The President Joseph Biden will visit Poland Friday in order to talk about the international response to “the humanitarian and rights crisis Russia’s unjustified, unprovoked war against Ukraine has caused,” Jen Psaki, a White House spokesperson said on Sunday.

Biden’s visit to Warsaw comes a day following his meeting with NATO Allies Leaders, G7 Leaders, and European Union Leaders in Brussels to discuss international efforts for Ukraine support as Russian forces continue to plow through their neighbor.

Biden will be in Poland for a bilateral meet with Andrzej duda, the Polish president. However, Biden will not visit Ukraine during his trip to Europe, Psaki said earlier Sunday after officials in Kyiv issued an open invitation to the president.

According to the Polish border guard, more than 2,000,000 refugees fled Ukraine and entered Poland since February 24, when the Russians invaded. 

The White House also said Biden will host a call Monday at 11 a.m. EST with President Emmanuel Macron of France, Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany, Prime Minister Mario Draghi of Italy and Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom to discuss their coordinated responses to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

According to United Nations statistics, 3.2 Million people fled Ukraine from Ukraine in the last month. This is Europe’s largest refugee crisis. 



Polish President Andrzej Duda will welcome President Joe Biden in Warsaw on Friday

Refugees from Ukraine are seen standing in line for free train tickets in the hall of the main railway station in Przemysl, southeastern Poland, on Sunday. Ten million people - more than a quarter of the population - have now fled their homes in Ukraine since Russia's invasion on February 24, the United Nations refugees chief said

Ukraine refugees are seen in Przemysl (southeastern Poland) waiting for their train tickets. According to the United Nations refugee chief, ten million Ukrainians have fled Ukraine after Russia invaded on February 24th.

Ukraine refugees queue up outside National Stadium in Warsaw on Sunday to get a  national identification number after Polish President Andrzej Duda signed into law an amended bill on assistance to Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion

Ukraine refugees queue up outside National Stadium in Warsaw on Sunday to get a  national identification number after Polish President Andrzej Duda signed into law an amended bill on assistance to Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion

UN stated that some of the two million migrants from Ukraine to Poland have fled to EU countries, but most are thought to still be living in Poland.

Biden will participate in an emergency NATO Summit on Ukraine on Wednesday, as well as G7 meetings. According to the White House, he will be attending a European Council Summit on Ukraine to talk about ‘transatlantic efforts to impose economic cost upon Russia, provide humanitarian aid to victims of the violence and address any other issues related to conflict’.

U.S. U.S. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, United Nations Ambassador, stated earlier Sunday that Biden’s visit to war-ravaged Ukraine wasn’t on the cards.

‘This country is in war. When asked by Jake Tapper about Biden’s visit to Ukraine, Thomas-Greenfield stated that he couldn’t think of a country at war.

Biden, who is on vacation in Delaware for the weekend, was photographed Sunday riding his bike through Rehoboth Beach. 

Evacuees from the villages occupied by Russian soldiers arrive in the town of Brovary, near Kyiv, on Sunday

On Sunday, Evacuees arrive from villages held by Russian soldiers in Brovary near Kyiv

A resident, carrying her dog, leaves her apartment after a warehouse was hit by debris from a downed rocket in Kyiv on Sunday

One resident leaves her home carrying her dog after her building was damaged by a rocket that fell on Kyiv.

Ukraine is experiencing its 25th day of attack from Russia with the United Nations saying 900 civilians have died since invasion on February 24. Pictured: Ukrainian firefighters and security teams response to a building hit by Russian missiles in Kyiv, Ukraine on Sunday March 20

The 25th day of Russian aggression on Ukraine has come to an end. According to the United Nations, 900 civilians died in Russia’s invasion on February 24, 2014. Pictured: Ukrainian firefighters and security teams response to a building hit by Russian missiles in Kyiv, Ukraine on Sunday March 20

In the meantime, Ukraine was under Russian attack for the 25th time. According to United Nations statistics, this has resulted in the deaths of over 900 civilians.

Local authorities in the besieged Ukrainian port city of Mariupol say that the Russian military bombed an art school where about 400 people had taken refuge – reducing the building to rubble, although there is no immediate word on casualties.

Terrible footage was reportedly captured showing Russia firing dangerous thermobaric TOS-1A Rockets which could allegedly cause the death of human organs.

According to authorities in Ukraine, at least five civilians have been killed by the Russians in Kharkiv, an eastern Ukrainian city. One of them is a boy aged nine years old.

Ihor Zahovka, the chief diplomatic advisor of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, said that Biden shouldn’t be afraid to travel to Kyiv if he is brave.

Biden is invited to Brussels to participate in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit (NATO) this week.  

President Joe Biden is visiting Europe this week, but will not be making a stop in war-torn Ukraine despite invites from officials to survey the damage from war with Russia. Pictured: Biden takes a bike rid in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on Sunday, March 20, 2022

While President Joe Biden has been invited to visit Russia, Biden won’t be stopping by Ukraine. Biden rides a bicycle in Rehoboth Beach on Sunday, March 20, 2022

Zhovka asked that Biden help Ukraine acquire U.S. weapons. These include missiles, fighter jets, and other types.

