President Joe Biden hopped out of church Saturday evening to prove he wasn’t injured after falling over on his bike during a ride near his Rehoboth Beach home earlier in the morning. 

Jill and he are in Rehoboth, Delaware to celebrate their 45th anniversary.  

The president exited St. Edmond in downtown Rehoboth after attending mass, with reporters yelling questions at him asking how he was doing. 

Biden didn’t shout back. Instead, he took three leaps forward and made jump-rope moves with his hands before waving at the crowd and getting into his black SUV. 

After falling on his back and taking his bike along, he said to the media, “I’m fine,” before resuming.  

Biden told reporters that he had trouble removing his shoes from the bikes’ pedals, causing the fall around 9:30am.

He had come over to say hello to a crowd that had gathered near the Gordon’s Pond State Park bike trail, with people yelling ‘Happy Father’s Day’ to the president. 

His shoes got caught on the bicycle as he tried to remove it. He fell sideways and was rescued by Secret Service agents and journalists.   

There were gasps after Biden fell. Biden was 79 and remained there for about 10 seconds. Several Secret Service agents then helped Biden up.

Biden arrived moments later and was happy to help the crowd. He even took one woman with him out to greet Commander, her first dog. 

The president, who was wearing shorts and T-shirts for the trip, did not seem to sustain any cuts or abrasions from the fall. 

First Lady Jill Biden, who joined her husband after his initial loop by reporters, missed the fall, after zooming on ahead of the head of state.

Watch the video below: 

President Joe Biden hopped out of church Saturday evening to prove he wasn't injured after falling over on his bike during a ride near his Rehoboth Beach home earlier in the morning

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, jumped out of Church Saturday night to confirm that he had not been injured from falling off his bike on a morning ride close to his Rehoboth Beach house.

Joe Biden fell off his bike during ride near his Rehoboth Beach home in Delaware Friday, as he and his wife celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary

Joe Biden, his 45th anniversary celebration partner and he fell from his bicycle on Friday while riding near Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.

Gasps rang out after the president unexpectedly fell Saturday as he was trying to dismount his bike to chat with a crowd who had gathered along a Rehoboth Beach bike path

After the unexpected fall of President Trump Saturday while trying to unmount his bike and chat with people gathered on a Rehoboth Beach bicycle path, gasps were heard. 

Biden took the solo bike ride - surrounded by agents - Saturday morning near his Rehoboth Beach home

Biden rode the bike solo, surrounded by agents, Saturday morning in front of his Rehoboth Beach residence

After about 10 seconds on the concrete, Biden was able to hoist himself up with help from his security detail - yielding a round of applause from the onlookers

Biden managed to lift himself with the help of his security team after about 10 seconds. This earned him a round applause from all those who were watching.

Biden, the US oldest-ever president, is pictured sitting on the pavement after the fall, which transpired around 9:30 am Saturday, caught up in the bike's frame

Biden, America’s oldest president is seen seated on the ground after the fall. This happened at 9:30 am Saturday.

According to the White House the president did not need to go to a doctor for his injuries.  

“His foot caught on the pedal during dismounting, and he’s fine,” said the President. There is no need for medical attention. A source said that the President was looking forward to spending the remainder of the day with his loved ones. 

After chatting up the crowd, Biden relented and took questions from reporters, telling them he would talk to Chinese President Xi Jinping ‘soon’ and said he was ‘in the process’ of assessing whether to life the Trump-era Chinese tariffs. 

He stated, “I’m currently making my decision.” 

He was asked whether he is satisfied with gun control legislation progress and answered “In Delaware I am.” Do you remember what they did in Delaware?” 

“Passed an attack weapons ban,” he stated. 

Biden was helped by agents after the fall, which occurred  as he stopped to greet a crowd on a trail at Gordons Pond in Rehoboth Beach, where Biden lives with his wife

Biden was helped by agents after the fall, which occurred  as he stopped to greet a crowd on a trail at Gordons Pond in Rehoboth Beach, where Biden lives with his wife

'My foot got caught': Biden, who has a history of public spills, told reporters he fell after trying to remove his shoes from the bikes' pedals

“My foot was caught”: Biden who is a victim of public slips and falls told reporters that he had fallen after trying to take off his shoes from the pedals on his bicycles.

After about 10 seconds on the ground, Biden was able to hoist himself up, telling the crowd that his 'foot got caught'

Biden was eventually able to stand up after about 10 seconds, and told the crowd his foot had been caught.

