Festive Zoom calls showing Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie chatting to NHS vaccination ‘heroes’ from the living room of 16th century political Chilterns country pile Chequers have offered a glimpse into how the couple may have influenced the property’s historic decor. 

The photos show Romy the Prime Minister with his wife and newborn, as well as their youngest child, in Downing Street’s photographs. Romy is seen dialing in from Chequers’ lounge on a blue couch, while Jack Russell Dilyn sleeps beside him. 

As well as historical artefacts that date back centuries, the PM and his wife were surrounded by family Christmas cards – some showing children’s artwork – and the very modern touch of a personalised lightbox sign adorned with the names of their children, ‘Wilf and Romy’. 

In leafy Buckinghamshire, Grade-1 listed Chequers, officially known as Chequers Court, has served as a country retreat for serving Prime Ministers since 1921 and is home to priceless original pieces of art and furniture, many of which were placed in the house by Ruth and Arthur Lee, who gifted the property to the nation.  

Mrs Johnson, who famously gave Downing Street a £90,000 interiors makeover after being less than impressed by the ‘John Lewis nightmare’ left behind by former Prime Minister Theresa May, appears to have added her own subtle touches to Chequers. 

FEMAIL looks at the country living space of this couple from the back… 

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Domestic bliss? In a series of photos released by Downing Street, Boris and Carrie Johnson, holding newborn baby Romy in her arms, hopped onto Zoom for video calls with NHS staff - and offered insight into their life at political country retreat Chequers

What is domestic bliss? Boris Johnson (holding Romy, their baby girl) jumped onto Zoom and made video calls to NHS staff.

A meeting of worlds: While the Elizabethan manor house in the Chiltern Hills is home to priceless artwork and antique furniture, the latest inhabitants have added their own touches, including a comfy blue sofa and a lightbox referencing the name of the couple's children

It’s a meeting of cultures: The Elizabethan manor house, located in Chiltern hills, is filled with antique furniture and priceless art. But the most recent residents have made their mark by adding their own personal touches to the home, such as a blue couch and a lightbox which refers to the name of the couple. 


Cute: Perched on an antique twisted leg table, a design favoured in the 17th century, is a photo lightbox bearing the names of the couple's children, alongside a star and a heart

Cute: A photo lightbox with the names and initials of the children is perched on an old twisted leg table. This design was popular in 17th-century England.

The room is completely incongruous to this light-box, which bears the names Wilf, one and Romy, the newborn, on a mahogany, twist-leg table. 

As they get ready to celebrate the birth of their fourth child, proud parents placed the personalized black-and-white illuminated box with a star and love heart at the top of their table. 

Wilfred Nicholas Johnson was born April 2020 during the peak of the second lockdown. Romy was welcomed by the couple on December 9th. It is thought that the Prime Minister has eight total children. 

A highly-regarded set of china is shown over the left shoulder. It’s in a cabinet with gilt edges. 

The brand name of this porcelain collection, which is delicate in blue and white, is not known. However, it seems highly probable that it comes from Wedgwood. This British manufacturer is the oldest.

Nothing finer than china! Another nod to the home's regal past - much of the furniture in the house was sourced by Viscount Lee of Fareham, who gifted Chequers to the country in 1921 - is the fine porcelain collection that sits in an antique cabinet in the living room

There is nothing better than china! Another nod to the home’s regal past – much of the furniture in the house was sourced by Viscount Lee of Fareham, who gifted Chequers to the country in 1921 – is the fine porcelain collection that sits in an antique cabinet in the living room

It was placed carefully on four glass shelves. The golden light illuminates the pottery, which shows how even a small room in historical Chequers is still able to creak full of artifacts. 

Arthur Lee, Viscount Lee of Fareham was the main furniture maker in Elizabethan Manor House. Many of his items are still displayed at the house today.


Dog days: Dilyn the rescue dog made himself home on the relaxed blue sofa, appearing to fall asleep on the comfy couch

Dog days: Dilyn, Dilyn’s rescue dog, found his place on the comfortable blue sofa.

Jack Russell Dilyn is the beloved pet of the couple and has been an integral part of their household ever since his rescue in 2019 after he had been abandoned by a Welsh farmer. 

The PM and his wife addressed health personnel including Dr Laura Mount (director of Central and West Warrington healthcare), during the video call. The happy-looking pet ran on the sofa, which had a light blue diamond-pattern and was decorated with silk pillows in gold. 

The Johnson family loves the sofa and it is not an unattractive sofa.  


It’s difficult to determine exactly which books Mr Johnson brought to Chequers, but six books were placed on a table in the living area. 

This small group of books is apparently meant for adults and sits beside a phone. Their casual piling suggests that they have been recently read – maybe offering some downtime to the PM.  

A little Christmas reading? A pile of seven books, casually stacked, suggest the PM has enjoyed some down time over Christmas

Perhaps a little Christmas reading. A stack of seven books suggests that the PM had some time off over Christmas. 


Children’s art adds to this relaxed atmosphere. A collection of 20 Christmas cards are displayed behind Mrs Johnson. There are several that were hand drawn by children, including one with a big red Santa hat face and another that features the carefully drawn Nativity scene. 

Mrs Johnson was dressed in a cheerfully colored floral jumper, while the PM donned his favourite navy suit and white shirt with a blue patterened tie.   

They were surrounded by Christmas cards, including some which were adorned with children's artwork

These cards included Christmas cards with artwork from children, as well as some that were filled with holiday greetings.

A Merry Christmas card sent to the Johnsons included one with a sweet santa hat face

The Johnsons received a Christmas greeting card with a sweet Santa hat and a Happy Holiday message.


A portrait at the back of the living room appears to have been painted in the same room, showing an unknown lady reclining on a sofa next to the same curtains and the same mirrored lights

The portrait of a woman reclining on the sofa in front of the living area seems to be from the same space. It is a picture that appears to have been done by the same artist. 

Although the bright white wooden panelling of this living room is modernized, there are several of the historic artifacts on its walls. One of them shows a lady sitting in a chaise longue at the window of that same living area. 

It is evident that blue curtains are still visible in this photo, which suggests that some of the recent tenants of the property (including David Cameron and Theresa May) have maintained the original colour scheme. 


Antique furniture including ornate side tables, a walnut cabinet and a large antique coffee table in black with floral detail feature in the room

A selection of antique furniture includes ornate side table, walnut cabinet and large antique coffee tables in black with floral detailing. 

Although the room was a million kilometers from the addition to the light box, it is filled with old furniture. Six pieces are in the shot: an antique grandfather clock, gothic cupboard housing china and four tables. On a table of black and antique design, the PM’s Government laptop can be seen. You can also see the twist leg table which was very popular during mid-17th-century.