Although he did not use hand soap, he was at least careful! Moment bear enters the 7-11 and walks into it, disregarding shop assistants’ frantic shouts to him for help.

  • Bear steps into a 7-Eleven near Lake Tahoe in Olympic Valley, California.
  • When the animal is touched, it activates the machine that dispenses liquid.
  • Rachelle Ducusin an employee said the animal had charged her in front of the shop

The bizarre incident in which a bear casually entered a 7 Eleven store, and accidentally triggered its hand-sanitizing device, was captured by the assistant screaming at it to get out.

Rachelle Ducusin had been working at the convenience store in Olympic Valley, California, near Lake Tahoe, when the animal opened the shop door and wandered in on November 13.

Footage shows that the bear activated the hand-sanitizer machine by accident. It immediately sprays an antibacterial liquid on the bear’s head.

The bear casually walks into the 7-Eleven store in Olympic Valley, California, near Lake Tahoe, on November 13

The bear strolls casually through the 7-11 store in Olympic Valley near Lake Tahoe on November 13.

The animal stands on its two feet and begins to peruse the shop as the store's assistant screams

As the assistant shouts, the animal gets up on its feet and starts to browse the shop.

As the assistant shouts, “Oh my goodness!” the bear keeps looking around the shop and peering inside the freezer. Hey! Stop!’

The animal, which can be seen with a yellow tag hanging from its right ear, stands on its two legs and continues to lean on the freezer as the store assistant continues to scream, yelling at the creature to ‘get out’. 

The animal then seems to lose interest, and it looks at the screaming shop employee as it propped next to the door. 

Storyful heard Ms Ducusin describe how the bear attacked her two times outside the shop, as she tried stopping it from getting into the trash cans.

It was possible to reach her by phone 911 was called before the animal arrived at the shop, but the bear ran away after the eThe rubber bullets of rubber bullets were used to take out mergency service.   

The remains propped by the door and leans on the freezer as the store assistant continues to scream

While the assistant in the shop continues to shout, the body remains balanced by the front door.

The animal peers inside the ice cream freezer before losing interest and looking at the store assistant

The animal peers inside the ice cream freezer before losing interest and looking at the store assistant

Immediately after the scene, viewers used social media to express their opinions.

One user commented, “At minimum he cleaned.” Twice.’ 

Another person said: “He only needs his basic necessities.”

Another viewer commented: ‘The bear literally came in politely, held the door and sanitized. Is there anything more you would like? 

Meanwhile another person joked: ‘That’s why I don’t go to 7 Eleven late at night, that’s when the trouble makers are there.’   

Bears can only be found alone in nature and live in mountains and forests of North America and Europe. 

Viewers took to social media to share their thoughts on the scenes, with one user saying: 'At least he sanitized'

Social media was used by viewers to express their opinions on the scene, one user even saying that he had been sanitized.

Omnivores are known for eating nuts, fruits, bark, root, leaves, and fruit. However, they will also consume small rodents and birds.

Animals will be dormant for the winter in their dens. They will then eat body fat they’ve accumulated over the autumn and summer months. 

Bears that frequently enter areas where  humans live will occasionally be tagged by park rangers with a yellow tag.