Tim Paine has stepped down as Australia’s Test cricket captain amid a shock sexting scandal where he sent a lewd photo and explicit messages to a female staffer.

Cricket Australia conducted an investigation into the father of two young children, a married man. After the woman complained, Cricket Australia cleared him of misconduct.

Paine, 36 years old, shared a photo and stream of lewd texts with his female colleague.

‘Will you want to taste my d**?? F**k me, I’m seriously hard,’ one of the messages sent to the Cricket Tasmania employee read.

Paine, who has led the team since the Sandpapergate scandal in 2018, held a press conference at 2.30pm on Friday where he tearfully apologised and announced he would step down.

He said, “It’s an extremely difficult decision but it’s the right one to me, my family and cricket.” Paine can be selected for The Ashes tour but is not guaranteed a place on the team.

Australia’s Test Cricket captain Tim Paine has resigned amid scandalous sexting.

Tim Paine’s lewd exchange of text

[Evening of November 22, 2017]

PAINE: This is a good one.

WOMAN: I am good when I am good. I can be brilliant even when I’m bad.

PAINE: How terrible is that??

[Morning of November 23, hours before Paine took to the field] 

WOMAN – I will have naughty thoughts regarding you while we watch TV.

PAINE: I’m cracking! Ha ha. You think such naughty things? I’m about to give something firm a pull…

WOMAN: Ha, sorry I’m getting ready for work … it’s a big day for us kids.

PAINE: Will you want to taste my ***?? F*** me, I’m seriously hard.

WOMAN: It seemed like we were resting our hands.

PAINE: They can’t be rest when they’re this difficult! Need to ease the tension … Finish me off with those lips then 😉

[Paine then sends a photo of his penis] 

PAINE: Stop me now!!

The lewd messages were sent on November 22 and 23, 2017, the eve and morning of the first Ashes Test at the Gabba in Brisbane.

Cricket Australia did not become aware of these messages until Paine’s appointment as Test captain in March 2018, following the ball tampering scandal.

After captain Steve Smith was suspended and vice-captain David Warner had been expelled, Paine was appointed the Australian Cricket’s savior.

The three were caught using hidden sandpaper during their tour through South Africa.

Cricket Australia and Cricket Tasmania are believed to have discovered the truth in June 2018.

In 2018, the woman reported that Mr. Paine had taken a sexually explicit and unwelcome photograph of her genitals, in addition to making graphic sexual remarks.

According to her, she felt offended by pornographic images and the comments.

However, he complaints were only made about seven months later when the woman was when she was charged with stealing. These charges remain before the courts.

Andrew Gaggin (Cricket Tasmania chairman) stated she was previously fired from the organisation but that the messages were not passed on to her.

After receiving the complaint, Mr Gaggin stated that they investigated the matter and found the interaction to be consensual. Provate: The incident occurred on one occasion between adult adults. This was never repeated.

He stated that ‘Cricket Tasmania does not condone such behavior and made the issue directly with Time Paine’.

“But, due to the consensual nature the actions, it was decided that no additional action was necessary or appropriate.”

Paine's wife Bonnie, whom he has been married to for five years, was aware of the messages at the time but chose to stick by him

Paine’s wife Bonnie, whom he has been married to for five years, was aware of the messages at the time but chose to stick by him

Bonnie was in January bizarrely mistaken for an American folk singer by Indian media

She is a cosmetic surgery aesthetic nurse at Sanctum Medical Aesthetics in Hobart

Bonnie is a Sanctum Medical Aesthetics cosmetic surgeon aesthetic nurse in Hobart

At his press conference, Paine stated that these investigations had exonerated him. They found that he didn’t breach the code.

Bonnie, his wife of five years was aware that he had sent the messages, but she chose to stay with him.

He stated that, despite being exonerated of the crime, he regretted it deeply at the time and continues to regret it today.

“I talked to my family and wife at that time, and I am tremendously grateful for their forgiveness. 

“We believed that this incident had passed and we could now focus on the team as we have for the past three to four years. 

“However, I was unaware that the private text exchange would be made public.

