Australia Post has reported a spike in dog attacks against delivery drivers and posties across Australia. Dog owners are being asked to ensure their dogs’ safety. 

Australia Post has released footage showing several instances in which an unidentified dog attacked and bit a post worker who delivers mail and parcels to their front doors or letterbox. 

Australia Post has issued an appeal to restrain aggressive dogs following 1,173 dog incidents that occurred between July and September last year. This is almost 400 more than the previous year. 

Rod Barnes, Australia Post’s Executive General Manager Network Operations, stated that incidents involving dogs has tripled over the past five years. A postie or driver is attacked on average five times per day.

Footage released by Australia Post on Monday shows postal workers being attacked, chased, and bitten by dogs while trying to deliver mail and parcels

Australia Post has released video footage on Monday that shows postal workers being chased by and attacked by dogs as they attempt to deliver mail or parcels.

 Crazy dogs have been responsible for a number of serious injures to posties, often biting them on their arms and legs. 

One video shows a large dog running from the front doors of homes and lunging at the postal worker.  

The front door presents the greatest challenge, Mr Barnes stated. Dogs can get away with their owners if they are not trying to control them by their legs or knees. 

Pictured: A postie bitten on the leg by guard dog

Injuries suffered by another postie bitten on the arm by a dog

Australia Post has released photos of the injuries that posties sustained while traveling on their mail route (pictured left and right). Postal workers from across Australia were attacked by dogs, resulting in thousands of injuries to their arms and legs.

Barnes explained that these incidents could be distressing for pet owners and our staff members at the front doors.  

Mr Barnes stated that dogs attack delivery drivers and postal workers about five times daily and this has tripled over the past five years. 

“Our posties are aware of the importance of their work and will do everything they can to deliver your mail and parcels. However, they must feel secure and need help from dog owners to make that happen.

“If they don’t feel secure at the door or in the mail box, our posties may be reluctant to deliver.” 

Another video features a Rottweiler that guards the letterbox by jumping onto the fence and barking. 

A dog is seen chasing the postie's motorbike

The dog and runs in front of the motorbike and tries to stop and attack the postie

Australia Post reported that incidents involving dogs increased by three times in five years. Drivers are attacked on average five times per day. Attacks can happen in front of front doors and letter boxes. However, most attacks occur on footpaths. 

The most incidents involving dogs have been reported in Queensland, NSW, and Western Australia. While attacks can occur at front doors and letter boxes, and even inside front yards, about half of the cases are on footpaths or on roads.  

This footage is a compilation of several videos showing a variety of large dogs attacking and chasing the motorbikes of postal workers. 

Barnes stated that even if your dog does not bite, it could cause serious injury by running into a driver or postie in an electric vehicle.

“We really need people to remember to close their doors, secure their animals and ensure that our mail and parcels get to them safe and sound. 

Australia Post’s awareness campaign, “Even bad dogs have bad moments”, has been launched. It asks owners to take precautions in order for posties to stay safe. 

In another video, a large Rottweiler is seen guarding the letter box by jumping on the fence and barking. Australia Post has launched the awareness campaign, 'Even good dogs have bad days' calling on owners to secure their dogs so that postal workers are safe and can do their jobs

In another video, a large Rottweiler is seen guarding the letter box by jumping on the fence and barking. Australia Post is launching a campaign called “Even great dogs have bad moments” to raise awareness and encourage owners of dogs to keep their dog safe so they can help postal workers do their job safely.

Tony Gadsby, an experienced postie was bitten by a dog while covering a new route. 

Gadsby has been delivering mail for over 20 years and said he had no time to react to the dogs’ race towards him. 

“I felt quite anxious, but then I was able to relax,” Mr Gadsby stated.

“I feel a little more tired and anxious, which is hard because I love dogs. However, you need to be careful with them. 

It’s not uncommon for people to tell their dogs that they don’t bite, but being a dog-owner myself, I understand how unpredictable their behavior can be. As such I encourage owners to spend extra time making sure their dogs are safe and sound. 

Australian veterinarian, Doctor Katrina Warren, said dogs could be fearful of unfamiliar visitors or consider posties trespassers on their territory and engage in behaviour that would be dangerous.

Experienced postie Tony Gadsby (pictured) said he did not have time to react when he was bitten by yet another dog while covering a new route. He has urged dog owners to take the extra time and secure their pets

Tony Gadsby, an experienced postie (pictured), said that he didn’t have the time to react after being bitten yet again by a dog as he covered a new route. His advice to dog owners is to give their dogs extra attention and make sure they are secure. 

Dr Warren stated that the problem with postie behavior is that they will always come back. Your dog might bark again at them to get them to stop, but then after some time, your dog could growl, lunge, bite or bark harder to ensure the postie gets the message.

“If dogs are allowed to practice this behavior, they will develop a bad habit which can prove dangerous for visitors and even posties.

Australia Post advised customers who are unable to secure their dogs can nominate for items to be left at a place that’s safe for both the parcel and our posties or to choose a free 24/7 parcel locker to collect parcels away from home. 


Avoid the temptation   

Place your dog somewhere where they can’t see or interact with the postie. You should not let your dog run wild in any yard, passage or area where they can see people or bark at them through a fence or gate.

Keep your dog leashed

You should not let your dog run from the front of your house when you see someone. Keep a leash with treats near the door and your dog should be leashed when you see someone. Before you leave, ask your dog to come and sit down.

Be Positive

Your dog should be taught that every time a postie comes to your house, something good will occur. This could include receiving treats or other rewards for being calm. As soon as your pup arrives at home, you can begin training them.

Professional advice is recommended  

You need to seek out professional advice from a behaviorist immediately if your dog bites someone or shows warning signs like snarling or growling.