Activists hope Obama will “re-ignite flat CO26” with a flying visit to Scotland Monday after Greta Thunberg calls the climate conference a ‘greenwash festival’

  • Barack Obama, former President of the United States, will join COP26 talks Monday
  • Obama will fly to Glasgow to’reignite COP26′ after many leaders have left 
  • Greta Thunberg, activist, slammed summit as “no longer climate conference”.

Barack Obama will fly to Scotland on Monday to help revive COP26. 

The former US President will fly to Glasgow to give a speech at the climate summit. He will also be a magnet for the attention of the young people around the world.

Many of the world’s leaders have departed Scotland after three days of rubbing shoulders with royalty and thrashing out ideas to help save the planet.

Former US President Barack Obama at an event in Newark, New Jersey, on October 23. He is due to fly in to Glasgow on Monday to reignite COP26 talks.

Barack Obama, former President of the United States, at an event in Newark (New Jersey), on October 23. He will fly to Glasgow on Monday, to revive COP26 negotiations.

World leaders pose for a group photo during an evening reception to mark the opening day of the COP26 summit in Glasgow

At an evening reception marking the opening of the COP26 summit, world leaders pose for a group picture

But one activist Sarah Clatworthy, 52, who was demonstrating outside the ring of steel thrown around the summit, said: ‘Biden and Johnson hardly spread any charisma around Glasgow while they were here.

‘Barack will bring some power to this very flat conference and appeal to the younger people watching around the world. He has the pulling power that the others simply do not.’

Maxine Green, 47, from Dumbarton added: ‘Barack has such an incredible amount of respect from younger people. It’s brilliant that he has agreed to travel here.

‘This conference will prove largely impotent unless young people tune into the important messages of COP26. It is for the younger people who will outlive us that we are all here.’

Obama is believed to have timed his visit to avoid clashing with President Biden’s and risking being the star of the show. Biden left Tuesday.

The event will be hosted by the Obama Foundation and Obama will meet with a small group youths from around the world to discuss ways to combat climate change.

In a message released today to mark his trip, Obama said: ‘From the perspective of the Obama Foundation, one of the things I’m most excited about is to see the young activists from around the world who are taking up the baton and not just working in their own countries, but now forming a collective movement across borders to tell the older generation that has gotten us into this mess that we all have an obligation to dig our way out of it.

“And if old folks won’t do it, get out of the way, because these young folks are coming.

Star climate activist Greta Thunberg said COP26 'is no longer a climate conference' and was a 'two-week celebration of business as usual'.

Greta Thunberg (star climate activist) stated that COP26 ‘isn’t a climate conference’ and was a two-week celebration on business as usual’.

The 18-year-old climate change activist said it was instead 'a two week celebration of business as usual' in a post on Twitter

In a tweet on Twitter, the 18-year-old climate activist claimed that it was actually a celebration of business as usual for two weeks.

Greta Thunberg criticised the climate change summit in Glasgow for being the 'most excluding COP ever'

Greta Thunberg criticized the climate change summit in Glasgow as the’most excludeive COP’. 

‘And they’re ready to make sure that we have a sustainable planet and a better future for our kids and our grandkids.’

But star teenage activist Greta Thunberg said tonight that COP26 ‘was the most excluding COP ever.’

She said on Twitter: ‘This is no longer a climate conference.

‘This is a Global North greenwash festival.

‘A two-week celebration of business as usual and blah blah blah.’

The world has only 11 more years before its entire carbon ‘budget’ is exhausted. 

The figures show that at current levels of emissions, the world has only 11 years left before it has used up the whole ‘budget’ for the amount of carbon humans can pump into the atmosphere and still stay within the 2.7°F (1.5°C) limit.

And they show that the world has to cut carbon dioxide emissions by around 1.4 billion tonnes a year – compared with the 1.9 billion-tonne drop in pollution caused by the pandemic.