An older boyfriend of a Belarusian prince sued a model for using him to obtain luxury gifts.

After meeting at a dinner party, Prince Giacomo Bonanno di Linguaglossa (51), struck up a romantic relationship with Tanya Yashenko (35) in 2019.

However, their relationship was strained when the two filed lawsuits against one another, even though they claimed they were still in love and together.

Ms Yashenko sued the prince last March, accusing him of stalking her after he showered her with gifts including a Mercedes worth £70,000, a £48,000 share in a Rome bed and breakfast, expensive jewellery and £15,000 for a Rome flat.

Prince Giacomo started his own lawsuit against Ms. Yashenko. He claims he was traumatized after his ex-wife moved to the USA with their sons and he couldn’t make good decisions.

Both the prince and his girlfriend have since retreated, the prince being a descendant from a Sicilian noble family. He still frequently declares his love to his girlfriend via Facebook. She insists that the couple are still in a serious relationship despite the fact that both cases remain before the courts.

Prince Giacomo Bonanno di Linguaglossa is still publicly professing his love for his girlfriend Tanya Yashenko despite the pair both engaged in lawsuits against the other

Prince Giacomo Bonanno di Linguaglossa continues to publicly declare his love for Tanya Yashenko despite both of them being in legal battles against one another

Ms Yashenko filed a lawsuit against the prince last March, accusing the prince of stalking her

Ms Yashenko filed a lawsuit against the prince last March, accusing the prince of stalking her

Last March, Ms. Yashenko sued the prince accusing him of stalking her.

In a Wednesday statement, Ms. Yashenko stated that she had been informed by her legal team of the following: “With surprise and regret, we acknowledge that a media campaign has been ongoing against ourselves for some time. Artfully fed to make us look as if we are a privileged and carefree woman dependent upon wealthy men. 

“I strongly reject the baseless accusations made against me. I claim my story of an independent, self-sufficient woman who is independent, and has done everything herself, even without Giacomo’s help.

“I would like to clarify that my relationship with my partner is continuing peacefully, even though I am experiencing great anxiety and exhaustion due to this bizarre and uncomprehensible media persecution.

Prince Giacomo also tried to distance his self from the lawsuit by posting earlier in month on Facebook: ‘I would love to publicly apologize for my partner Tanya Yashenko regarding my false statements. 

Despite the public acrimony, the pair are still professing their love, with the prince posting daily Facebook posts about his 'princess'

The public outrage has not stopped the couple from declaring their love. Prince posts daily updates on Facebook about his “princess”

“I did not quarrel about my girlfriend. The fantasies of newspapers have been exaggerated. My actions are largely influenced by jealousy, which I’d like to clarify. 

“But I can’t give the gifts that I received back… I am sorry for making mistakes. 

Ms Yashenko previously hired a psychiatrist, Dr Rosalba Trabalzini, to give evidence on her behalf but the expert switched sides and now argues that the prince is the victim in the relationship.

The psychiatrist said the Belarusian ‘has been taking advantage of the psychological fragility of Linguaglossa’. 

Ms. Yashenko also wrote texts to prince labeling him ‘dishonest. false. traitorous. deprived empathy. [and] a liar’, according to Il Messaggero.

The model stated this in her press release this week: “With this press release, I warn anyone from discseminating false info about me, in particular Dr. RosalbaTrabalzini is warned against giving the media false representations of my sentimental relationship with Giacomo as well as information that was taken within the context of our professional relationship.

Despite the ongoing legal battle, it was reported that Prince Giacomo Bonanno di Linguaglossa and Tanya Yashenko spent the Christmas holiday and New Year's Eve together

Despite legal challenges, reports claim that Tanya Yashenko and Prince Giacomo Bonanno di Linguaglossa spent Christmas and New Years together.

“Given ongoing investigations by the judiciary authority, I don’t intend to make further statements. The rest will be with the investigation’s outcome. I have the greatest confidence in the judiciary as well as my lawyers.

Dr Trabalzini said in her assessment that the prince was in a state of awe towards his girlfriend and the relationship was ‘unbalanced’, which had been exacerbated by the devastating separation from his ex-wife.

Corriere della Sera says that Ms. Yashenko claimed she was attacked and beaten by Giacomo. It was her who left Giacomo. He was then forgiven.

“But I’m convinced that he’s being manipulated by some one.”

Rome Prosecutor’s Office currently examines whether she could have taken advantage of her client’s mental health to take his assets.

The public outrage has not stopped the couple from declaring their love. Prince posts daily on Facebook about his “princess”

Yesterday, he wrote that his girlfriend had made the following public statement: “We love one another.”

He wrote later: “Looking into your eye is the best part of the morning.”

Armando Fergola, the lawyer for the prince claims that his client is under constant pressure by his girlfriend to retract his complaint.

He says the Facebook posts show evidence of the manipulation and the royal’s state of confusion, and has asked the judge to forbid Ms Yashenko from making contact with her boyfriend.