This little snow angel is adorable! An 11-month old girl is a viral sensation with a video of herself SNOWBOARDING in China with her dad – even though she’s not yet able to walk.

  • Baby Wang Yuji took to the Chongli slopes for her first attempt at snowboarding
  • Her parents encourage her to ride the short distances unassisted.
  • Even though the 11-month old infant cannot walk yet, she has shown a keen interest in mountain life.

This adorable baby snowboarder is less than one year old and has taken the internet by storm. 

Wang Yuji (11-months old, can barely walk) has joined her parents on the Chongli snow slopes.

Yuji, with its enthusiastic snowboarders and skiers, was one of the most remarkable of all.

The clip shows the little snowboarder sliding down a slope before her dad, while her dad holds onto the snowboard with a rope from his back. 

He let her go and let her ride the slope on her own, telling her to look to the front: You’re doing well!

Wang Yuji, 11 months, recently took up snowboarding and became an internet sensation for her adorable talent on the slopes of Chongli

Wang Yuji (11 months) recently started snowboarding. She became an instant internet star for her amazing talent at the Chongli slopes.

Yuji's father explained that his daughter can't wait to be able to go further when she can go on a steeper slope

Yuji’s father said that Yuji is eager to take her daughter on steeper slopes.

Yuji’s parents shared words of praise and encouragement with their daughter. GlobaLink interviewed them about their prodigy.

Her father stated that she wasn’t able to go down or slide by herself. Also, she is unable to control or move in the right direction.

“Sometimes, if it is snowing just right, she can travel all the way. It is something she really enjoys and she would love to go further.

Speaking of how grateful the family is for all the love and support, Yuji’s mother discussed her daughter’s new found talent and internet fame and said: ‘It was actually her first time snowboarding.’

Yuji, who tried snowboarding recently, is also fascinated with the snowflakes which she loves to watch melt in her hands

Yuji recently tried snowboarding and is fascinated by the snowflakes that she can watch melting in her hands.

Yuji's mother gushed about her daughter's natural talent on the slopes and attributed it to both her parents being outdoorsy

Yuji’s mother was elated about Yuji’s ability to ski and said that her family is outdoorsy.

Yuji whizzed down the slope as her father let go of the safety string and ran ahead of her to catch her if she fell

Yuji was whizzing down the slope when her father took off the safety string. He ran behind her in an effort to catch up if Yuji fell.

“Me and my dad love the outdoors so we went to Chongli, Olympic host city to allow her to experience snowboarding.

“She is a strong, fit woman who was able to slide downhill quickly and stay upright on snow.

Yuji says that the snowboarding part is not the most enjoyable. He also believes it is important, just like so many others who go to the slopes in the winter, to enjoy the cool weather and have fun.

Her dad explained: ‘She’s curious of the snowflakes, she saw the snow for the first time earlier—the snowflakes disappear as soon as they land in her hands which is a magical thing for her.’