Save me from an organized marriageIn his quest to find the perfect wife, Bachelor (29 years old) puts himself up on massive billboards.

  • Mohammad Malik, 29, advertises on billboards and on 
  • In an effort to get his wife of dreams, the bachelor made a drastic decision. 
  • Mohammad is not opposed to marriage arrangements, but he wants to “try himself first”. 

Unusual steps taken by a lonely bachelor to discover true love. He plastered his image on billboards to find his perfect wife.

Mohammad Malik, a 29-year old entrepreneur, created the site ‘ He has also plastered himself on numerous advertising hoardings in Birmingham. 

Driving on the A34 will see smiling Mohammad, a man who smiles and lies down looking for potential partners.

Ladies who are worried that this is a joke should know that Mohammad is looking for a woman to share his love and Allah’s. 

Mohammad is hopeful that his great vision will outweigh anyone looking for expert advice, dating apps, or connecting through family or friends.

“I haven’t yet found the right girl,” he said. It is difficult out there,” he said.

“I needed to have a billboard for my name to be noticed!” 

Entrepreneur Mohammad Malik, 29, set up the website '' and has plastered his face across several advertising hoardings across Birmingham

Mohammad Malik (29-year-old Entrepreneur) created the website “” and plastered his name on several advertisements in Birmingham

Drivers using the A34 can see a smiling Mohammad lying on the floor and jokingly begging prospective partners to 'save me from an arranged marriage'

Drivers who use the A34 may see smiling Mohammad on the ground, jokingly asking potential partners to save him from an arranged marriage.

Mohammad was born in London and describes Birmingham, his home, as “a second home” due to the “top quality food spots within the city centre, buzzing Alum Rock, the amazing mosques”. 

In the city, billboards feature both an entrepreneur and innovator.

His website,, details the cost-free search for his love. 

“My ideal partner is a Muslim woman in her 20s who strives to improve her faith.

“I am open to all ethnicities, but my family is loud Punjabi so I would need to stick with them. Always choose personality and faith above all else.

“P.S. I am an only child, and take care of my dad and mom. This is not a dealbreaker. I doubt it will work.

Mohammad is originally from London, but describes Birmingham as 'a second home' thanks to the 'top quality food spots in the city centre, bustling Alum Rock and the incredible mosques'

Mohammad, originally from London describes Birmingham as his second home. He attributes this to Birmingham’s top quality food and bustling Alum Rock, which he calls a’second home’.

Mohammad says he took the unusual approach to find romance after the usual methods of meeting 'the one' did not bear fruit

Mohammad shares that after trying the traditional methods to find love, he decided to try something different.

Mohammad claims that he tried an unusual method to meet ‘the one.’

His words were: “I am a creative and love to do the most absurd and random – but 100% halal ofcourse.”

I tried traditional methods like “rishta aunties”, but they didn’t work so decided to try the billboards.

Hindi words for proposing are pronounced rishta, which means “Rishta”. In essence, a rishta auntie is a marriage broker and matchmaker in her local community. 

Mohammad said, “I hope to find the one.” Although it’s still early, responses so far have been high in double digits. Keep them coming.

Mohammad was keen to stress his search for love was genuine and that he is not against arranged marriages

Mohammad stressed that his genuine search for love is real and that he does not oppose arranged marriages.

Mohammad stressed that his genuine search for love and support of arranged marriages was not something he was against.

He stated, “I believe arranged marriages can have a place in many Islamic culture’s. 

“In actuality, there have been many studies showing that arranged marriages can offer many advantages.

“I want to find someone by myself first.

Mohammad said he had already received an overwhelming response to his husband search advertisements – with over a double-digit number of replies.