NYPD and United Nations Headquarters in NYC are under lockdown in an armed standoff. A man was seen pacing before the building, pointing a shotgun at his face.

  • The image shows a middle-aged, white male wearing grey hair in a red sweater with a tan jacket and walking around outside the United Nations building. He is reportedly holding a shotgun. 
  • NYPD officers engaged in an altercation with the armed man 
  • This incident occurred at the intersection E 42nd Street/1st Ave. Cops were seen on the spot with large numbers of officers.

Police report that New York Police Department officers are engaged in an armed struggle with a man holding a shotgun near the United Nations headquarters. 

Video captures the man pacing along the East River outside Tudor City’s building. It was reported that the incident occurred at 10:39am at the bus stop near the intersection E 42nd Street/1st Ave. 

This white man is believed to be around 60 years old and has gray hair. He also wears a red sweater and jacket. In videos posted by residents, the man appears to be carrying a shotgun. 

A middle-aged white male with grey hair wearing a red sweater and tan jacket is seen pacing outside the United Nations building reportedly holding a gun

Unidentified middle-aged male wearing grey hair, red sweater and a tan coat is seen outside United Nations buildings, apparently carrying a gun. 

Officers were seen pointing their gun at the man as they instructed him to drop his weapon

As the officers instructed him to put down his gun, they pointed their guns at the man.

NYPD officers are in an armed standoff with the man wielding a gun at the bus stop located at intersection of E 42nd Street and 1st Ave

NYPD officers are in an armed standoff with the man wielding a gun at the bus stop located at intersection of E 42nd Street and 1st Ave

Crowd of officers were seen at the scene with an estimated two dozen emergency vehicles

An estimated twenty-four emergency vehicles were also seen arriving on the scene. 

The UN building has been placed under a lock down as the security situation continues

Security continues to plague the UN Building so it has been locked down

Heard police say, “Put down your gun.” You can get your message across better.

The officers kept their guns on the man as they gave warnings to him and tried negotiations with him. He is said to be threatening self-harm. 

NYPD has confirmed they have attempted to communicate with the armed man.  

A video of the scene captures the man walking backwards and forwards while holding the barrel of his gun to the chin. 

Two law enforcement officials say the man was seen muttering to himself and also has what appears to be a bag with him, CNN reported. 

On the scene, a bomb squad was deployed. 

NYPD issued an advisory to motorists around 11:00 AM, warning them to avoid the area. Emergency vehicles will likely surround the area. FDR Drive was affected.  

Two dozen or more emergency vehicles responded quickly to the call. 

Helicopters were heard flying over the area and a city bus has been used to block traffic uptown. 

As the situation continued, it was reported that Security Council diplomats had left the chamber. All UN officials and staff at the Headquarters were told to seek shelter elsewhere. 

Stephane Dujarric (UN spokesman on the Security-General) issued a shelter warning in place with very little information. This note states only that there is a security situation and directs recipients to call the NYPD for further information. 

A traffic advisory was issued by the NYPD around 11am warning citizens to avoid the area

NYPD released a traffic warning at 11:00 AM, warning people to avoid this area.