Another Commons scam: Plans to abolish Owen Paterson’s suspension of Parliament for violating lobbying rules and to reinstate Owen Paterson’s watchdog are thwarted by a Tory MP.

  • Tory MP blocks motion to reverse controversial standards reforms
  • It was expected that the Commons would formally reverse Owen Paterson’s vote  
  • The Tory benches were the only ones that shouted ‘Object’ in the chamber. 
  • Multiple sources name Christopher Chope, the member of parliament who objected to the motion.

Boris Johnson’s attempt to draw a line under the sleaze scandal descended into farce last night after just one Tory MP blocked a motion to reverse controversial standards reforms. 

It was expected that the House of Commons would formally reverse last week’s vote which had shielded Owen Paterson, a Conservative ex-minister from being suspended for lobbying.

As the motion was being moved through the chamber, yesterday’s Tory bench shouted ‘Object.

Multiple sources identified the opposition MP as Sir Christopher Chope. He has been known to make controversial intervention in Parliament and had previously stopped Bills regarding upskirting or female genital, mutilation. 

He shouted that the U-turn was a formality and was stopped by Parliamentary procedure. 

The Government tried to rip up the anti-sleaze laws of Parliament to prevent the suspension for lobbying by Mr Paterson, an ex-minister. 

Several sources named the MP who made the objection as Christopher Chope

Sources cite Christopher Chope, the member of Parliament who objected to the motion.

An inquiry had found him guilty of an ‘egregious’ breach of lobbying rules on behalf of two firms which had paid him £500,000.

The plan was approved by the Prime Minister, who ordered Tory MPs support it. This narrowly won them the election.

After a massive public backlash, the plan was scrapped. After the failed attempt to suspend his suspension, Mr Paterson resigned as North Shropshire MP. 

Yesterday’s motion would quietly have reversed government plans. 

However, the matter must be discussed in the Commons once again to get another vote. Nigel Evans, Deputy Speaker of the House, stated that it was now up to Government to re-programme this particular motion.

Thangam Debbonaire, Labour’s Shadow Leader of the Commons, called it ‘astonishing’ and added: “You can’t make this up.

The Commons had been expected to formally overturn the vote from last week that had protected former minister Owen Paterson from suspension for lobbying

It was expected that the Commons would formally reverse last week’s vote which had shielded Owen Paterson, former minister, from being suspended for lobbying.

Christchurch MP Sir Christopher Chope 

Sir Christopher Chope is a Christchurch MP who has made his career blocking Parliament’s bench legislation.

A Tory MP stopped progress on legislation regarding the Hillborough disaster. He also pardoned Alan Turing, wild animals in circuses and other criminals.

He often mentions inconsistency, lack of discussion or faulty drafting.

Sir Christopher was also against dozens upon dozens of Bills that he blocked.

  • For carers, there is no charge for parking at the hospital
  • Retribution for evictions is a crime
  • Similar-sex Marriage Laws
  • Protecting police dogs
  • Advice for sixth-year students on careers
  • Standards for taxi licences in the United States

Sir Christopher was first elected to office in 1983. He has often criticized the MPs’ ability to amend the law only from their backbenches.

The father of two, despite his opposition to numerous backbench bills is the architect of many others – often as a means to block other proposals and take up space. 

“Two weeks back, the Prime Minister ordered Tory MPs tear down the Standards rules in order to save one of his own. Their mess is still not clean.

Boris Johnson is right to be apologetic for his part in the Tory scandal.

The Prime Minister needs to get a grip. Prime Minister, you need to take control.

This is after Prime Minister Tony Blair was asked to tighten standards for MPs in order to make it more difficult for ministers to cheat the system.

Each of the former cabinet ministers have asked for more powers for Prime Minister’s ethical adviser. They also suggested strengthening the oversight body that reviews the conduct and decisions made by ministers in office.

The Times has published letters from the cabinet secretaries of Lord Butler and Lord Sedwill. Lord Butler served under Margaret Thatcher’s leadership in 1988. Lord Sedwill left the Civil Service in last year. 

An intervention by Mr Johnson will put pressure on him over the scandalous episode that has arisen since his attempt to save Mr Paterson. 

After Westminster’s watchdog revealed that the Business Secretary had suggested she quit, it was necessary for her to apologize. 

Kwasi Kwarteng, the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner Kathryn Stone was accused of bullying her when she suggested that she reconsider her position on the Paterson scandal. 

Last night Mr Kwarteng humiliatingly wrote Miss Stone to ask for forgiveness.

His comments were also admitted by him as falling short of the “high standards” of ministerial code. This requires ministers to show respect and consideration for public officials.

This letter seemed to have been written to start an inquiry to see if he has violated the code.

The code was also copied to Lord Geidt who advised Mr Johnson. 

Johnson confessed to the journalists that he’d bungled this issue on Sunday. He said: “Of course, it’s possible for things to have gone better. 

The move comes at a time when Labour is trying to ban MPs serving as paid consultants.

Tomorrow’s vote will be held by the party to approve measures prohibiting MPs holding any second job as consultants or directors of companies.