“On reflection, I realize that my 2017 actions are not up to the standards of an Australian cricket captain or the greater community. 

“I am deeply sorry for any pain and hurt that I caused my wife and my family and the other side. I am sorry that this has done to the sport’s image.

Paine made his resignation public in a Friday statement. He also held a Friday press conference at 2.30 pm where he criedfully apologized.

Paine, 36, sent a photo of his penis to a female co-worker along with a stream of lewd text messages

Paine, 36 years old, shared a photo and stream of lewd texts with his female colleague.

Paine had an ongoing relationship with the woman for approximately a year. Both parties were flirtatious about leaked messages.

The conversation quickly turned when she sent out explicit messages to the cricketer just as she was about to resign from Cricket Tasmania.

She sent letter to Cricket Australia and Cricket Tasmania, as well as the Australian Human Rights Commission, complaining of sexual harassment.

Paine wept at his press conference, where he apologized to everyone he had hurt or let down including Australian cricket fans.

According to him, he had decided to quit because of the public messages and didn’t want any distractions during The Ashes which start in Brisbane on December 8. 

“I feel it is the best decision to step down as captain immediately. He said that he did not wish for this to be an unwanted disruption of the team’s preparations for Ashes.

“I’ve loved my role …’,” he stated, his voice cracked as he wept away a tear.

“It has been the most honor of my sporting career to be a part of the Australian men’s test team. Thankful for my fellow teammates’ support and proud of the achievements we have together.

They are to be understood and forgiven. Australian cricket fans: I’m deeply sorry about my behaviour on the Ashes.

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused by my actions to the cricket community and fans. It breaks my heart that I have let down my family. They are a loving, supportive, and wonderful family.

“They’ve always been there for me and have been my biggest fans. I am indebted to their support.”

Minutes earlier, Cricket Australia Chairman Richard Freudenstein issued a statement in Paine’s name. It announced the resignation of Test captain.

Paine was brought it as the saviour of Australian cricket after captain Steve Smith and vice-captain David Warner were suspended, along with opener Cameron Bancroft

Paine, who was suspended along with Cameron Bancroft as opener, was made the Australian Cricket’s savior after vice-captain David Warner and captain Steve Smith were both expelled.

'I spoke to my wife and family at the time and am enormously grateful for their forgiveness and support,' Paine said on Friday

Paine stated on Friday, “I talked to my wife at that time and I am tremendously grateful for your forgiveness and support.”

“Tim believed it was best in his family’s interests to take the decision to stand down as captain,” he stated.

The Board accepted Tim’s resignation. They will work with the National Selection Panel to identify and appoint a new captain.

“While Tim has been cleared of violating the Code of Conduct regarding this matter by the Board, his resignation is respected.”

This type of behavior or language is not acceptable by the ‘CA.

The Board is grateful to Tim for his outstanding service, despite the error he made.

“Tim” will be available to select in the Test team throughout the Ashes season.

Paine’s wife Bonnie, a cosmetic surgery aesthetic nurse at Sanctum Medical Aesthetics in Hobart, was in January bizarrely mistaken for an American folk singer by Indian media.

This mother-of-two shares many happy photos with her two children on Instagram.

Bonnie and Paine (pictured at the Cricket Australia Awards at Crown Palladium on February 10, 2020) said 'I do' surrounded by friends and family at Home Hill Winery in Tasmania in 2016

Bonnie and Paine (pictured at the Cricket Australia Awards at Crown Palladium on February 10, 2020) said ‘I do’ surrounded by friends and family at Home Hill Winery in Tasmania in 2016

Born and raised in Tasmania, the ‘Tassie girl” seems to have it all as she manages motherhood alongside her husband’s hectic cricket schedule.

According to Indian reports, they may have interacted with an American performer with the same name.

Bonnie Paine is a singer and songwriter who was born in Oklahoma. There she learned to play music with her sisters.

According to her website, she is an accomplished musician and founder of the internationally touring folk band Elephant Revival.

Bonnie and Paine tied the knot in 2016 in a group of friends and family at Home Hill Winery Tasmania. 

