Pedigree CHUMP – Police claim a ‘poor driving standard’ as Audi smashes into Sainsbury’s pet food aisle… but it doesn’t hurt anyone

  • This luxury car was involved in an accident with a Sainsbury’s store in Allenton, Derby on the 18th of December
  • Derbyshire Police made a joke about the need for cleaners in the pet food aisle.
  • The red Audi A3 made a splash in the shop causing ‘lots of damage’
  • One social media user joked that the car was missing staff members by “Whiskers”.

After their Audi car crashed into Sainsbury’s, an Audi driver ended up with a red face.

Derbyshire Police officers were dispatched to Osmaston Park in Allenton (Delaware) last night.

After smashing into a window on the other side of the building, the red Audi A3 created devastation.

It caused significant damage to the windows and shelves by smashing them.

Roads Policing Unit of the Force said that it was looking into the incident. Nobody was injured.

A red Audi A3 made an abrupt entry into the pet food aisle of a Sainsbury's superstore in Allenton, Derby, last night (18 December), demolishing a shelf and a window

A red Audi A3 found its way into Allenton’s Sainsbury’s Superstore, Derby last night (18/12), destroying a shelf, and opening a window.

No one was hurt as a result of the vehicle's bizarre foray into the store, although Derbyshire Police said 'lots and lots of damage' was done

Although no one was injured by the bizarre entry of the car into the shop, Derbyshire Police stated that there was ‘lots of damage’.

Derbyshire Police joked: ‘Sainsbury’s, Osmaston Park Road, Derby. We need to use an in-store cleaner in the pet food aisle.

‘Audi drives into shop window. While investigation continues, initial CCTV investigations show that Audi drove into a shop window. Although there were no injuries sustained, the damage was extensive.

The incident was humorously viewed by social media users, one of whom wrote: “Reports claim he failed to notice the Whiskers check-in staff.” 

A third social media user said: “This is something that 3 cats wearing a trench coat would definitely do!”