Radio 4’s Bart Simpson moment The sports reporter makes an extremely rude mistake of his tongue calling racing tip 12:40pm Haydock Seymour Cox…before correcting him to Sox

  • Garry Richardson provided racing tips at 6.30 a.m. during a sport bulletin
  • Seymour Sox was mispronounced by him, Haydock’s number eight in the race at 12.40pm.
  • Richardson was correct by 7.30am for his next bulletin
  • MailOnline later learned from a source that this error was simply a slip of tongue. 

An unfortunate mistake was made live by BBC Radio 4’s presenter during Today’s program when he incorrectly pronounced Seymour Sox’s name as Seymour Cox

Garry Richardson gave racing tips in a bulletin this morning at 6.30 am. He mentioned Haydock’s number 8 during the race at 12.40pm.

Richardson was correcting himself by the time of his 7.30am bulletin and correctly pronounced Jay Tidball, the jockey for the seven year-old horse.

MailOnline was later informed by a source that the mistake was “of course, a slip in the tongue”.

One Twitter user stated that the incident took her back to The Simpsons, referring to Bart Simpson’s joke call for Seymour Butz. 

Seymour Sox, pictured being ridden by jockey Richard Johnson at a race in Ludlow in February

Seymour Sox was ridden by Richard Johnson during a Ludlow race in February

BBC Radio 4 sports presenter Garry Richardson made the blunder during the racing tips today

Garry Richardson, a BBC Radio 4 presenter of sports, made the mistake during today’s racing tips

Richardson stated that at 6.30am, the sports news was over. Then Haydock will be at 1.15pm with number seven Ned Tanner.

He said that he had received the 7.30am sport bulletin and that he gave the following tips: “Two for Haydock at 12.40pm. Number eight is… Seymour Sox.” [laughing heard]Then Haydock at 1.15 pm, Ned Tanner, and again.

It was not lost on listeners who shared jokes and memes about the mistake via social media. One even said that it was a wonderful tip.

One person suggested it came from “Norfolk In Chance”, while another said that Garry Richardson was the one who sent it. 

One stated: “The horse-race tipster #r4today couldn’t resist going with Seymour Cox. It was my highlight week thus far, the pause that followed the presentation. 

Seymour Sox is a seven-year-old bay gelding foaled on June 5, 2014 and is owned by a Sue Briscoe and a Mrs C J Black – the latter of whom was also the breeder.

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