Jill Biden, the first lady and president Joe Biden invited lawmakers from Capital Hill to see the White House Christmas decorations. This is part of several open-house events that the administration has been holding.

These invites will take you on a walk through the holiday decorations found on the ground and state floors of this executive mansion.

As coronavirus cases rise in the US and Omicron strains pick up speed, the invitation to see the decorations indicates that the administration will not be hosting formal holidays parties. 

DailyMail.com has learned that the White House did not send invites to Capitol Hill in advance of any official holiday gatherings. The Congressional Ball is a holiday black-tie event that the President hosts for legislators.

The East Wing houses the office for the social secretary, responsible for organizing social events. They didn’t respond to the story.

Jill Biden had seen the decorations in person two weeks before Elizabeth Alexander, Elizabeth Alexander’s communications director, told reporters that there would be an event so people could see the house as it is now.

She stated that “More announcements will be made in the next days about additional openings,” she added at the time.

Omicron case numbers tripled in the past weekend. There were 43 Omicron cases in 22 states, but there were 153 Omicron cases in 30 other states, according to Centers for Disease Control data.  

Traditionally, the holiday season is one of most busy times for an administration. There are often several events occurring during December, sometimes with even more people swarming through the White House. 

Event attendees are welcome to stroll around, take in the decorations and enjoy a wide range of foods and beverages. 

Tours offer a safer option to see the decorations  as opposed to a party – they are timed so the number of people can be limited and spread out. As an additional safety measure, the White House also requires that face masks be worn around its premises. 

Presidents have a great opportunity to win over lawmakers and thank their staff, as well as treat donors. 

In the past, holiday receptions had hundreds of guests. Many were from outside the city. The couple was often present. 

Even though the party may appear superficial, it has different meanings for different guests. The staff get to bring their families, the donors get a tax deduction, long-term supporters receive a thank you, and the guest get a picture of the couple.  

Joe and Jill Biden inviting guests to tour White House to view the Christmas decorations - a sign there will be no holiday parties this year

Joe Biden and Jill Biden invited guests to the White House to inspect Christmas decorations. It is clear that this will not be a year of holiday parties.

A giant bow and gift boxes greet visitors arriving to the White House's East Wing this holiday season; Jill Biden revealed this year's holiday theme as 'Gifts from the Heart'

Visitors arriving at the White House East Wing for the holiday season are greeted by a giant bow and gift bags. Jill Biden announced this year’s holiday theme to be ‘Gifts From the Heart.

However, plans to hold in-person events are being thwarted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers this advice for holiday gatherings: get vaccinated if eligible, wear a mask in crowded indoor places, get tested, stay six feet apart from people who don’t live with you, and avoid crowds and poorly ventilated indoor spaces.

Additionally, the country is facing a difficult holiday season with inflation at its highest point in nearly forty years and supply shortages making certain items difficult to obtain. 

Despite this, Jill Biden said on Friday that Americans will have a ‘very happy holiday.’

Biden told DailyMail.com that they would have a wonderful holiday if asked by DailyMail.com if Americans could have a joyous holiday without Omicron or inflation. 

Her holiday decorations were unveiled by the first lady two weeks ago with the theme “Gifts of the Heart”.

There are a variety of decorations this year, including Christmas trees in the White House halls and stacks of books. Also floating candles and floating candles can be found on the trees. The photos show Donald and Melania Donald Trump, who were the last White House occupant. On display is a photo showing the ex-first couple receiving the White House Christmas tree. 

“Despite our differences, what truly matters is that we all come together as one heart. Jill Biden spoke about the theme, saying that it was what she wanted to focus on in White House. 

Last year, as COVID cases raged across the country and vaccines were not yet widely available, then-President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump held up to two holiday events a day in most of December with nary a mention of masks on the invites.

The Trumps went all out for their last holiday season in the White House, planning a full spray of holiday parties celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah and other religious holidays.

Photos shared on social media revealed crowded events where few people wore face masks.  

