Whitehall Insiders are being hunted for Boris Johnson suspect of sharing a photograph of an event at No 10.

Dominic Raab stated that it was obvious that the person who made the photo public wanted to damage the Government.

The photo of the garden at its best with wine, cheese and other beverages, which was captured during the first national lockdown in the United States, is taken apparently from a veranda on No 11 Downing Street’s first floor, near the offices of the British Chancellor.

Boris Johnson and staff pictured with wine in Downing Street garden in May 2020, during the first national lockdown

Boris Johnson, his staff and wine at Downing Street Garden in May 2020 during the first national lockdown

According to a No 10, source, Rishi Sunak used the office and anyone else entering would have been seen.

The Treasury reacted angrily, denying that it was responsible. A source said: “It wasn’t anyone from the No 11 team. This room can be accessed by anyone who works in Downing Street.

The search is on now for the “snappy Rat”. This phrase comes from the scandalous ‘chatty rats’ leak last year, which revealed plans for a national lockdown.

After Johnson had given a speech in which he praised Peppa Pig World, a ‘chatty pork’ was accused of briefing Mr Johnson.

The hunt is on for the so-called 'snappy rat'. The Treasury angrily denied it was responsible, with a source saying: 'It was not anyone in the No 11 team. That room is accessible to anyone working in Downing Street'

Now, the hunt continues for the so-called “snappy rats”. Angrily, the Treasury denied that they were responsible. A source said: “It wasn’t anybody in the No11 team. Anyone working at Downing Street can access that room.

Campaigners claimed that in spite of a string of allegations about Whitehall and Downing Street during lockdown parties, the latest photograph shows the Prime Minister having ‘presided over an culture of believing the rules only applied to other people’ since the beginning of the pandemic.

This was Friday, May 15, 2020. At that time, people could only socialize outside with one person who was socially distant.

Many thousands could not be there to see their loved ones dying in hospital, or care home relatives.

Johnson said that he was defending the meeting last night. He stated: “This is my home, this is my work. These were work meetings, people talking about work.

According to sources, the photo was likely taken in one of the state rooms that the Chancellor used for his special advisors and civil servants. Ed Balls, former shadow chancellor, claimed that the photograph was taken from the ‘first floor balcony of 11 Downing Street’.

One Twitter user shared how she was banned from sitting with her mother in her garden shortly before she died in May 2020

A Twitter user described how her mother banned her from sitting in the garden with her shortly before her death in May 2020.

When asked by BBC Radio 4’s Today program whether Mr Raab believed that’someone’ or a group was “dripping out leaks to bring Boris Johnson to the ground”, he replied, “It’s certain being done with animus” to damage government.

The deputy prime minister stated that it was not a party as the participants were dressed in business suits.

Times Radio quoted him as saying that Downing Street used the garden to be a work place. It was used for meetings at work.

The photo was taken on a date when I believe the Prime Minister just held a press conference.

“And they might have a beer after a hard day, or even a week. This is not against regulations.

In reaction to the photo leak another person shared a photo of her son seeing his grandmother through a window last May

In reaction to the photo leak another person shared a photo of her son seeing his grandmother through a window last May

The Guardian obtained the photo of Mr Johnson and his then-fiancee Carrie, along with 17 employees, in the garden, holding bottles of wine, a cheeseboard, and standing in front the Prime Minister.

Raab stated that it was not only a work place for the employees at No 10, the Prime Minister, and all their families but also the home of the Prime Minster and his young family.

Earlier on the day the photo was taken, then-health secretary Matt Hancock told the daily coronavirus briefing: ‘People can now spend time outdoors and exercise as often as you like – and you can meet one other person from outside your household in an outdoor, public place. Keep two meters apart.

Labour leader Sir Keir Sterner said yesterday that he did not believe that it was a work meeting.

There are serious questions. However, just glance at the picture and think: is this a meeting for work or an event for friends? It is quite obvious.

Jo Goodman is co-founder of Covid-19 Bereaved Familys for Justice. She said, “This pretended work meeting with no pen, laptop, or paper in sight was instead replaced by vital cheese and wine. [the Prime Minister]Since the beginning of the pandemic, he presided over an attitude that believed the rules only applied to others.

Twitter users compared the image with their stories about being apart from family members at that time.

One of the women shared a photograph of their son seeing her grandmother through a glass, and another described how she was forbidden from sitting down with her mother in the garden just before she passed away.

According to reports, the gathering was just one of several that occurred across Whitehall in spite coronavirus restrictions.

Sue Gray, a senior civil servant, is currently investigating the reports about the parties.