Moments before the crash: Biden rode with his wife and several Secret Service agents before taking the widely seen tumble

Biden was riding with his wife, several Secret Service Agents and a few others moments prior to the crash.



Biden, who had broken his foot in November 2020 while playing with Major, was wearing a boot to help him walk.


His physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, said in a statement at the time that he would likely be required to wear a bootie for several weeks. 

However Biden’s recovery appeared to go well, and he was soon spotted in public without the boot on. 

Three times, President Trump was seen falling as he boarded Air Force One in March 2021. 

President Trump fell on the ‘breeze’, but he didn’t sustain any injuries. 


There were worries about Biden’s health in December 2019. This was especially true as it relates to the 2020 election. 

The medical records he released showed that he had a irregular heartbeat and high levels of cholesterol. However, they described him as an ‘healthy, vibrant 77-year old.

Experts questioned his claims of being as fit as they claimed. 


A few days prior to the election, Beau became confused while introducing his granddaughter Natalie to an event and instead called her’my boy Beau’. 

Beau Biden died in 2015 after battling a brain tumor. 

Inadvertently, he called Vice President Kamala Harris ‘president’. He also incorrectly stated that US troops were heading to Ukraine. 

In a speech in North Carolina, last month, the president was seen reaching out his hand to offer a handshake during which he was left unable to reach anyone.

Biden is ‘happy with’ the advancements in federal legislation. He said that he was ready to sign the bipartisan Senate bill. 

Biden then mounted the bike once more.  Biden replied, “Alright guys. See you.” 

Pop culture enthusiasts online pointed out that Biden’s spill was reminiscent of the pilot episode of The West Wing, when actor Rob Lowe’s character is informed that ‘POTUS’ was in a bike accident. 

This was an echo of President Obama’s tumble on Air Force One’s stairs in Illinois last month. It also harked back at an Atlanta incident in which the president was forced to fall three times on the steps of the aircraft’s landing ramp.

The country’s oldest head of state at the time blamed strong winds of wind for the widespread spills. 

Biden has been subject to political attack about his age due to the falls and other gaffes. 

The president made a mistake in stating that F was being reintroduced.Obama’s Vice President was irst lady Biden. He held that job for eight years.

He has also repeatedly confused countries such as Libya and Syria, and has falsely claimed that inflation seen in the US during his time in office is higher ‘everywhere’ else, as inflation rates his highs not seen in nearly half a century and economists warn of the likelihood of a looming recession.

Concerns over the president’s age first surfaced during his campaign against Donald Trump. Biden was playing with Major when he broke his foot shortly afterwards. 

In November 2021, Biden underwent a colonoscopy and briefly transferred power to Vice President Kamala Harris, making her for a time the first acting female President in US History. After the operation, Biden regained control.

Biden was diagnosed with a benign colon polyp after the surgery.

According to his 2019 medical exam, he was taking medication for various common conditions such as high cholesterol and minor arrhythmias. 

After the Air Force One collapse, March 2021 saw concerns about his health return.  

Biden made a speech about North Carolina’s supply-chain crunch last month, before turning his back towards the audience and shaking hands. 

The president probably expected someone to be beside him at the moment. However, he was left alone on stage and looked around before walking off. 

Biden incorrectly stated, too that he had been a full professor at the University of Pennsylvania even though he never taught a class there.

After the Bidens celebrated their 45th anniversary on Friday, the fall occurred. They were spending Juneteenth at the beach with Willow and the first cat.  

As they left White House on Friday, the First Lady tugged at her husband as she spoke with reporters. 

According to Dr. Biden, the president said that “We must go”,

Biden received questions about his Saudi Arabia trip and 2 American ex-servicemen captured by Russians in Ukraine while fighting. This was after he left the White House for his weekend visit. 

“Americans shouldn’t be traveling to Ukraine right now.” It’s not right to go to Ukraine. The president stated that they shouldn’t be traveling to Ukraine. 

He was asked to comment on reports that Russians might have taken two former military personnel and helped in the war effort, as well as other information. 

Biden will spend the weekend at Rehoboth Beach, amid growing questions about how he plans to deal with inflation.  

Willow flew in Marine One’s carrier and was then taken by a valet to the helicopter.

Biden's first stumble as he bounded up the stairs of Air Force One

He was barely able to catch himself

Biden fell on his first step as he ran up the steps of Air Force One, March 2021.

