This is the best league team! After scoring an incredible touchdown, 6-year old school football star becomes the internet’s most famous player. He used one arm to take out FIVE of his fellow young players

  • After using only one arm to defeat five of his opponents, Choyce Brown’s highlight video has become viral. He scored an incredible touchdown with just one arm.
  • Brown was scoring for the Hueytown Jaguars. Brown was filming his touchdown by a close family friend while he was watching United Youth Football of Alabama playoffs.
  • The highlight video of the touchdown shared by ESPN’s Facebook and Twitter profiles has more than five million views
  • A further 3.2 million were obtained from the original source and then shared on Twitter
  • Some users online even compared Brown’s talent to the one of Tennessee Titan running back Derrick Henry Jr
  • However, online opinions are divided about the video. Some argue that the clip shows precisely why Full Contact Football with Padding should be banned 

After he defeated five other players before scoring an incredible touchdown, a video featuring a 7-year-old American football star has gone viral.  

Last weekend, Choyce Brown was out on the McCalla field, Alabama. 

Jay Johnson, a close friend and family member, captured the video as he watched some United Youth Football Of Alabama playoff matches.

Brown, who plays for the Hueytown Jaguars was a wild player. He hurried for the goal zone in an effort to score points for his team.

Brown appears to slow down and shift his direction to show some trickery against some of the opposition players — rather than just scoring a basic touchdown.

The man can be seen pushing 5 players to the side, and the 3rd player is making an unsuccessful attempt at pushing back.  

NFL rules permit players to touch their arms when they are less than five miles away from other teams – a video that has sparked anger in those who believe this rule should be thrown out.  

A highlight video of the touchdown shared by ESPN’s Facebook and Twitter profiles has more than five million views — and another 3.2 million from the original source of the video, published on Twitter. 

One kid tries to tackle 7-year-old Choyce Brown from behind while two others line up to his side in several attempts to successfully tackle him

Brown fend off tackles from 5 opposing players to get some points on the board for his team, the Hueytown Jaguars

Jay Johnson captured Choyce Brown’s highlight touchdown from United Youth Football Of Alabama. Jay was in McCalla watching United Youth Football Of Alabama playoff games.

Choyce Brown, pictured, was the talk of the internet over the weekend as many football fans praised his epic touchdown, calling on their favorite professional or collegiate teams to pay attention to his talent

Choyce Brown (pictured) was all the rage on the internet as football enthusiasts praised him for his touchdown and called upon their favourite college or professional teams to take notice of his talents

Some online users even compared Brown to Derrick Henry Jr. (NFL Offensive Player the Year 2020).

“@KingHenry_2 would love this kid,” Mark Haggard (broadcast commentator at WPDE-TV) said via Twitter. He also tagged Henry’s account on his post.

Another twitter user posted, “Nick Saban is about to be at His House,” referring to Nick Saban, the legendary University of Alabama football coach and seven-time National Championships winner.

Brown was called a superstar by another user.

“The beauty of talent is that you are able to identify it very quickly. User @im_alaminn shared the following: “Like the lines on one’s hand, it is always there, like that of the line in your palm,”

“That’s one super star.” This is a great touchdown.

Twitter users jokingly praised Brown's talent by asking NFL and college-level teams to sign the seven-year-old

In a joke, Twitter users mocked Brown’s talents by asking NFL teams and colleges-level teams for Brown’s signature

The video is dividing opinions on the internet, with some saying that it shows why padding and full contact should not be allowed until high school.

Many others on social media suggested that the child must be made to compete in higher age groups than he is currently in because of his athletic ability.

Jokingly, the internet expects him to get a lot of scholarships offers from top football programs all across the nation. 

The NFL will announce the No. In a few years, the NFL Draft will be offering the No.

This video comes one year after another 6-year-old tank was viralized for the same highlight clip, which showed an abnormally large young man running through anyone in his way.

Aiden Smith (156cm, 60kg) is believed to have been a cheater since he first picked up a football.