Beauty Knowhow: Get the boost you need now

For a relaxing post-Christmas treat, these are your best options. 

And now for the reboot part of this week’s programme. It’s also when beauty maintenance can be done, especially if you are rushing to finish the year on time. These are my favorite choices to give your skin a boost.

If you’re one of those people who can go out with stocking-free legs and toes even in the depths of winter, you may be up to speed with your pedicures. But if you’re a bit more like me and tend to overlook a dry heel when your feet aren’t on show, let me introduce you to the Philips SatinShave (£53,, an electric shaver now available with a foot-file attachment. My word, this is the best of its kind that I’ve ever used. This tool smoothens out everything quickly and flawlessly. The extra heads help with other upkeep, too – there’s a shaver and a strimmer for bikini-line areas. It’s a maintenance gamechanger and a DIY pedicure essential.

For some excellent bodycare, Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis Range has just been relaunchedNight Body Treatment (£68, for a limited time. Part of the increasing trend to apply from top to toe the kind of efficacious formulas traditionally reserved for the face, this lightweight serum helps to brighten and smooth plus boost collagen – all while you sleep.

La Mer The Hydrating Facial (£205 for six,

Scentiana Replenishing Body Cream (£85,

La Mer The Hydrating Facial (£205 for six,; Scentiana Replenishing Body Cream (£85,

A new bodycare favorite is Scentiana Replenishing Cream for Body (£85, The sumptuous smell of jasmine, rose and sandalwood combined with the rich but instantly absorbed texture may make you think it’s just another plush and standard-issue creation. But there’s a bit more to this: it harnesses some biotechnology and bougainvillea plant stem cells to help boost collagen, radiance and hydration. This will make your skin glow and improve the quality of your skin.

Treat your hands to the New Prai Beauty Ageless Night hand cream (£18, I’ve been applying this just before bed for a couple of weeks now and the skin on my hands is definitely looking plumper and dryness has been kept at bay (which is quite something in my case).

If you want an instant reboot for the face, I’ll direct you to my trusty steed of a sheet mask: La Mer Hydrating Facial (£205 for six, I know these are expensive, but they’re individually packed so you can keep them till you need them. For an added boost right before an event or party, I like to use these mask sheets. The mask sheets are super-hydrating and plump my skin leaving it looking radiant and fresh.