After calls for an inquiry ‘Rotherham-style,’ the justice minister has ordered that Bradford authorities conduct a thorough investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse by grooming groups.

  • According to MPs, sexual exploitation claims in Bradford need to be investigated
  • Council of West Yorkshire has been instructed to thoroughly investigate
  • Many have called for an independent investigation similar to Rochdale’s. 

According to a justice minister, child sexual exploitation accusations in Bradford should be reviewed thoroughly to ensure that all measures are taken to safeguard children.

James Cartlidge is the Conservative Frontbencher. This was in response to calls for a ‘Rotherham-style investigation’ in the locality.

However, he stated that Bradford Council should adopt the most thoroughgoing approach’ to make sure all lessons are learned.

Conservative Robbie Moore (Keighley), has led calls for independent inquiries.

He told the Commons last month that the topic was being “swept under the rug” and said that “nothing really had changed” since Ann Cryer, his Labour predecessor raised concerns about grooming gangs in Keighley as well as across Bradford.

Moore stated that the exploitation was done by a small group of mostly Pakistani Muslim men.

Conservative frontbencher James Cartlidge said he expects Bradford Council to investigate

James Cartlidge (Conservative frontbencher) said that he hopes Bradford Council will investigate.

Child sexual exploitation allegations in the Bradford area have ended up at the crown court

The crown court heard child sexual abuse allegations from Bradford.

Moore stated Tuesday in the House of Commons that he called for a Rotherham-style investigation into child sexual exploitation within Bradford District. This was to help bring justice to those who were victims and to protect children from harm.

“Will the minister support me in my call for a Rotherham-style investigation across Bradford so that we can address this issue once for all?”

He replied, “I totally recognize the trauma experienced by victims and survivors. They need answers.”

“The Government is clear in stating that the delivery of services to local inquires lies with local authorities.

Concerns over grooming gangs linked to Keighley and across the Bradford district continue

There are still concerns about grooming gangs in Keighley as well as across Bradford.

“But, we expect Bradford Council will take the most rigorous approach to make sure that every lesson has been learnt and local partners do everything they can to protect and identify offenders.”

Moore last month called the recent review ‘light’. He also claimed that it was ‘limited’.

Tory friends have joined him to demand a similar inquiry to that which was held in Rotherham. It examined the child sexual exploitation of South Yorkshire children over 16 years, and at least 1,400 youth were said to be abused.

Alexander Stafford, Conservative MP (Rother Valley), highlighted an article from the Rotherham Council group to justice questions in Parliament.

He said they found’multiple examples’ of what they claimed was active grooming or child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.