Trump was criticized for his move but defended the parties, saying ‘frankly, we’ve reduced the number very substantially, as you know. I’ve seen a lot of people attending the parties in masks. 

President Trump waved to guests as he walked downstairs alongside First Lady Melania at one of the many White House Christmas parties held last year during the COVID pandemic

While walking downstairs with First Lady Melania, Donald Trump made a friendly gesture to his guests at the White House Christmas party last year.

Ivanka chatted with visitors at one of last year's holiday parties

 Ivanka chatted with visitors at one of last year’s holiday parties

Donald Trump defended his decision to hold crowded holiday parties last year

Donald Trump has defended his decision not to have crowded holiday parties this year

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump at one of the black-tie events the Trump White House hosted during the holiday season

Jared Kushner with Ivanka Trump during a black-tie event the Trump White House hosted during this holiday season

The White House’s holiday decorations this year are less extravagant than those of the Trump years. They have fewer trees, and are also smaller than they were in previous years. There were fewer lights and the bling was much lower. Jill Biden focused her decor on books and nature, keeping it simple.

Decorating the 55,000 square foot White House involved 41 Christmas Trees, 6,000 feet of ribbon, more than 300 candles and over 10,000 ornaments.  

Biden kept COVID in mind when she planned her holiday.

Even the famous Gingerbread White House – which is on display in the State Dining Room – paid tribute to frontline workers with eight detailed replicas of community buildings: a grocery store, school, post office, warehouse, hospital, fire station, police station, and gas station. 

A school bell is located on the schoolhouse building, along with two doves named Peace or Unity. They are in keeping with the holiday theme.

Susan Morrison is a pastry chef and said that Dr. Biden, an instructor at a community college, put a gingerbread school teacher right next to the school house. 

“Dr. Biden placed one of the final items on the White House display, and it was this teacher. This is something that she holds dearly. We left the last piece of the special display at her home yesterday,” she stated.  

Photos of former first families were included on the decorations on the two trees in the State Dining Room; Jill Biden also included personal family photos

Pictures of ex-first families were used as decorations for the State Dining Room trees. Jill Biden added personal photos of family members to the arrangements.

The official White House Christmas tree is on display in the Blue Room

Blue Room displays the White House official Christmas tree 

YUM: The Gingerbread White House and village is made of 55 sheets of baked gingerbread, 120 pounds of pastillage, 35 pounds of chocolate, and 25 pounds of royal icing

YUM! The Gingerbread White House and Village is composed of 55 sheets made from baked gingerbread, 120 lbs of pastillage and 35 lbs of chocolate. There are also 25 lb of royal icing. 

The Gold Star Tree sits in the East Landing of the White House; it honors members of the military who died in service to the country and their families

The East Landing of White House houses the Gold Star Tree. This tree honors military personnel who have died serving their country.

The White House East Colonnade of the White House is decorated with peace doves

White House East Colonnade decorated with Peace Doves

Carlos Elizondo (Social Secretary) said that the White House had not experienced any problems with its supply chain when it came to holiday decorations. However, some topiaries were slower to arrive.

“We did not have any problems with the supply chain. However, there were items that had to be backed up just like everyone else. He said that we were able to source all the items before the reveal.

The White House reuses many decorations from past Christmases. 

Bidens are celebrating their first Christmas season as first and second wives in the White House. They stated that they want the holiday decorations to be focused on “faith, love, and family” – something which is beyond the constraints of the COVID pandemic. 

The things we hold dear unite us. They transcend time and distance. These are the things that bind the hearts of our lives. These are the Gifts from the Heart,” President Joe Biden and Jill Biden said in a welcoming letter to the White House at the start of the 2021 White House Holiday Guide.

Public tours of the White House remain suspended due to COVID, but videos, photos and details about the Christmas decorations are available at  WhiteHouse.gov/Holidays.

The White House will provide interactive viewing experiences on Instagram, Google Maps Street View, Snapchat, and other platforms throughout the holiday season.