These heartbreaking photos show a smiling Arthur Labinjo-Hughes with his biological mother – long before the youngster was tortured, beaten and murdered by his evil stepmother.

He is smiling and laughing as he has a great time with Olivia LabinjoHalcrow, 29, in pictures. He is wearing a Superman shirt in one photo, and he walks along the pavement carrying a bag with a toy stuffed in it.

They are stark contrasts to Emma Tustin’s horrifying footage that shows him as a feisty, ill-nourished six-year-old. The boy was suffering from ‘unimaginable pain’ for months by Thomas Hughes (29), the 32-year old sadist and his father.

After Labinjo Halcrow, 29 killed Gary Cunningham with a knife and stabbed him twelve times in drunken anger, Arthur was taken into the custody of his father in February 2019.

Pictures show the youngster beaming as he enjoys time with his natural mother, Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow, 29. In one image he is seen holding a marshmallow on a stick

In another he strolls along a pavement with a stuffed toy in a bag slung over his shoulders

He beams as he has fun with Olivia Labinjo Hailcrow, his mother. One image shows him holding a marshmallow and another showing him walking along the pavement, his bag over his shoulder.

The pictures offer a stark contrast to the emaciated, pain-stricken six-year-old seen in the last footage of him alive before he was murdered by his evil stepmother, Emma Tustin

These pictures are a stark contrast with the six-year old, emaciated and in pain, as he appeared in last footage before Emma Tustin murdered him.

Hughes was introduced to mother-of-4 Tustin via Plenty Of Fish. The couple then moved into Arthur’s home in Solihull, West Midlands.

Labinjo Halcrow shared her pain at him’s death today. Madeleine Halcrow was her mother and she delivered Labinjo-Halcrow’s statement. She often paused when she burst into tears.

“He was just an infant, he didn’t have anyone to talk to or ask for help, when he needed it most,” said Ms Labinjo Halcrow. She is currently serving eleven years for the murder of her husband.

“My son’s brilliant blue, effervescent eye lost its sparkle. He wasn’t smiling.” He lost his sparkle, his innocence and he was taken from the world.

“A child, my baby, my love defenseless, trusting, and all that was left but love was taken away.” He will not see another Christmas or another birthday in his short life.

When she thought back to the time they spoke, she said that Arthur was the most excited person she’d ever met. He was sure he’d be coming to visit me soon. He inquired how many packs of drumstick squashies he had been given. He could have as many as he like, provided he consumed his sausages, mash, and peas first.

“He laughed his usual mischievous giggles and then said, “OK mom, I promise.”

“He didn’t get his Drumstick Squashies, and I never had the chance to tell him how beautiful he is or how deeply he loved me.”

Arthur was pushed into his father's custody in February 2019 after Labinjo-Halcrow killed her partner Gary Cunningham, 29, by stabbing him 12 times with a kitchen knife in a drunken rage.

Arthur was pushed into his father's custody in February 2019 after Labinjo-Halcrow killed her partner Gary Cunningham, 29, by stabbing him 12 times with a kitchen knife in a drunken rage

Arthur was taken into custody by his father in February 2019, after Labinjo Halcrow, her 29-year-old partner in crime, stabbed him twelve times with a knife while in drunken rage.

The pictures offer a stark contrast to the emaciated, pain-stricken six-year-old seen in the last footage of him alive before he was murdered

These pictures are starkly different from the six-year old, in pain and emaciated before his death.

Joanne Hughes today stated that Arthur’s grandmother Arthur, said she would like it to be ‘on record’ that Arthur was a happy and joyous child.

She stated, “Arthur was the sun in our lives.” We lost joy and laughter because of his love and kindness. We keep him in our thoughts, and he is not forgotten.

Arthur’s challenging behavior has been reported to me throughout this trial. We want that record made. Arthur was happy, joyful six years old. He was a reflection of that joy and love to all those who loved him. This has been devastating for our entire family, especially our 11-year old granddaughter.

Labinjo Halcrow’s initial conviction was overturned after an appeal. She was however found guilty of manslaughter following a Birmingham Crown Court trial in July 2021.

Sentencing was given by Mrs Justice Amanda Tipples. It described Labinjo Halcrow telling ‘lie after Lie’ about her crime with no remorse.

Labinjo-Halcrow was a course participant in an alcohol awareness program. Mr Cunningham met him on the course.

Mrs Justice Tipples said that “There were fights. Gary was violent and you were violent to Gary. You were not the only one. Each of you were equally bad. Gary lied after Gary lied about how much violence you had suffered.

Today, Labinjo-Halcrow spoke of her torment at her son's death. Her statement was delivered by her mother, Madeleine Halcrow, who regularly paused after bursting into tears

Labinjo Halcrow shared her grief at the loss of her son today. Madeleine Halcrow was Labinjo-Halcrow’s mother and she delivered her statement. She often paused when she burst into tears, but it was clear that she felt pained.

Labinjo Halcrow, Mr Cunningham’s girlfriend at the time, was revealed to be the one who Labinjo Halcrow knew.

She was told by the judge that she was an arch manipulator and could get anything you want with anyone you chose.

Labinjo-Halcrow had previously stabbed Arthur in the arm in a November 2018 incident. Arthur was at their flat.

On February 23, 2019, the victim of her fatal attack was repeatedly stabbed in four places, once in his chest and three times more in his left leg. The fatal blow was also 11cm below his knee.

Mrs Justice Tipples stated that, “However drunk or drugged” you may have been on the morning of April 1, I am certain you remember what really happened.

“After being arrested, you told them (police), he had committed suicide.” She continued: The police took you out of your flat and placed a sheet over his corpse.

You didn’t even show any emotion. His dead body was stepped on by you.

After concluding that there wasn’t an element of self defense to her crime Mrs Justice Tipples told her, ‘You are intelligent, academically accomplished in school, and went to university.

You used this intelligence to lie to the jury about a complex and intricate series of lies you told Gary after you shot him to try to portray the intimate relationship in which you had been the victim.

Emma Tustin, 32

Thomas Hughes

Emma Tustin 32 (left), murdered Arthur Labinjo Hughes by repeatedly hitting his head against a hard surface. She and Thomas Hughes 29, had starved Arthur Labinjo Hughes and poisoned him using salt.