One filter is too much! One influencer fails to make her reflection editable, while the other awkwardly blends in with the fence. This is how social media users fall for epic photoshop failures!

  • Users of social media from all over the globe shared images that were heavily edited
  • It was easy for commentators to see the manipulation of images
  • Men with unrealistically large muscles are among the photographs 
  • Some people show skin that is so flawless it looks fake. 

Photoshop failures show that perfection is possible.

These photos of Instagrammers all over the world were compiled by Bored PandaThis photo shows how it can be easy to achieve a flawless appearance, but end up with photos that are clearly edited.

The photos include people who attempted to portray ‘desirable features’ such as large eyes, and ended up looking cartoon characters.

Others edits included men digitally augmenting their muscles to impractical proportions and a woman caught editing her own reflection.

FEMAIL has compiled a list of photoshop failures that illustrate how people can manipulate images. 

Social media users noticed this woman, thought to be North America-based, looked completely different in her reflection

This woman was spotted by social media as a North American-based female. Her reflection looked totally different.

This heavily-edited image looks like a cartoon, as the US-based woman's facial features have been exaggerated to the extreme

The heavily edited image almost looks cartoonish, because the facial features of the woman from the US are exaggerated.

This Essex-based influencer has received concerned comments from fans, who are worried about how much he edits his photos

The Essex-based influencer received concerns from his fans about the extent to which he alters photos.

This Instagrammer seems to have taken the saying 'legs for days' a little too literally when editing this photos, which makes her appear to have impossibly long pins

The Instagrammer appears to have taken “legs for days” a bit too seriously when she was editing these photos. This makes it appear that her pins are incredibly long.

This image, thought to feature a woman and her grandfather, stands out as her face is highly edited and smoothed out - and his isn't

The image is thought to show a woman with her grandfather. Her face has been highly edited and smoothed.

In this photo, the woman's face was so heavily edited, it actually merged and blended into the fence

This photo shows the face of a woman so edited that it blends into the fence.

This photo, featuring exaggerated editing on the muscles, shows that men are not immune from the pressure to look a certain way

This image, which features exaggerated editing of the muscles, shows men that they aren’t immune to the pressure to be certain things.

This social media user in London used skin smoothing software to make his skin impossibly smooth. He also created an impossibly chiselled jawline

London-based social media user, he used skin smoothing software for his skin to become silky smooth. Also, he created an impossiblely chiselled jawline

This US-based poster got the proportions a little wrong when editing this photo - leading to enormous-looking feet

A poster from the USA made a mistake in the photo’s proportions, resulting in huge feet.

This Instagrammer, thought to be in the US, made the classic editing mistake of accidentally editing straight lines so they appear curved (look at the post behind her)

The Instagrammer was thought to have been in the US and made the common editing error of making straight lines appear curled (see the photo behind).