Gender reveal: Dad nearly runs over pregnant mom while riding his motorcycle – her balloon pop was no better

  • Man loses control over dirtbike and gender reveal almost goes horribly wrong 
  • The bike almost knocks over a pregnant woman who is standing next to it 
  • The back wheel emits blue smoke as friends laugh at it and yell “It’s boy!” 
  • Next, the mom-to-be sprinkles blue powder over her and the rider’s heads 

The gender reveal went almost horribly wrong when the partner’s motorcycle nearly ran over a pregnant lady.

The video was posted on TikTok and shows a man revving his dirtbike in the back yard of an Australian suburban home, while a mother-to-be in pink stands next to it.  

The bike suddenly swerves forward, bouncing over the brick under the front wheel. This almost knocks the mother-to-be off of her feet. 

After the wheel is turned in the grass, a little puff of blue smoke will be visible.

“It’s just a boy!” The friends yell at each other while laughing out loud at the hilarious stunt.

The man revved his dirt bike in a backyard with a brick under the front wheel while the expectant mother stood in front of the bike for the gender reveal

A brick was placed under his front wheel to help him revve up his dirt bike. The expectant mother, however, stood before the bike and revealed her gender.

Suddenly the bike lurched forward over the brick and almost knocked the mum-to-be off her feet

The bike suddenly slid forward on the brick, almost knocking the mother-to-be off of her feet.

The back wheel of the dirt bike spun in the grass and a small puff of blue smoke was revealed. 'What a disaster,' a number of people commented on the post

It was evident that the dirt bike’s back wheel spun in grass, revealing a tiny puff of blue smoke. Many people wrote comments on this post, including “What a tragedy!”

This pregnant lady seems unscathed by her mishap. She regathered her balance and popped a balloon indicating ‘girl? or boy’

Her face explodes with blue powder, and so does her partner. They seem more interested in his damage to his bike.

TikTokker @jus_milk_ posted this video and commented, “How TikTok Stars are Made”,

A number of commenters commented on the post with “What a catastrophe.” 

A third person said, “When ambitions surpass your ability,”

“It’s an obgan!” A fourth laughed.  

One TikTok user rated the gender reveal to be ‘better’ than luxury show-offs.

These days, gender reveal using motorcycles is becoming more common. A back wheel burnout can be used to smoke pink or blue and announce the girl or boy.

Gender reveal “fails” have also become viral hits because even the best-laid plans can go wrong. 

A 29-year-old man from Loganlea was recently charged with dangerous operation of a vehicle after an alleged gender reveal burnout in a Brisbane suburb on September 11

After an alleged Gender Reveal Burnout, a Loganlea man aged 29 was charged with dangerous operating a vehicle. The incident occurred in Brisbane’s Loganlea on September 11.

Vision of the incident showed a red Commodore fishtailing down a suburban street as plumes of blue smoke shrouded the road, preventing other traffic from moving along the road

The incident was captured in vision. A red Commodore was seen gliding down a suburban street while blue smoke plumes covered the roads, preventing any other traffic from passing.

This October, Loganlea 29-year old man was arrested for dangerous operation of vehicle following an alleged Gender Reveal Burnout on September 11 in Marsden, Brisbane.

In a vision of the incident, a red Commodore was seen gliding down a suburbia street. Blue smoke clouds covered the roadway and prevented other traffic from proceeding.

He is scheduled to appear before the court on December 2. 

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