A bank robbery is a joke. He takes $150 and deposits the cash in his account.

  • McRoberts, 44, was taken into custody by Delaware State Police after he attempted to rob a Wells Fargo Bank bank in Wilmington
  • California police say Williams approached a woman bank teller of 25 years behind the counter and presented her with a note that informed her it was an armed robbery
  • The police said that he made his deposit right away at an ATM located outside the bank, as soon as the man got out of the bank.
  • He fled after his stop, hiding behind nearby shops until local troopers caught him.
  • Williams stated to police that Williams’ mind was currently controlled by someone via an implant in his brain.

According to police, a bank robber with mental instability was caught after taking $150 from a Delaware bank. He then immediately transferred the money into his bank account at an ATM near him. 

McRoberts William, 44, was taken into custody on Sunday. He robbed an ATM. According to police, Wells Fargo Bank is located in Wilmington. 

Williams was captured and told the police that he came to Delaware “by riding on the outside of a cargo train” and that he is being controlled by an implant in his brain. 

Williams, of California, had approached a 25-year-old female bank teller and handed her a note that read: ‘This is a robbery, I need $150,’ according to an affidavit. 

Delaware State Police arrested 44-year-old McRoberts Williams on Sunday after he robbed a Wells Fargo Bank in Wilmington.

McRoberts, 44, was taken into custody by Delaware State Police after he attempted to rob a Wells Fargo Bank branch in Wilmington.

Police said Williams, of California, approached a 25-year-old female Wells Fargo bank teller behind a counter and handed her a note informing her it was a robbery

According to police, Williams of California approached the female Wells Fargo bankteller at 25 behind the counter, and gave her a note informing that it was a robbery.

Before she could read through the note, the teller said that Williams had said “I’m sorry” to her before handing over the cash.

After activating the emergency distress alarm button, she activated it at the bank’s teller window. He fled on foot. 

According to police, Williams stopped short of the building and stopped by an ATM nearby, where he deposited his small, ill-gotten fortune. 

Following his pit stop, he fled and sought refuge behind a nearby mall before being found by local troopers. 

Although no money was recovered by police, Williams had a Wells Fargo card.  

Williams was charged in second-degree robbery. Police say that Williams is being held under $6,000 cash bond.