Six months after German Shepherd Champ’s death, Biden introduces Commander the new puppy to his family. Major moved to Wilmington when Major bit a Secret Service agent.

  • The White House welcomed Commander, a German Shepherd puppy by President Joe Biden on Monday. 
  • The president sent a tweet with the caption “Welcome, Commander to the White House,” along with a photograph 
  • Commander can be seen running around the fenced area with a tennis ball in one of his hands. 
  • Nearly six months have passed since Champ, the Bidens 13-year old German Shepherd Champ, died. 
  • The other German shepherd, Major, had bitten two people and was later sent back to Wilmington, Delaware. 

President Joe Biden welcomed a new puppy to the White House on Monday, a German Shepherd named Commander.  

The president sent a tweet with the caption “Welcome, Commander to the White House,” along with a photograph. 

Commander can be seen running around with a tennis ball in the mouth and bounding through the White House’s enclosure. 

A video was also posted by the president, showing Commander greeting his puppy with a “Hey pal,”  

Biden, First Lady Jill Biden, plays fetch and walks the dog into the White House. He then gives him a treat, while the White House Christmas decorations are displayed in the background.  

BARK BACK BETTER: President Joe Biden introduced his new puppy 'Commander' via Twitter on Monday

BARK BACK BETTER – President Joe Biden on Monday introduced his new dog ‘Commander’ through Twitter

CNN reported Monday that the dog was a gift to Biden from his family members

 CNN reported Monday that the dog was a gift to Biden from his family members 

When President Joe Biden arrived at the White House in January, he brought 13-year-old Major (left), who has since died, and rescue pup Champ (right), who lives back in Wilmington, Delaware after biting two people

In January 2013, President Joe Biden brought with him 13-year old Major (left), who later died. He also brought his rescue dog Champ (right), whom he lives in Wilmington, Delaware, after biting off two other people. 

Major Biden (pictured) made history in January when he moved into the White House, as the first presidential rescue dog

Major Biden (pictured), who was the first president to rescue a dog, made history when he entered the White House in January. 

This new addition is almost six months after the Bidens lost their beloved German Shepherd Champ, aged 13, in April. 

After he had bitten a Secret Service agent as well as a National Park Service worker, Major the other German Shepherd was brought home to Wilmington. 

Major, the White House’s rescue dog for the homeless, made history January 1. 

CNN reported that Commander was a gift to the president from his family. 

These weeks have seen the president deal with large COVID increases due to Omicron and falling poll numbers. There has also been tension at the Russia-Ukraine frontier, as well as a member of his own party who blew up his Build Back Better social expenditure bill.  

It is also possible that the Bidens will adopt a cat.    

Jill Biden, First Lady of the United States, stated in April that the cat was ‘waiting in its wings. 

CNN said that the cat is being fostered with acquaintances until the Bidens determine it’s a good time for it to move to the White House.  

A request to comment was not answered by the East Wing. 

Ex-President Donald Trump was the White House’s last occupant. He never had a Presidential pet. 

In April 2009, former President Barack Obama brought Bo the Portuguese Water Dog to the White House. 

Sasha and Malia had been promised that he would buy a dog to support their 2008 presidential campaign. 

The Obamas got a second Portuguese Water Dog, Sunny, in August 2013.