Nicole Kidman revealed the transformation she underwent into Lucille Ball, a comedy icon for her new movie Being The Richardos. 

Lucille, 54 years old, described Lucille ball as “complex” and stated that she spent hours practicing her iconic “voice” and “physicality”. 

‘[It was a]Nicole said that she spent a lot of her time working hard on voice and body, as well as learning words.

Transformation: Nicole Kidman, 54, (pictured) revealed how she transformed herself into comedy legend Lucille Ball for Being The Ricardos during an interview with The Daily Telegraph on Sunday

Transformation: Nicole Kidman (54), reveals how she became Lucille Ball, comedy star and creator of Being The Ricardos in an interview with The Daily Telegraph. 

Nicole said that she had to revale because of Zoom’s pandemic. 

Nicole, who was a part of Being The Ricardos’s performance has been praised by Oscar Buzz for her acting skills, admitted that she did not realize how difficult the role would become before she signed up.  

“I’m actually happy I didn’t realize, because it’s better to not know what you’re getting into,” the star stated.  

Preparation: '[It was a] crazy amount of hours fastidiously working on the physicality, on the voice, on the movements, just learning the words,' Nicole said of preparation for the role

Preparation: ‘[It was a]Nicole spoke of the preparation of the role, stating that she spent a lot of time focusing on physicality, voice and movements.

Nicole admits that sometimes she just accepts roles without thinking through them. 

“I believe I’m a mess, and I’m not capable of going to places, so be cautious,” she said. That is not my makeup. She said she didn’t think so, comparing her ridiculous decision-making abilities to a teenager.  

Nicole returned to Australia only last week in time for the Sydney film premiere.   

Big gig: Nicole plays Lucille Ball in the upcoming biopic, that depicts the often complicated relationship between real-life Hollywood power couple Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, played by Javier Bardem, as they filmed their hit 1950s sitcom, I Love Lucy. Here: Lucy and Desi c.1950s

This is a huge gig. Nicole will play Lucille in the biopic. It depicts the sometimes complicated relationship of Lucille Bal and Desi Arnaz. Javier Bardem plays Javier Bardem. Here’s Lucy and Desi in the 1950s

Nicole will play Lucille ball in the biopic. It depicts the complicated relationship that Lucille Ball had with Desi Arnaz (played by Javier Bardem) as they film their 1950s hit sitcom I Love Lucy.  

Nicole, who spoke at Los Angeles’ Deadline Contenders Film Event last month, admitted that she was nervous about playing the iconic role.

“I felt trepidation for a while about one month ago, and it was overwhelming. [director] Aaron [Sorkin]I had to phone her and get emails from her saying that she’d have it. Variety reports.

Nerves: 'I had massive trepidation about a month prior, and [director] Aaron [Sorkin] had to get on the phone and send me emails saying, "You've got this,"' she said, as reported by Variety. Seen here in Being The Ricardos

Nerves [director] Aaron [Sorkin]Variety reports that the woman had to phone her mother and tell her she’d send emails saying, “You’ve got it,” Seen in Being The Ricardos 

Nicole confirmed that she was offered the role during interviews with the press earlier in the month, after Aaron Sorkin had asked about Zoom. 

Nicole replied “Yes, we would love to do everything with you” while appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. 

Nicole stated that Lucille is a physically funny character and that Nicole loved her role as Nicole once she studied it.

Jimmy stated to her that she was one of Hollywood’s greatest actors. “You’re amazing at every aspect of life.”     

‘I love acting,’ said Nicole. “I feel very fortunate to be able do what I love.”

Star: 'I love acting,' said Nicole. 'I'm very privileged to be able to do what I love doing.' Here: At a screening of Being The Ricardos this month in Los Angeles

Star: ‘I love acting,’ said Nicole. “I feel very fortunate to be able do what I love.” Here: This month, Los Angeles screening of Being The Ricardos