Benedict Cumberbatch’s sister has died from cancer. The actor, who is deeply grieving for her brother and the ‘gifted/different’ artist who had battled with illness for many years, pays tribute.

  • Tracy Peacock, 62-year-old artist and brother to Benedict, succumbed to seven years of cancer.
  • Public didn’t know she was ill, or she had died.
  • Cumberbatch (45) described his sister as “brilliant” and “markedly different”. 

Benedict Cumberbatch has spoken out about the pain he felt following his sister’s recent death from cancer. 

Sherlock’s 45-year-old star revealed that Tracy Peacock, his 62 year old sibling, has lost seven years to the disease. 

The public was unaware that Tracks, the musician affectionately called ‘Tracks,’ had been seriously ill and even died. 

Cumberbatch said that ‘She died from cancer’, adding, “She had been fighting it for seven year.”

Harrow-educated actor and star of the Hollywood blockbuster Spider-Man: No Way Home said: ‘As Donald Rumsfeld so horribly stated, stuff happens. It’s horrible.

“She didn’t have anything to do with the world. She was quite different.

Benedict Cumberbatch, 45, revealed for the first time that his elder and 'brilliant' sibling Tracy Peacock, 62, has lost a seven-year battle with cancer (pictured together)

Benedict Cumberbatch 45 revealed his younger sibling, Tracy Peacock (pictured together), has died after a seven year battle with breast cancer.

She was a talented fine artist who ended up doing much of the restorative work in canvas, frames, and carpentry. 

“But she kept her hands in, did her work independently and created the best Christmas and celebration cards for any festival. She was extremely gifted.

Tracy was the child of Cumberbatch actress mom Wanda Ventham from her first marriage, James Tabernacle. 

Wanda married Timothy Carlton’s dad, Tracy Cumberbatch. Tracy was a teenager when she stayed home with her mother and grew to be a star. 

Tracy loved to look after her little brother and even accidentally forgot about him once after she had placed him there to calm him. 

He smiled and said, “She forgot all about me,” It was hilarious. She saw it all happen while she was cooking with her friends.

Tracy was the daughter of Cumberbatch's actress mother, Wanda Ventham, from her first marriage to James Tabernacle (Pictured: Cumberbatch on set of Sherlock with Martin Freeman)

Tracy was the child of Cumberbatch’s actress mom, Wanda Ventham. She had her first marriage with James Tabernacle.

Tracy spoke for her brother, Anna Jones’s 2012 divorce from Tracy Jones. She explained why he struggled to find suitable suitors.

 ‘You would have to be a pretty smart cookie to keep up with him,’ she said, ‘I think that is why possibly he has trouble with girlfriends.’

Cumberbatch is now married to Sophie Hunter (theatre director), with whom he has 3 children.

Tracy is survived by a husband, and an 34-year old daughter, Emily.

Cumberbatch currently stars in The Power Of The Dog as a Cowboy.