The President then lost his balance again and fell to his knees on the carpeted stairs

The President then lost his balance again and fell to his knees on the carpeted stairs

The President, who was 79 years old, fell to his knees repeatedly on Air Force One’s stairs.

Biden visited Greensboro, North Carolina, to see North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University as part of an effort to apply pressure on Congress to approve the Bipartisan Innovation Act, which aims to increase funding for domestic production of semiconductors

Biden visited Greensboro in North Carolina to view North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. He was there to push Congress to pass the Bipartisan innovation Act. It aims to raise funding for national production of semiconductors.

President Joe Biden (left) and First Lady Jill Biden (right) departed the White House together Friday morning to travel to their Rehoboth Beach home as they mark their 45th wedding anniversary and celebrate the Juneteenth federal holiday

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden left the White House Friday morning. They will be traveling to Rehoboth Beach to celebrate their 45th anniversary as husband and wife and the Juneteenth federal holiday.

President Joe Biden (left) and First Lady Jill Biden (right) hold hands as they leave for a beach weekend in Delaware

As they depart for Delaware, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden hold hands.

First Lady Jill Biden (left) holds hands with President Joe Biden (right) as they depart the White House for their Rehoboth Beach house, where they will be spending their 45th wedding anniversary and the Juneteenth holiday

Jill Biden, the First Lady of the United States (left), holds hands to President Joe Biden as they head out the White House towards their Rehoboth Beach residence. This is where they’ll be celebrating their 45th Wedding Anniversary and their Juneteenth Holiday. 

Willow Biden peers out of her carrier as she heads to the beach with the president and first lady

Willow Biden gazes out of her carry as she walks to the shore with the president und first lady 

A valet carries Willow Biden in her carrier to Marine One for a ride to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on Friday

Willow Biden is carried by a valet in her carriage to Marine One, Delaware for the ride to Rehoboth Beach. 

Willow looks out of the carrier as an aide carriers her to Marine One for a trip to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware

Willow is seen looking out from the carrier while an aide takes her to Marine One in Delaware for a visit to Rehoboth Beach. 

'Americans should not be going to Ukraine now. Say it again: Americans should not be going to Ukraine now. They should not be going to Ukraine,' the president said Friday

“Americans shouldn’t be traveling to Ukraine right now.” Reiterate it: Americans shouldn’t be heading to Ukraine immediately. “They shouldn’t go to Ukraine,” the President stated on Friday  

President Joe Biden speaks to reporters as he leaves for Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Friday

Joe Biden addresses reporters before he departs for Rehoboth beach, Delaware.

First Lady Jill Biden (left) looks back at the press as she and President Joe Biden (right) depart for Rehoboth Beach Friday

As President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden depart Rehoboth Beach on Friday, Jill Biden looks back at her press colleagues.

First Lady Jill Biden (left) and President Joe Biden (right) are captured arriving at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware to mark their anniversary and Juneteenth weekend

Jill Biden, first lady of Delaware (left), and Joe Biden, president (right), arrive at Rehoboth Beach (Delaware) to celebrate their anniversary and the Juneteenth weekend. 

Marine One flies over the beach to land Friday in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Marine One flew over Rehoboth Beach to land on Friday, Delaware 

First cat Willow Biden arrives in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on Friday

Rehoboth Beach’s Willow Biden is the first cat to arrive in Delaware. 

The president stated, “I have been briefed. We don’t know their whereabouts.” 

Additionally, he was available to answer questions regarding Saudi Arabia.  

The morning was spent by Dr. Biden delivering an address urging more gun control measures to the National Parent Teacher Association’s 125th Anniversary Convention. Meanwhile, the President hosted an event about climate change. 

Rehoboth was reached by the Bidens about an hour after they lifted off from South Lawn. Willow, an aide with Willow, arrived at Marine One shortly afterwards. 

The first lady and the president have decided to spend the majority of their weekends in Delaware. They have also spent more time at their house on the north end of Rehoboth Beach, near Cape Henlopen State Park. 

A plane that flew over the area near Biden’s residence caused the Secret Service to temporarily remove the president. 

CNN was informed by a CNN official that a small private aircraft entered restricted airspace. The president and his family were not at risk. 

The trip was planned to commemorate the first Lady’s 71st Birthday. 

The president and the first lady will enjoy a three-day weekend this time thanks to Biden’s signing of a bill to declare Juneteenth, which marks the end of American slavery, a federal holiday.