You don’t need Ikea… This coffee-table book is going to inspire you and help you create an eclectic home.

Andrew Martin Interior Design Review Vol.25 – The Definitive Guide to the World’s Top 100 Designers, published by TeNeues (www.teneues.comThe following showcases current decorating trends around the globe:

This lavishly illustrated tome features over 1,000 photos. The book was edited and compiled by Andrew Martin Interior Design, which Martin Waller founded in 1978. 

This 25th anniversary edition of the book features projects that range from pink Parisian apartments to rustic hotels in China’s Yunnan Province and futuristic offices in Moscow. Waller features Thomas Jayne from the Jayne Design Studio in New York, who is the recipient of the annual Designer of the Year award.

TeNeues is the Publisher: “Vintage, modern? Ornate luxury or elegant minimalism? Scandi style or neon art? Whatever is trendy and the dernier cri in the world of interiors, you’ll see it in the pages of the annual Andrew Martin Interior Design Review.

This coffee table book, richly illustrated with countless illustrations, will inspire you and your creativity. Here are some examples of some of the most beautiful images in this book…

Pictured is the eclectic Parisian home of interior and furniture designer Geraldine B. Prieur, who launched her interior architecture firm Rouge Absolu in 2012. According to Waller, Prieur's company specialises in 'luxury interior architecture and design in France as well as internationally, for residential, hotels and private jets'. The book reveals that Prier's recent work includes designing 'a prestigious villa in the Hamptons, a magical scenography for a French luxury brand, and a residential project in London for a celebrity'. Prieur's own design philosophy, according to Waller, is 'create the daring'

This is Geraldine B. Prieur’s eclectic Parisian house, which she launched in 2012 with Rouge Absolu Interior Architecture. Waller states that Prieur’s business specializes in luxury interior design and architecture in France, as well as international, for residential, hotels, and private aircraft. According to the book, Prier has designed ‘a luxurious villa in Hamptons and magical scenography in London for a luxury French brand. Waller says that Prieur has his own design philosophy.

Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet of Studio Mhna in Paris were tasked with renovating Club Med Alpe d'Huez in the French Alps. Pictured is the stylish indoor pool area they designed. 'For 30 years the studio has designed projects mixing functionality and aesthetics, fantasy, luxury and poetry,' Waller writes. The book notes that Studio Mhna's current work includes the complete refurbishment of the Constance Halaveli resort and spa in the Maldives, a luxury residential project in Geneva, and the entire renovation of Chateau de Frefosse in Etretat, France. The design duo tells Waller that the two crucial elements to their approach is to 'listen carefully' and to 'be creative'

Marc Hertrich of Studio Mhna Paris was tasked with the renovation of Club Med Alpe d’Huez (French Alps). The stylish indoor swimming pool they created is shown in the picture. Waller says that the studio has been designing projects for over 30 years, combining functionality with aesthetics, fantasy and luxury, as well as poetry and poetics. Studio Mhna is currently working on the Constance Halaveli spa and resort in the Maldives. It also has a luxurious residential project in Geneva and the renovation of Chateau De Frefosse, France. Waller is told by the design team that listening and creativity are two of their key elements. 

The striking room pictured was designed by Frankie Fan of D+ Design Office, a design firm based in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Chengdu. D+Design specialises in 'high end commercial and private residential' spaces, Waller reveals. He writes that the agency's ongoing projects include an 'ice and snow kingdom in Hangzhou, an exhibition centre for Corporate Avenue 1 in Wuhan and Beijing Li Palace villa'. 'Symbiosis in space, city, ecology, and community' sums up Fan's design philosophy, according to Waller

A passageway in Bodu Resort Hotel in Yunnan, China. The look of the hotel was masterminded by Zhang Can and Li Wenting of CSD Design in Chengdu. The book reveals that the design agency is particularly renowned for its work on resort hotels, cultural creative spaces, art galleries and museums. Waller says 'unique spaces' and 'ideological experiences' drive each of the agency's projects

LEFT: The striking room pictured was designed by Frankie Fan of D+ Design Office, a design firm based in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Chengdu. Waller revealed that D+Design is a specialist in commercial and residential space. According to Waller, the ongoing projects of D+Design include an “ice-and-snow kingdom in Hangzhou”, an exhibition centre in Wuhan for Corporate Avenue 1 and Beijing Li Palace villa. Waller says Fan’s design philosophy is based on a’symbiosis of space, city and ecology with community’. Right: Bodu Resort Hotel, Yunnan. Zhang Can and Li Wenting, both of CSD Design Chengdu, designed the hotel’s look. According to the book, CSD Design in Chengdu is renowned for its design work with resort hotels and cultural creative spaces. Waller states that the agency’s projects are driven by unique spaces and ideological experiences.

Pictured is the spa at Chileno Bay Golf and Beach Club in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was designed by Rebecca Buchan of Denton House Design Studio, which is based in Salt Lake City, USA. 'Luxury designed for living' is Buchan's design philosophy, Waller reveals. He explains that Denton House is 'an award-winning interdisciplinary global design firm, with a team of over I00 employees and additional offices in New York, Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Cabo San Lucas'. The book adds: 'For more than 25 years, Denton House has created luxury designs and signature looks for clients worldwide. Current projects include the planning and development of a new luxurious community in the Wasatch Mountains, and interiors for several custom homes in Cabo San Lucas, Hawaii, Deer Valley and Kentucky'

The spa at Chileno Bay Golf and Beach Club, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is shown. The spa was created by Rebecca Buchan, Denton House Design Studio. She is located in Salt Lake City. Waller shares the design philosophy of Buchan, whose motto is “Luxury designed to be lived in”. Waller explains Denton House as a prestigious interdisciplinary global design company with over I00 employees, additional offices in New York and Las Vegas and Hawaii. Denton House’s signature designs have been created for global clients over the past 25 years. Current projects include planning and developing a new luxury community in Wasatch Mountain, as well as interiors to several custom homes in Cabo, San Lucas, Hawaii and Deer Valley.