Bonnie was the mother to Milla Elizabeth in June 2017.

She wrote, “She’s still perfect,” on Instagram along with a pic of Paine holding the baby.

In September 2018, Charlie Thomas, a pure perfectionist, was welcomed into the couple.

Paine poses for photo with a fan during the NBL Blitz match between Cairns Taipans and Tasmania Jackjumpers on November 16, 2021, in Hobart

Paine takes a photo of himself with a fan at the NBL Blitz match in Hobart between Cairns Taipans & Tasmania Jackjumpers, November 16th 2021.

Just three weeks away from the Ashes first test, attention has turned to Paine’s replacement as Australian Test captain and wicketkeeper.

Pat Cummins (fast bowler, vice-captain) is widely regarded as the best choice. Travis Head quickly supported him. 

Steve Smith, three years after his resignation and suspension for one year following the Sandpapergate scandal that occurred in March 2018, is another possible candidate. 

David Warner, the star opener of Star Opener is now out of contention. He is prohibited from holding any leadership positions for the role he played in this sorry episode.

Head was at his press conference in Adelaide, South Australia Redbacks, when the story broke. He was then asked about the scandal surrounding the team.

He said, “It’s difficult at the moment to enter any of those because I don’t understand the ins-and-outs.”

“I haven’t spoken with Tim or the boys. I suppose over the next 24-48 hours we’ll learn more about it.

“I believe the group is in a great place… everybody gets along really well. So what will the next 24-to 48 hours be? We’ll continue and move on.

Cricket Australia was not aware of the messages until after Paine was appointed Test captain in March 2018 in the wake of the ball tampering scandal

Cricket Australia did not become aware of these messages until Paine’s appointment as Test captain in March 2018 following the scandal involving ball tampering.

It’s difficult to give an opinion on current events, but I believe that what the T20 squad sees is similar to what the Test squad.

“So with all the Australian cricket players, it’s a great team and I’m proud to support them.

Head called Cummins “a leader” and recommended Redbacks colleague Alex Carey for the role of wicketkeeper.

Meg Lanning, the Australian women’s skipper was interviewed on ABC Sport’s The Pavillion. She said that she hadn’t read much about Paine but also expressed disappointment at his character.

“Obviously it’s not an ideal situation for Tim, or Australian cricket. I guess it serves as a reminder of some standards that are expected from Australian cricketers. I imagine when this doesn’t happen, it can quickly change,” she stated.

When asked is Paine should even be on the team she replied: ‘I guess that would come down to the team itself and the way they are looking at it.

“They’ll obviously have a lot more information than we do so it all comes down to what’s best for Australian cricket and the team.  

The dramatic rise and fall of Tim Paine in the sexting scandal

Australian captain Tim Paine walks to change ends during a cricket test against India at the Sydney Cricket Ground, in Sydney, Australia on Jan. 9, 2021

Australian captain Tim Paine walks for change during a test cricket match against India, at Sydney Cricket Ground. Sydney, Australia, Jan. 9, 2021

2010. Tim Paine, who replaces Brad Haddin in the Test match against Pakistan 2010, is made his Test debut, but is discarded upon the return of incumbent

April 2016: Paine marries Bonnie Maggs

November 17, 2017: Ashes Series received a shock recall

November 22-23rd, 2017, Paine sends lewd texts to his female colleague on the eve of Brisbane’s first Ashes test. Both had exchanged text messages throughout the year.

Jan 2018: South Africa tour squad selected

March 25, 2018, after Steve Smith and David Warner resigned over the’sandpapergate ‘ball tampering’ scandal

March 28, 2018, Paine becomes the 46th captain of Australia’s side.

April 2018: Awarded a national contract by Cricket Australia 

June 2018, Cricket Australia and Cricket Tasmania are made aware by the messages. They launch investigations after a woman’s complaint. Paine claimed that he was cleared during the investigation. Bonnie Paine, Bonnie’s wife, knew about the messages but decided to support him.

2018 – 2021 : Paine is still Test captain. He will retain the Ashes of England in 2019.

November 19, 2021: Paine is forced to resign as all details about the explicit messages are revealed