How to make your home smell Christmas-y: A hack queen mum-of-two shares her very simple recipe for DIY scent

  • A mum created a DIY scent to make her home smell like Christmas.
  • Carolina McCauley, ‘Hack queen”, fills a pot filled with water and orange slices
  • She adds cinnamon sticks and cranberries to the cake, along with sprigs rosemary.  
  • The Perth blogger then allows the mixture to simmer on a low heat in the stove.

An Australian hack queen has created a DIY scent that smells like Christmas. You can make it yourself with just four ingredients.

Carolina McCauley, a mother-of-2, took to TikTok with the intention of showing her 1.5 million followers how to bring the festive spirit to life.

The blogger is from Perth, WA. She allows the mixture simmer on the stove with a low heat. It releases its aroma, which wafts through the kitchen.

The simple recipe has been viewed more that 41,600 times since Thursday’s upload online, sparking excitement among Christmas lovers.

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Australian ‘hack queen’ Carolina McCauley (pictured) has created a DIY scent that makes her house ‘smell like Christmas’ – and you can make your own with four simple ingredients

“How sweet is that!” One woman wrote, while the second added: “Beautiful. This is something that I will definitely try. 

A third woman said that she swaps cloves for rosemary because they smell ‘divine.

Carolina’s simple tips are not new to social media.

Her simple laundry guide went viral earlier in the year when she shared a video that showed how essential oil is added to wool dryer balls. This helps clothes stay fresher for longer. 

The Perth blogger brings festive cheer into her home by filling a pot with water and adding cranberries, cinnamon sticks, sliced orange and a few sprigs of rosemary

Ms McCauley leaves the mixture to simmer on the stove over a low heat, sending a burst of fragrance wafting through the kitchen

The Perth blogger adds festive cheer to her home by filling a large pot with water, adding cranberries and cinnamon sticks, sliced orange, and a few sprigs rosemary.

Carolina opens the detergent tray and washing machine door after each cycle to let moisture escape. This prevents mould and grime from building up.

Carolina suggests that you try to get rid of stubborn stains as quickly as possible by using stain remover and a paper towel. Then, wash the garment.

Instead of putting clean laundry in a basket, she folds them ‘right away to avoid wrinkling’. 

A mum-of-two has offered her simple guide for getting the perfect laundry - including the products she uses to leave clothes smelling beautifully fresh

A mum-of-two has offered her simple guide for getting the perfect laundry - including the products she uses to leave clothes smelling beautifully fresh

A mother-of-two shares her simple guide to perfect laundry, including the products she uses.

Carolina’s method has been viewed over 20,000 times. Many people say they are excited to use her tips.

One wrote: “Oh, this looks so good, I’ll have it to try,” while another wrote: “Essential oils is such an excellent idea.

Some people warned that essential oils can seep into clothing and cause staining.

Before you put the wool in, let the essential oil seep into it. You should let the essential oil sit for at least two hours before you start to stain your clothes. It’s not good,’ wrote one person.