wasn’t injured by the shooting, as reported first by TMZ.

Beverly Hills Police Chief Mark Stainbrook said: 'The motives in this case are still unknown, and we are investigating all possible motives. We will not speculate on anything that's out there, including if this was a robbery attempt or not'

Beverly Hills Police Chief Mark Stainbrook stated that the motives for this crime are not known and that they are currently investigating every possible explanation. No speculation will be made on any information that is out there. This includes whether this was an attempt to rob the house.

The scene outside of Clarence Avant's $7 million Beverly Hills home after his wife was shot and killed in an apparent burglary on Wednesday

Scene outside Clarence Avant’s Beverly Hills $7 Million home. His wife, who was apparently burglarized on Wednesday, was killed and shot to death. 

The incident comes as a string of 'follow-home' robberies plague residents of various upscale Los Angeles neighborhoods

Residents of several upscale Los Angeles neighborhoods have been plagued by a spate of robberies called ‘follow-home.’

Jacqueline, Clarence and Gail Mitchell at the Jazz Foundation honors in LA in 2019

Jacqueline Mitchell, Clarence, and Gail Mitchell are honored at the Jazz Foundation in Los Angeles in 2019.

TMZ was told by a family source that Avant’s wife was hit and killed when robbers entered her home. Estimated value for the house is $7 million The suspects or they may have taken any of the stolen items. 

Stainbrook said Wednesday afternoon the department was currently looking into the incident. They have determined that it is a murder.

The shooter had at least one suspect. He was inside Jacqueline’s home, TMZ reported. This is according to people familiar with the investigation. The number of suspects involved is still unknown.

At this point, there are no known suspects. The police say that the suspects fled the scene prior to arriving.

The suspects were initially believed to be looking for robbery of an elderly couple. Police cited the broken glass door that was located at the rear of the house as evidence.

But Chief Stainbrook stated later that the motives of this incident are not known and that he was investigating every possibility.

He added that ‘we won’t speculate about anything out there’, even if this was an attempt to rob or not’.