Bombshell allegations emerge about wild brawl on board ‘cruise from hell’ that saw more than a dozen family members booted off luxury ship – as court hears fracas was sparked after one of them stepped on a passenger’s SHOE

  • Carnival Legend brawl started by a family member walking on the shoe of a passenger
  • Family and friends of Zakhour were taken off a cruise ship in February 2018.
  • PLC accuses family of abuse to employees, bouncer, and passengers at cruise company 


Court documents claim that a fight broke out on cruise ships after one passenger stepped on another’s shoes. 

The Carnival Legend stopped at Eden in New South Wales on February 16th 2018, forcing it to come to an abrupt halt.

A group of passengers were seen engaging in an intense fistfight before security had to intervene and hold the family until the ship docked.

Three family members from the Zakhour clan are now suing PLC cruise line, alleging that they were violently assaulted by security before being falsely detained onboard.

More than a dozen family members were booted off a cruise ship following a brawl that was sparked after one of them stepped on a passenger's shoe, court documents allege (pictured, Zakhour family and friends being escorted off the cruise liner in 2018)

A brawl broke out after one of their relatives stepped on the shoe of a passenger, according to court papers.

The Zakhour family and some of their friends were escorted off the Carnival Legend after it was forced to stop at port in Eden, New South Wales, on February 16, 2018

The Carnival Legend stopped in Eden on February 16th 2018, and the Zakhour family was forced to abandon it.

Shocking footage captured a group of passengers engaged in a bloody fist fight before security were forced to intervene and detain the family as the ship docked

A group of passengers were seen engaging in an intense fistfight before security had to intervene and seize the relatives as the ship docked.

Carnival PLC filed an appeal at County Court containing a list against the family.

Herald Sun reports that members of the group hurled racist abuses at security and lashed out at staff after their supply of booze was cut. This allegedly triggered a fight with other passengers.

PLC claims that Zaki Zakhour’s 52-year-old son stepped on the shoe of a passenger two days prior to the brawl.

According to court papers, Mr Zakhour was then accused of engaging in heated arguments with his passenger and later assaulting them.

PLC claims that Mr Zakhour grabbed Mr. Passenger by the throat, while his family threatened to kill him.

According to Mr Zakhour’s statement of claim, he claimed that security had intervened and that Zakhour was kicked to ground after being punched in head.

He alleges the chief of security yelled at him: ‘I’m going to f***ing kill you and your son’.

Police officers with the Zakhour family following the brawl on Carnival Legend in February 2018

Following the February 2018 brawl over Carnival Legend, officers from the Zakhour police force were present with members of the Zakhour clan

Zakhour family members and friends being escorted by police officers onto a bus after the cruise liner was forced to dock

After the cruise ship was docked, Zakhour’s family and friends were escorted onto a bus by officers.

A passenger holds his hoodie over his head as he is escorted off the cruise liner

While he waits to be escorted away from the cruise liner, a passenger puts his hoodie across his head.

PLC has stated that the actions of security officers were justified and Mr Zakhour was handcuffed prior to being taken into separate rooms.

PLC stated that staff had been following orders from the captain and used’reasonable force’ in order to protect other passengers.

Cruise line companies claim that the Zakhours and their family were part of several incidents aboard the cruise vessel.

Following being refused entry to a club, the couple allegedly got angry at staff members and pulled a bouncer.

PLC says that PLC members made threats to passengers at a pizzeria. They also choked a security officer and ordered staff to be ready for a fight.

Next year, the matter will be tried. 

Disturbing footage captured the brawl as shocked passengers watched on as it unfolded on the Carnival Legend

As the fight unfolded, shocked passengers looked on on distressing video from the Carnival Legend