Sarah Ferguson did Edo Mapelli Mozzi proud by leading a charm offensive tonight on Italian television. 

The Duchess Of York (62), also commonly called Fergie, still lives in Windsor with her ex-husband Prince Andrew. 

For her interview which airs at 10:30 GMT GMT tonight on Italian Channel, the mother of two opted for glamourous beige attire and glossy hair. 

Fergie’s romance novel, Her Heart for a Compass, is being published in Italy under the translated title of La Bussola del cuore.

Sarah Ferguson, 62, who is commonly known as Fergie, pictured, dazzled as she shared an animated discussion with Italian presenter Bruno Vespa on Rai 1 while promoting the Italian translation of her novel Her Heart for a Compass

Sarah Ferguson, 62 years old, is more commonly called Fergie. In this photo, she dazzled during a lively discussion with Bruno Vespa (Italian presenter), while promoting Her Heart for a Compass in Italian.

What will she say? Pictures of the Queen appeared behind Fergie in images released from the show

I wonder what she will say. In images taken from the show, pictures of Fergie showed the Queen behind Fergie.

While Vespa shared a few smiles throughout their interview, the Duchess Of York appeared professional in her short beige cape gown, which she paired alongside a black flat and black tights. 

It was paired with a pair of eye-catching diamond drop earrings and a gold bracelet. 

Her son-in law Edo is expected to enjoy the interview, as he is from an Italian noble line.

While on her European trip to promote Mills and Boon, the Duchess was also wearing a watch so she could keep track of time. 

As she spoke, her fiery hair was styled with a shiny finish. Her tresses fell down to her shoulders. 

The Duchess of York, pictured with Bruno Vespa, looked stylish in the beige cape she picked for her interview tonight

Bruno Vespa and The Duchess, of York were pictured together. She looked elegant in the beige cape she chose to wear for her interview tonight. 

She is also likely to discuss her relationship with her daughters Princess Beatrice and Eugenie on the show

Also, it is possible that she will discuss her relationship to her two daughters, Princess Beatrice as well as Eugenie.

The glamorous look she wore was complemented by a touch of foundation and eyeliner. 

Bruno, a well-known Italian presenter, sat by the Duchess as they chatted in a prerecorded interview.

Fergie gave several interviews in Europe to promote Her Heart for a Compass over the past months.  

Last week, she raised eyebrows when she insisted she is the ‘most persecuted’ woman in the history of the royal family in an interview with a French magazine. 

The royal compared herself to ‘a reed that won’t break’ during the interview with Madame Figaro, saying it is ‘in her DNA’ to overcome adversity.

Fergie also confessed she still loves Prince Andrew, 61, and that she stands by him, even in the face of sexual assault accusations made by Victoria Giuffre, 38, which the Prince denies.

Giuffre claims that the Duke made her have sex in London at the home of Ghislaine Maxwell (an ex-Epstein associate), and then abused her at Epstein’s Manhattan and U.S. Virgin Islands homes. The alleged abuse occurred when she was just 17-years old. 

Fergie's hair, pictured, was styled in a glamourous do, with her fiery locks cascading down her shoulders as she spoke

Fergie’s glamorous hair was styled with fiery curls that fell down to her shoulders while she spoke.

The Duchess beamed as she discussed La Bussola del cuore, the Italian version of her Mills and Boon novel, with the presenter, pictured

The Duchess beamed as she discussed La Bussola del cuore, the Italian version of her Mills and Boon novel, with the presenter, pictured

The mother-of-two, whose son-in-law Edo Mapelli Mozzi comes from Italian nobility, looked stunning for her interview

For her interview, the mother of two, Edo Mapelli Mozzi, is stunning. Her son-in law comes from Italian nobility. 

Sarah’s comments come as Ghislaine Maxwell, former friend of the late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, faces a sex trafficking trial in New York, in which Prince Andrew has been named several times. 

Fergie described the negative media coverage that she endured for many years in response to her separation from Prince Andrew 1992. 

“The bruised, but not broken, reed is in my blood.”

She spoke out about her husband, whom she lives at Royal Lodge, Windsor. 

She said, “I loved him and still love him today. I will be by his side because I believe that he is a good man.” 

Fergie, pictured, talked about the romance novel inspired by her family history. The novel has been translated in several languages this autumn

Fergie (pictured) spoke about her romance novel that was inspired by her family’s history. In this fall, several languages were translated from the original novel. 

She said that her two daughters are her number one priority. 

She claimed that motherhood was what she loved most in life. 

Susan Barrantes divorced Fergie’s father, in 1974. She moved to Latin America in order to raise horses. 

The Duchess said that writing her novel, Her Heart for a Compass was therapeutic for her and helped boost her self-esteem.  

She thought it would be great to have the movie made in France with Lea Seydoux playing Margaret. 

She stated that she had approached a French production company regarding the movie rights to her novel. 

Sarah’s latest comments come as Maxwell faces allegations of recruiting minors for the late paedophile Epstein to sexually abuse from 1994 to 2004.