The picture above shows the sophisticated 'Studio of Oriental Practices' in Moscow. It was designed by Ekaterina Yakovenko, an interior designer and decorator with JP Interior Design, which is based in the Russian capital. The three words Yakovenko uses to describe her design approach are 'light, decorative, and individual'. Waller says JP Interior Design has a knack for providing 'bespoke solutions' and is currently working on a luxury apartment in Malaga, Spain, a private family residence with contemporary Art Deco interiors, and a terrace and pool on the 'prestigious Agalarov estate' outside Moscow

This is Moscow’s sophisticated “Studio of Oriental Practices”. Ekaterina Yakovenko was the interior designer and decorator for JP Interior Design in Moscow. Yakovenko describes her design style as ‘light, ornamental, and individual. Waller said that JP Interior Design excels at providing unique solutions. They are currently working on a luxurious apartment in Malaga. This private residence has contemporary Art Deco interiors. There is also a terrace with pool located on the Agalarov estate.

Pictured is a commercial office space in Tokyo that was dreamt up by Tomoko Ikegai of the Tokyo-based design studio Ikg Inc. Waller says: 'Established in 2006, Ikg is known for its comprehensive design services and highly tailored spaces. Tomoko is not only a designer, but an acclaimed creative director working on large developments based on a solid branding concept.' The Japanese designer's ethos is 'value which lasts', according to Waller. The book reveals that her recent projects include the lobby of a new headquarters for a trading company, the showrooms, common area entrance lobby and lounge of a condominium in Nishiazabu, and two luxurious condominium renovations in Tokyo

Pictured is a commercial office space in Tokyo that was dreamt up by Tomoko Ikegai of the Tokyo-based design studio Ikg Inc. Waller says: ‘Established in 2006, Ikg is known for its comprehensive design services and highly tailored spaces. Tomoko Ikegai is not just a talented designer but also a highly respected creative director who works on major developments that are based on solid branding concepts. Waller says that the Japanese designer believes in a ‘value that lasts.’ Her recent projects are the lobby of the new headquarters of a trading firm, as well the common area lobby, lounge, showrooms, and lounge at a condo in Nishiazabu. She also did two luxury renovations to condominiums in Tokyo.

This photograph shows the extraordinary Dominion Office Building in Moscow, as designed by Kar-Hwa Ho of London-based Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA). 'Working with clients who have a global reputation for excellence, ZHA has redefined architecture for the 21st century, with a repertoire of projects that have captured imaginations across the globe,' Waller writes. He says the architectural firm's design ethos focuses on 'optically rich interiors' that are 'built essays in spatial composition that invite perception and encourage exploration'. Waller adds: 'These acts of participation instil a sense of personal ownership in visitors as they interact with each other and the surrounding architecture'

Mary Douglas Drysdale designed this colour-pop bedroom for a showhouse in McLean, Virginia. The interior designer is the founder of the Washington DC-based firm Drysdale Design Associates. Drysdale runs 'an architectural interiors practice with expertise in both historic and modern architecture, decoration and art placement', Waller reveals. He adds that the US designer is driven by 'the creation of beautiful and highly functional interiors in collaboration with the brand's clients'

LEFT: This photo shows Moscow’s extraordinary Dominion Office Building as it was designed by Kar Ha Ho, London-based Zaha Hadid Architects. Waller wrote that ZHA works with top-tier clients and has created a portfolio of outstanding projects. Waller says that the firm’s architectural design philosophy is focused on creating ‘optically rich interiors that encourage perception and encourage exploration. Waller said that participation encourages visitors to feel a sense of belonging as they engage with the surrounding architecture. RIGHT:  Mary Douglas Drysdale designed this colour-pop bedroom for a showhouse in McLean, Virginia. Drysdale Design Associates, a Washington DC-based interior design firm founded by Drysdale Design. Waller says Drysdale is an architectural interiors firm with expertise in historic and contemporary architecture, decoration, and art placement. Waller adds that Drysdale is motivated by creating functional and beautiful interiors for clients.

Behold the charming living room in Wattles Mansion, Los Angeles, as imagined by Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design in 2017. Waller describes the design duo behind the firm, Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield, as 'revered tastemakers specialising in residential and commercial interiors which combine history, heritage and opulence for a discerning clientele'. 'Modern opulence' is how Woodson and Rummerfield encapsulate their design ethos, the author reveals. According to the book, among their recent works, the pair collaborated on a 'historic preservation residence by master architect Richard Neutra in Hollywood, a large family home in Atherton, California, and historic estates in Los Feliz and Beverly Hills, California'

Behold the charming living room in Wattles Mansion, Los Angeles, as imagined by Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design in 2017. Waller describes Ron Woodson, a design team led by Jaime Rummerfield as “respected tastemakers specialising on residential and commercial interiors that combine history, heritage, and opulence to a discerning customerele”. According to the author, Woodson and Rummerfield embody modern opulence. According to the book, their latest works include a historic preservation residence in Hollywood by Richard Neutra (master architect), a large family house in Atherton in California and historical estates in Los Feliz & Beverly Hills in California.