The celebrations of the Lionesses reaching the Euro 2022 final were viral and a little girl says that she would like to be able to play football in the footsteps of them. 

Tess Dolan was eight years old and partying as she celebrated England’s historic win.

BBC broadcast the footage live of the scene that captured the Wakefield girl in absolute raptures.

Tessa was dressed in a complete England kit to the Sheffield clash at Bramall Lane. The camera operator picked her out as she sang the Neil Diamond song.

Speaking to the BBC this morning she said: ‘Going through my mind was, when I’m older I want to be a footballer.

“I saw how others were celebrating and I thought about how I would celebrate.

Tess Dolan, 8, has become an Internet sensation after being filmed dancing at the England Women's game last night in Sheffield

After being caught dancing in the England Women’s match last night, Tess Dolan (8 years old) has made an internet sensation.

Schoolgirl Tess, eight, went viral after her celebrations went live to the nation on the BBC

Tess the Schoolgirl, age eight, became viral when her celebrations were shown live to the entire nation via the BBC

Young England fan Tess, 8, spotted going wild to Sweet Caroline at Euros had no idea she was being filmed: 'It was crazy'

Tess (8, a young England fan) was seen going wild at Sweet Caroline at Euros.

“Normally, they stare at the bigscreen and you can see that I’m on television, but I didn’t realize I was being filmed!”

Ian Wright, who also spoke on the program, said that her celebration will go down in History.

He stated, “I thought those scenes were iconic when I saw Tess celebrating yesterday.”

“The girls will see this and be inspired when they do. They couldn’t dream of the same dreams when they were young.

Tess Dolan in her Scotton Scorchers football kit where she currently plays youth football

Tess Dolan wearing her Scotton Scorchers soccer kit, where she plays youth football

Tess Dolan before the England v Sweden game where she became famous herself celebrating

Before the England v Sweden match, Tess Dolan was famous for celebrating.

England players celebrate after team-mate Fran Kirby scores their side's fourth goal of the game during the UEFA Women's Euro 2022 semi-final match at Bramall Lane

England’s team-mate Fran Kirby scored their fourth goal in the semi-final match of the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 at Bramall Lane.

He continued: “It makes you feel like I can do that day one day,” he said. Do you find that it makes you feel like this?

Tess replied, “Yeah definitely.”

Tess from Knaresborough (North Yorks.) was one of the 28,000 excited fans in Bramhall Lane cheering England on to victory Tuesday night.

However, despite her dominant pitch performance – which included a cheeky back-heel in the 68th minute by Alessio Russo’s favourite player – Tess was truly the star of the evening.

Wiegman, England’s gaffer, conducted a post-match interview and was joined by a reporter. Cameras pan to the crowd and show Tess’s iconic dance moves.

Sam Dolan, Sam’s mum, received a call from friends who saw the video on TV and social media within minutes. The clip quickly became viral.

The clip was so popular that she appeared on breakfast TV (Wed) and was interviewed by Ian Wright, Arsenal legend and England footballer.

Tess stated that it was “the best football match” she’s ever seen.

“It was incredible. I did not know that I was on television until my mother received many texts from friends and family. I was dancing and having fun.

“I sang Sweet Caroline, and then my mom started receiving messages.

“It feels strange to watch television, but it’s amazing.”

As they try to claim a European Championship title for the first time, the Lionesses defeated France 4-0.

Alessia Russell, a Manchester United forward, scored England’s threerd goal. Her backheeled shot smashed through two Sweden players’ legs and in to the net.

England made a poor start in the semi final. Mead was sharp in the box when he scored and the match ended after 34 minutes.

Soon after the restart, they doubled their lead with Lucy Bronze’s header. Russo’s bold effort was followed by Fran Kirby’s chip for Sweden keeper Hedvig Linhl.