He also attacked Ukraine’s allies and claimed Zelensky was ‘disappointed’ in NATO’s rejection of the request by the U.S. to establish a no fly zone over Ukraine’s airspace.  

‘If NATO is not able to provide us with a humanitarian no-fly zone, please provide us with fighter jets, please provide us with anti-missile air defense systems,’ Zhovka said during a CNN interview, Mediaite reported. So, the president will do this. This was something he spoke to in Congress. This is something he talks about every day. 

Biden, which hasn’t publicly ruled on Zelensky’s request, had been warned this week that the imposition of a no-flyzone would be an “act of war”. Biden’s next steps are not yet clear.

Ukrainian President Zelensky's chief diplomatic adviser Ihor Zhovkva (pictured) invited Biden to visit Kyiv next week amid Russia's ongoing invasion of the country, saying 'one should not be afraid to – if you are brave'

Ukrainian President Zelensky’s chief diplomatic adviser Ihor Zhovkva (pictured) invited Biden to visit Kyiv next week amid Russia’s ongoing invasion of the country, saying ‘one should not be afraid to – if you are brave’

He explained that Zelenksy is 'disappointed' in the U.S. and NATO's apparent rejection to fulfill Ukraine's request to impose a no-fly zone over its airspace

Zelenksy explained that he is disappointed in NATO and the U.S.’s rejection of Ukraine’s request for a no fly zone to be imposed over their airspace.

Zhovka noted that leaders from three countries visited Kyiv, and they met Zelensky. 

‘Well, you know, just this week, three prime ministers of three friendly nations – Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovenia – visited, personally, Kyiv, and they met personally with President Zelensky,’ he responded. 

“So, why?” [doesn’t]Is President Biden coming to Ukraine for a meeting with the president?

Zhovka responded to a question regarding the danger that Biden would travel to Kyiv. He said, “It is definitely dangerous when there are wars against my country and wars in Europe.” 

It is unclear if Biden will accept Zhovka and Zelensky’s invitation, which comes as Ukraine is set to receive a new shipment of U.S. weapons within days, including javelin and stinger missiles.

The (weapons will) be present on our territory within the shortest time. “We are speaking about days,” Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council confirmed Saturday in a live televised interview.

Ukraine has received planeloads full of arms shipments from its allies to help it fight the Russian invasion. Russia denounces such NATO-member state deliveries.

The West and Ukraine claim Russia’s invasion is a failure partly due to the fierce resistance of Ukraine, low planning, and low morale from Russian forces. 

One US intelligence estimate states that 7,000 Russian soldiers, four of them generals, were killed in fighting since February 24, when the Russian invasion began.

Moscow’s Defense Ministry claims that less than 500 soldiers died.  

Heavy losses have also been suffered by the Ukrainian military, which is likely to be even more than 1,300 soldiers that Kyiv confirmed were killed.

According to Ukraine’s military estimates, Russia has lost 466 tank, 115 helicopters and 914 vehicle, 95 aircraft, 213 artillery, 44 antiaircraft weapons, 60 fuel tanks and 95 aircraft. Russia has yet to respond to Kyiv’s recent estimates. The information cannot be independently verified.

According to a military spokesperson, these estimates were made as Russia launched its hypersonic missile first attack against Ukraine.

Igor Konashenkov, a Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson, stated that the Kinzhal hypersonic missiles destroyed the underground storage area containing missiles and ammunition for Ukrainian troops living in western Ivano-Frankivsk.

Konashenkov claimed that Russian forces used Bastion, an anti-ship missile defense system, to target Ukrainian military facilities close to Odesa on the Black Sea.  

According to the World Health Organisation, there have been 43 terrorist attacks against hospitals and other health care facilities. Twelve people were killed and 34 others injured.

Antony Blinken the US Secretary of state, stated on Thursday that American officials were looking into potential war crimes. If Russia targets civilians in an intentional way, there will be “massive consequences”.

The United Nations political chief, undersecretary-general, Rosemary DiCarlo, also called for an investigation into civilian casualties, reminding the UN Security Council that international humanitarian law bans direct attacks on civilians.

She stated that many attacks against Ukrainian cities are “indiscriminate” and use ‘explosive weapons with large impact areas’. DiCarlo stated that the destruction in Mariupol, Kharkiv raised grave concerns about the fates of many millions of Kyiv residents and others facing increasing attacks.

According to reports, hundreds of civilians sought refuge in a large and columned theater in the centre of the city after it was struck by a Russian bomber on Wednesday. Their fate was not known on Friday. There were conflicting reports about whether any survivors had been found from the rubble. 

Officials claim that communications have been disrupted in the entire city, and it is making it difficult to move due to fighting and shelling.