Kyle Rittenhouse shot one of the two black men who was killed at the Black Lives Matter demonstration in Wisconsin last year. The victim’s girlfriend said that she feels ‘a lot sympathy’ for Rittenhouse because of his fantasy.

Hannah Gittings (25), says that she attended the protest along with Anthony Huber, her boyfriend, because Blake was a close friend of Jacob Blake. Blake is the black man who was shot by police and triggered unrest.

Huber, she claims, was there only to document the protest and not loot or cause trouble. Rittenhouse, then with a skateboard hit Huber. He shot and killed him.

‘This kid was walking around like hot s***, looking for a reason to say, “Oh I gotta do something about this,”‘ Gittings told the New York Post. 

‘I do have a lot of sympathy for this kid because he is just a kid to me, so it was just like a really dumb*** kid who unfortunately became the figurehead for this,’ she said.

Hannah Gittings, left, says she feels 'a lot of sympathy' for Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, who killed her boyfriend Anthony Huber, right, on August 25, 2020

Hannah Gittings left says she feels “a lot of sympathy” for Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse killed Anthony Huber right on August 25, 2020.

‘It was just like a really dumb*** kid who unfortunately became the figurehead for this,’ she said

The third day of jury deliberation in Rittenhouse’s trial came to an end on Thursday. 

Since Tuesday morning, the jury is now deliberating on Rittenhouse’s guilt or innocence. He shot Huber, Joseph Rosenbaum, and injures a third in riots in Kenosha (Wisconsin) in August 2020.

He is facing life imprisonment.  

Huber, 26 years old, has been described as a violent individual who threatened his family with murder during Rittenhouse’s ongoing murder trial.

According to Corey Chirafisi’s criminal complaint, Huber once “hurled a seat” and then, armed with a knife, threatened his brother that he’d ‘gut him like a pig’. 

Chirafisi said, “Huber had told his brother that he was going to kill him.” Huber placed a knife in his brother’s stomach, threatening to kill him.

“Huber” grabbed his brother’s neck and twisted his fingers into his throat. He then choked him for about ten seconds. The knife he held was sharpened by his brother.

‘He said, ‘I’m going to burn the house down with all you f*****s in it.’

Another time, he kicked his sister on the right hip. This caused her pain and led to her falling.

Chirafisi said: “They’re saying that this man is peaceful.” Chirafisi added: ‘They’re saying this is a peaceful man. [material]”We will admit it.”

Rittenhouse's defense has portrayed Huber as violent, saying he once 'hurled a chair,' and armed with a butcher's knife told his brother he would 'gut him like a pig'

Rittenhouse defends Huber, saying that Huber once “hurled chairs” and that, with a butcher knife in his hand, he told his brother that he would “gut him like a pork.”

Gittings says Huber was there to film the protest and was not participating in any looting or crime. 'There’s no proof of that anywhere, and I was with him that entire night,' she says

Gittings states Huber was only there to document the protest, and not participate in any looting of crime. ‘There’s no proof of that anywhere, and I was with him that entire night,’ she says

Gittings claims that Rittenhouse was the one who sought trouble on that evening, despite Huber’s history.

‘If these people had just done what they said they were going to be doing, standing outside of the property making sure nobody was ruining these buildings and businesses whatever, that’s cool, but you weren’t,’ Gittings told the Post. 

Kenosha must be held accountable for permitting armed militias, and other groups opposing Black Lives Matter to roam around the town. 

Huber’s parents filed a lawsuit against Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth, former Kenosha Chief of the Police Daniel Miskinis and Kenosha Acting Police Chief Eric Larsen.

On 15 counts they sued, the plaintiffs included wrongful deaths; conspiracy depriving constitutional rights; conspiracy obstructing justice; deprivation due process; intentional or negligent infliction emotional distress; and negligence. 

Jurors ended their third day of deliberation on Thursday. Above, Rittenhouse in court Thursday

On Thursday, the third day of jury deliberations was over. Above: Rittenhouse at court on Thursday

‘You are not going to tell me that these motherf****** did not know that this militia was here. She said, “You’re not going to tell me that.”

“They must put the heat on him because they can’t let him off the hook. Then they will have to take total responsibility for what they did. 

Gittings stated that Jacob Blake was her boyfriend. Jacob Blake was black and was being held on an active warrant of sexual assault, domestic abuse, and trespassing.  

Blake was paralyzed partially.

'The outcome of this trial, it could go literally anyway in the world, good or bad for us and it still would not change any of this for us,' Gittings, right, said

Gittings said, “The outcome of the trial, it could literally go literally anywhere in the universe, good or poor for us and it would still be no change any of that for us,”

Rittenhouse was seen walking about with an AR-15-style rifle during the protest of August 25,

She pointed out differences between the two.

‘One of them goes out, taking advantage of a vulnerable situation so that he can live out his fantasy of being king of the world and one of them out there doing absolutely nothing, nothing f****** wrong and being presented with yes, an active shooter situation and leaping into action without a second thought of his own safety,’ Gittings said.  

Rittenhouse defense team claimed that Huber was looting or rioting. She is discredited.

‘There’s no proof of that anywhere, and I was with him that entire night. Gittings stated to the Post that they were doing nothing like that.  

“The result of this trial could literally go anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s good for us or not. But it wouldn’t change anything for us.