Cleaning professionals have compiled their definitive guide, which includes their favorite products and their secrets.

One woman in Sydney started a conversation on social media when she asked her fellow cleaners what their favorite cleaning products were and how they cleaned.

The most frequently mentioned cleaning products are white vinegar, bicarb soya and dishwashing detergent.

“I use white vinegar to clean everything. Morning Fresh dishwashing detergent, Gumption, and stainless steel polish. One cleaner posted in a Facebook group that this is what she carries and has been cleaning for 8 years.

Professional cleaners have offered their ultimate guide to cleaning, ranging from their favourite products of all time to their secret weapons (stock image)

Cleaning professionals have created their Ultimate Guide to Cleaning, which includes everything from the best products to use to their most secret cleaning tools (stock photo).

Many shared their go-to products - including $5.40 Gumption, $9.80 Halo glass cleaner, dishwashing liquid, $4.75 vanilla spray, $8 Bar Keepers Friend and $24.99 Mr Bean cleaner

A lot of people shared their favorite products, including $9.80 Halo, $5.40 Gumption and dishwashing detergent.

Cleaning professionals list their top picks of all time 

1L White Vinegar: $1.40

Bicarb soda 1kg: $3.50 

All brands of dishwashing soap

The Barkeeper’s Friend: $8

Sabco microfibre mop

Halo glass cleaner: $9.80

Gumption multi-purpose cleaner: $5.40

Whiteley 5L Mr Bean all-purpose cleaner/air freshener: $24.99

McLintocks vanilla spray: $4.75

One other said, “Bicarb soda & white vinegar – Brilliant combination, but also extremely effective all by itself. Can be used in many places too. These are the products almost everyone needs in their home.

A woman said, “Cleaner here. Keep it simple.” Use vinegar and dishwashing soap for wet areas. For glass, use metho (methylated spirit) and spray it and wipe. Mr Bean is my all-purpose cleaner, air freshener and spray.

Another cleaner was added: “A good cleaner for showers is 1/3 cup white vinegar, washing detergent, and water in a spray-bottle.”

One cleaner claimed that she uses metho because it makes tile floors shiny and streak-free.

Cleaning professionals love Bar Keepers Friend because it is all-purpose and does not contain chlorine bleach. It can be used for daily cleaning as well as removing tough stains like lime or rust.

“Bar Keepers Friend” is versatile. I have used it in my kitchens, in ceramic, in stainless steel, and in the bathroom glass screens. The results are incredible, which I recommend highly,” one user said.

Another said that “Barkeepers Friend is Amazing for Shower Screens”

Some of the most commonly mentioned cleaning products included white vinegar, bicarb soda and dishwashing liquid (stock image)

White vinegar, dishwashing soda, and bicarb soda are some of the most popular cleaning products (stock photo).

One added, “Bar Keepers Friend” to shower screens while using the Scrub Daddy sponge to get rid of calcium buildup and water marks.

Many others shared their top cleaning tools, which included a toothbrush or mops.

One woman said, “Always keep toothbrushes for clean, you can reach so many small places with a toothbrush,”

Another stated that the Sabco microfiber mop was her only choice.

A majority of window cleaners stated that Halo was their favorite product for cleaning windows. 

Halo glass polish is the best. “My clients comment how stunning their mirrors and glass look,” one of them wrote.

Another person said that Halo was the best glass cleaner. Also, it doesn’t leave a strong odor. You can spray a little on the mirror or glass surface and then wipe it clean with a microfibre towel. No one will know that you used toothpaste or finger smears.

One cleaner said one of the items she always uses for cleaning is Gumption

Another revealed she always leaves her client's home smelling 'amazing' with McLintocks vanilla spray

One cleaner said one of the items she always uses for cleaning is Gumption while another revealed she always leaves her client’s home smelling ‘amazing’ with McLintocks vanilla spray

The cleaners stated that they pay close attention to details in the house which are important to their clients.

‘Always take time for attention to detail… I always empty and clean inside of bins throughout properties. One wrote that he would simply fold the toilet roll over and spray the pillows with fluff.

One other said that McLintocks Vanilla Spray can be purchased at your local supermarket. The scent is amazing. The smell is amazing and it can be used on all kitchen surfaces. Get rid of empty bins. Make a pretty little fold of toilet paper. You can make beds, straighten pillows and throws on the couches and fix them.