Anne Rice, 80 years old, passes away in the arms of her family.

  • A stroke in which she was previously ill caused complications that led to the death of a well-known writer.  
  • Christopher, son of the deceased, wrote a sad statement online confirming his father’s sadness 
  • He stated, “The magnitude of our family’s sorrow cannot be overstated.” 

Anne Rice, author of Interview with a Vampire, died last night surrounded by her loved ones. 

The complications of a stroke that she had earlier caused the death of the New Orleans-born writer from New Orleans, famed for The Vampire Chronicles and other works, led to her passing.   

Christopher, her son, wrote a sad statement to confirm the news. 

He said, “Dearest people of Page.” It is Anne’s child Christopher, and I am sorry to share this heartbreaking news.

The New Orleans writer, born in Louisiana and famed for her works including The Vampire Chronicles, died due to complications from an earlier stroke she suffered

The complications of a stroke that she had earlier caused the death of the New Orleans-born writer from New Orleans, Louisiana, who was also famous for The Vampire Chronicles.

Anne, who suffered complications from strokes earlier this evening, has died. We lost her almost nineteen year ago, on the same day Stan, my father, passed away. 

It is hard to overstate the magnitude of our family’s grief. As my mother, her support for me was unconditional — she taught me to embrace my dreams, reject conformity and challenge the dark voices of fear and self-doubt. She taught me how to ignore genre limits and to surrender to my obsessions as a writer.

“In her last hours, I sat next to her hospital bed, in awe at her achievements and her courage. Awash with memories of a life that brought us from fog-laden hills in San Francisco Bay Area, to New Orleans, to Southern California’s twinkling vistas, to magical streets in New Orleans, to the magic streets of New Orleans.

“As Anne kissed Anne farewell, Karen, Anne’s younger sister, said to Anne, “What a journey you took us on,” All of us can agree. Take comfort in knowing that Anne is experiencing the amazing answers to great spiritual and cosmic questions. This quest has shaped Anne’s life and career.

Her son Christopher penned a sorrowful statement confirming the news on her public Facebook page

Christopher, Christopher’s son, posted a heartbreaking statement on the public Facebook page to confirm her news.

“Throughout her last years, she felt that her contribution to this page gave her joy and a sense of belonging.

The son of her love added that while her funeral will be private, there will be an event for the public to honor her New Orleans life.   

He added that Anne would be buried in the mausoleum of her family at Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans during a private ceremony.

“Next year, New Orleans will host a celebration of her lifetime. It will be open for the public, and it will welcome the participation of all her fans, readers, and friends who gave her so much joy throughout her life.

Rice’s first novel and best-known, Interview With A Vampire was published in 1976. And the success of the book saw it go on to become a Hollywood movie starring Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Kirsten Dunst in 1994. 

Son Christopher added: 'The immensity of our family's grief cannot be overstated'

Christopher son added, “The magnitude of our family’s sorrow cannot be overstated.”

She met her husband Stan in a journalism class while they were both students at Richardon High School in Texas and the pair got married in 1961. 

Michele Rice, the first of their children, was born to Ms Rice in 1966. But tragedy struck in 1972 when Michele was diagnosed and later died from leukaemia. 

After giving birth in 1978 to their son Christopher, she gave birth in 1978 to Christopher. Christopher has been an author ever since. He made his debut with A Density of Souls in 2000.  

Undiagnosed diabetic, Ms Rice went into a coma at the tender age of 57 in 1998. In 2003 she had to have gastric bypass surgery after her husband’s death. She lost 103 lbs. 

In 2004, she almost died from an intestinal obstruction that occurred during her gastric bypass procedure.