Janice Long, a BBC radio host, has died at the age of 66. She was the first regular female presenter of Top of the Pops.

  • After a brief illness Janice Long, radio host, has died Christmas Day. Agent reported.
  • Long (66) had a successful career that spans five decades, including radio and TV.
  • Most well-known for her work on BBC Radio 1’s Top of the Pops and BBC Radio 1’s Radio 1 Presenter, she was 

Janice Long, a BBC radio host, has succumbed to a short illness. Her agent confirmed that she was 66 years old.

Nigel Forsyth stated in a statement that Janice was an exceptional broadcaster and a warm, wonderful human being.

“She had a wonderful story to tell and made people laugh with her sharp wit. Paul her husband and their two daughters, who she loved the most, will go.

Janice loved the BBC. In 1979, she began her career at BBC Radio Merseyside as a station assistant. Then in 1979, she was promoted to BBC Radio Wales.

BBC radio presenter Janice Long has died aged 66 following a short illness, her agent said

Janice Long, BBC radio host, died after succumbing to a short illness.

Janice was grateful to all of the NHS staff and volunteers who cared for her.

Long was the first woman radio host to start her own show. She also presented Top of the Pops five times a year. 

Tim Davie of BBC described her in his capacity as director general. He said she was a “stellar presenter” who was beloved by everyone. 

Lorna Clarke (controller of pop music at BBC) was one of those who paid tribute to Janice Long.

She shared that she was “sad to hear about Janice Long’s death.”

“She is long remembered for her work as a talent spotter. She also championed new music. This gave Frankie Goes To Hollywood an Amy Winehouse session.

“We extend our sincere condolences for her loss to her loved ones at this difficult time.”