As President Biden’s whirlwind European tour seems to be catching up to him, the 78-year old was captured resting his eyes during the opening remarks at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow.

As one speaker stressed the importance of climate action, the president appeared to be asleep. When an aide approached him to chat, he opened his eyes and seemed to be more awake. 

Biden sat up straight and rubbed his eyes while the prime minister of Italy took the stage. 

Biden arrived in Scotland Monday morning and immediately climbed into his massive motorcade to travel to the climate summit. He plans to highlight American leadership in tackling carbon emissions after spending the weekend in Rome, where he met with Pope Francis and other leaders.

After making the short trip from Rome in Air Force One (a modified 747), his gas-guzzling convoy, which included more than 20 vehicles, will be subject to new criticisms of hypocrisy.

At the G20 Rome, he used an 85-vehicle convoy that included vans for officials, secret services, journalists and ambulances, as well as communications systems and communications systems. 

When he arrived at the conference centre, he was warmly greeted by Boris Johnson, British prime Minister, and U.S Secretary General Antonio Guterres. They exchanged warm smiles, elbow bumps, and warm hugs. 

Biden had previously stated that he would urge other countries to do more in a speech Monday. 

President Biden's whirlwind European tour appears to be catching up with him, as the 78-year-old was caught resting his eyes during the opening remarks of the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow

The 78-year-old President Biden was seen resting his eyes during opening remarks of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.

The president looked to be dozing off as one speaker underscored the importance of taking action to save the climate

The president looked like he was snoozing as one speaker stressed the importance to take action to save our climate.

He opened his eyes and appeared to liven up when an aide walked up to him to chat

He opened his eyes, seemed to be more relaxed when an aide came up to him to talk.

Officials didn’t name names while they previewed his remarks. However, the presidents of key polluters Russia (and China) are not attending the talks. India has also stated that it will not be changing its dependence on coal anytime soon.  

Today, Biden will release a detailed plan to reduce carbon emissions by half by the end of this decade, as compared to 2005 levels. 

He plans to launch a program to raise $3 billion per year to assist developing countries adapt to climate changes.

His national security advisor used the suggestions to challenge other nations.

Jake Sullivan, a pilot aboard Air Force One, stated that the US is now ready to do its part. He was en route from Washington to Edinburgh. 

Allies Japan, Korea and Canada are taking action to help their fellow Americans. 

“And now the question: Will some of these remaining countries step up to do yours?” 

President Biden's motorcade burned through the Central Belt of Scotland from Edinburgh Airport to Glasgow on Monday

President Biden’s motorcade blazed through the Central Belt of Scotland, from Edinburgh Airport to Glasgow on Monday 

It comprised more than 20 vehicles - plus police outriders - but was modest compared with the 85 vehicles he used in Rome

It contained more than 20 vehicles, plus police outriders, but was small compared to the 85 vehicles he used for his Rome trip.

Biden's six-day trip to Europe will release an estimated two million pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

Biden’s six day trip to Europe will release around two million pounds worth of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

President Biden touched down at Edinburgh Airport on Monday morning ahead of arriving at the COP 26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, after making the short hop from Rome, Italy

After a short trip from Rome, Italy, President Biden arrived in Edinburgh Airport Monday morning to arrive at the COP 26 Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland.

Air Force landed in Scotland on Monday morning. Biden has been criticized for the amount of carbon emitted by his fleet of aircraft and cars during his Europe trip

Air Force landed in Scotland Monday morning. Biden has been criticised for the amount carbon emitted during his Europe trip by his fleet of cars and aircraft.

Environmental campaigners with 'big heads' of key world leaders, including Biden, dressed in kilts gathered in Glasgow, marking the start of the Cop26 summit in the city on Monday

Biden was joined by other key world leaders by environmental campaigners dressed in kilts in Glasgow as they marked the start of Cop26 in the city. 

Biden arrived in Rome from the G20 summit, where he praised America’s’showing up’ power. 

“What we’ve seen again in Rome is what my belief is the power and effectiveness of America showing up, working with our partners and allies to make progress on issues that matter to us all,” he stated, adding that allies want ‘American leadership to get things done. 

He claimed that other leaders sought him as he answered a question about his ability to lead amid falling poll numbers at home.

Biden stated that the United States of America was the most important part of the entire agenda and that they did it. 

Skeptics argue that few concrete measures were reached to reduce the world’s temperature increase to 1.5 C above its preindustrial levels. This was the goal set at the 2015 Paris climate summit.

As a result of his win over his party’s opponents, Biden has lost key clean energy promises from his Build Back Better agenda in recent week as a price for its $3.5 trillion price. 

The Supreme Court could still strip his administration of additional powers to limit emissions.

Then there is the awkward issue of his travel arrangements.

His trip to Europe will release 2.2 million pounds carbon.  

The enormous carbon footprint includes 2.16 million pounds carbon dioxide from the four large planes that made up his airborne entourage during the trip to Italy, Scotland, and where the president will speak at COP26 in Glasgow. The remainder is emitted by Biden’s cars. 

His fleet includes the modified Boeing 747, which he calls Air Force One when he is on board, an identical decoy and two massive C-17 Globemaster planes that carry his battalion.

Biden’s climate advisor Gina McCarthy said that reporters can expect to hear more about American leadership.    

“This is the message you’ll see from the president over two days and from dozens if not all of the cabinet officials who will be visiting Glasgow over the next 2 weeks: The United States is back at table, we’re back, and hoping to rally the entire world to address the climate crisis,” he stated.

She stated that the U.S. would release an action plan to reduce carbon emissions by half by 2023 compared to 2005 levels, in order to reach its net-zero goal by 2050. 

Biden addressed a press conference at the end of the G20 summit in Rome. He talked about climate change and his domestic legislative agenda but things took a deeply personal turn when he was asked about his meeting with the pope on Friday

 Biden addressed a press conference at the end of the G20 summit in Rome. Biden spoke on climate change and his domestic legislative agenda. But things took a personal turn when he was questioned about his meeting with Pope Francis on Friday.

US President Joe Biden speaks at the beginning of a meeting about the global supply chain, during the G20 Summit at the Roma Convention Center

At the start of a meeting on the global supply chain, US President Joe Biden speaks. This was at the Roma Convention Center’s G20 Summit.

She stated that the U.S. could meet its global climate obligations within three decades. This included electrifying transportation and buildings and decarbonizing the power sector. Transforming industry and reducing non-CO2 emissions. Reinvigorating our natural lands.

John Kerry, Special climate Envoy, also defended COP 26, claiming that it was getting off to a slow start with little action on the Rome 1.5C target. 

He stated that countries representing 65 percent or more of the world’s GDP were committed. 

He stated, “Obviously, if you have at least 65% in, you get 35% out, and that’s what’s coming out of Glasgow.” 

“Can these countries rise to the occasion?” What will they do to make a difference? What will they promise to do in the next few years?

Boris Johnson, British prime minister and summit host, lashed out at G20 leaders on Sunday, claiming that only 12 of the 20 had promised concrete action to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. 

According to speech excerpts released to his office, he will likely say, “Humanity long since runs down the clock on Climate Change,” during Monday’s session’s opening. 

“It’s one minutes to midnight, we need to act immediately.”