Eggs-tremely early! Already, chocolate eggs fill supermarket shelves – almost four months before Easter

  • The chocolate eggs were so close to Christmas that many people were surprised by the surprise.
  • They were adorned with sweets that were almost as big as the shelves
  • There appeared to be a lot of them in one Tesco.
  • It was only a small portion of the range. That will be achieved in just a few more weeks, a spokeswoman stated.

After discovering that Tesco shelves were already full of Easter Eggs, supermarket shoppers were baffled – and this was just days after Christmas.

A wide selection of chocolate goodies was on display at Llantrisant in South Wales as people return to work after Christmas.

Even though Easter is only 103 days away the giant supermarket chain has already displayed rows upon rows of Twirl, Oreo, and Chocolate Orange egg cartons.

Bobby McGrath (45), a Beddau worker, South Wales was left with a headache after seeing the huge selection at his local shop yesterday.

He stated, “I have still got my Christmas tree decorations up. I was a little surprised to see Easter eggs now on the shelves.”

It’s more than a few. There are many. Even though it seemed like Christmas was just days away, it was spring.

Easter Eggs pack the shelves of Tesco Extra in Llantrisant, South Wales yesterday morning

Yesterday morning, Easter Eggs were packed into Tesco Extra’s shelves in Llantrisant (South Wales).

The full-sized chocolate eggs were give pride of place and prime shelf location today

Full-sized chocolate eggs are a pride of place today and are in prime shelf position

The early release gave shoppers a preview into show new orange flavoured Twirl eggs

This early release offered shoppers an opportunity to preview the brand new orange Twirl eggs

It does have a bitter taste, to be fair. But it shows us that we are all consumers. It is their responsibility to sell the products in order to keep them in stock.

“But it still seems absurd that just a few days after seeing in the new year, people are already planning for the next celebration, even though it is four months away.”

Lynn Riley (54), a Talbot Green shopper, said: “It made me shake my head with disbelief. This seems to happen more often each year.

“Who in the world buys eggs for Easter so soon?” This is something I don’t get.

Smaller eggs out in show on the shelves on some Tesco outlets for the start of the new year

For the beginning of 2019, smaller eggs will be on display at some Tesco stores

This Iceland store in North London had started stocking them in December late last year

The Iceland Store in North London began stocking the products in December last year.

A selection of Easter eggs on sale in Iceland in north London, four days after Christmas Day

An assortment of Easter eggs for sale in Iceland, north London, just four days after Christmas Day

Asda is also offering Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, packs of Mini Egg and Oreo Easter eggs while budget store B&M has also started stocking Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs.

Others have taken to social media to express their dismay with one person writing: ‘Ridiculous* 3rd Jan and Easter Eggs on sale in Tesco.’

Another user wrote: “It’s almost like somebody is trying to take our lives.” Is there a trend in mindfulness? To live in the present moment.

Another person said: “At my local grocery yesterday, I saw Easter eggs for purchase alongside (uncleared Christmas bonbons).”

One commenter asked: “Is it a pandemic?” Don’t forget to get your Easter eggs!

MailOnline was told by a Tesco spokesperson that customers will be able to select from the full Easter range in a few weeks.

“But, we also know that some of our customers love to order eggs in advance so we’ve started selling small quantities at some of our shops.”