South Carolina boater (74) rescues a drowning man (29), and his girlfriend, after they fell off a jet ski. Prosecutors claim that the killing of an ‘intoxicated father-of-1 was in self-defense, but will not press charges

  • Oconee County Sheriff’s Office stated that Nathan Drew Morgan was shot by a man aged 74 in self-defense. 
  • Morgan and Morgan’s girlfriend fell off their Jet Ski and into the water. Oconee County Sheriff’s officers said that they were both in serious distress. 
  • A pontoon boat-powered couple of 74 years old drove up to the lake and helped the husband and wife fish out the two.
  • According to the elderly couple, Morgan began attacking them after he boarded the boat and became uncontrollable.
  • Morgan’s girlfriend pushed Morgan back in the lake by her, sheriff’s offices have said.
  • He was helped aboard by the couple from the pontoon, but he shot him again after another encounter. The man claimed he had feared for his life and that of his wife. 

A South Carolina boater, an elderly man who was on a pleasure cruise and with his wife, rescued the drowning couple from their Jet-Ski. The 29-year-old victim died after the feud broke out aboard. 

The unidentified 74 year-old boater ran to save. Nathan Drew Morgan and his girlfriend in Lake Keowee on Tuesday. Officials stated that they were not wearing life jackets, and that Jet Ski was in circling.

They were rescued by Morgan, who then began assaulting the couple. 

David Wagner, Tenth Judicial Circuit Solicitor, stated that his office would not press charges against the Good Samaritan.

Wagner stated that it was an obvious self-defense case to The Journal of Seneca in Williamston South Carolina.

Nathan Drew Morgan, 29, (pictured) was shot and killed by a 74-year-old man who had rescued him from the water after Morgan became agitated and attempted to assault the older man and his wife, authorities said

Nathan Drew Morgan, 29 (pictured) was gunned down by a 74 year-old man. The man had saved him from the sea after Morgan became unruly and tried to attack his wife and the man with the slingshot, authorities stated. 

Police respond after Morgan was shot dead on Lake Keowee

Morgan is shot to death on Lake Keowee. Police responded 

Morgan, a resident of Walhalla, is survived by his son, according to his obituary

His son has survived Morgan, a Walhalla resident, according to his Obituary 

Lake Keowee is a manmade reservoir and it has approximately 18,500 acres of water and a 300-mile shoreline

Lake Keowee can be described as a man-made reservoir. It contains approximately 18,500 acres and has a coastline of 300 miles.

Morgan started arguing with his rescuer after being pulled from the water at 63 degrees. His girlfriend then pushed Morgan back into the lake to try and defuse the situation. Investigators believe he wanted to go back on the Jet-Ski. 

Morgan was helped aboard by the couple from the pontoon, but Morgan was still belligerent. The elderly man shot Morgan, telling authorities that he feared the lives of his wife and himself. 

Morgan, a Walhalla resident, was killed by a gunshot injury to his chest. 

The paper was told by Sheriff Mike Crenshaw that Morgan could have been under the influence. A report on the autopsy is in progress.

Investigators believe Morgan may have had an argument with his unidentified girlfriend before he fell in the water for the first time. 

Authorities declined to identify the couple.  

Morgan enjoyed outdoor activities such as being on the water and fishing, his obituary said

 Morgan enjoyed outdoor activities such as being on the water and fishing, his obituary said

After the bizarre shooting, Brandon Thomas (pictured), who lives nearby, told local news station WSPA he had never heard of a similar incident in the area

Brandon Thomas, a local resident, said that he’d never seen a shooting like it in his area.

Morgan, according to his obituary was an associate of Flat Shoals Baptist Church who enjoyed being outdoors and such outdoor activities as fishing and going on the water. 

One son survived him. 

Brandon Thomas, a local resident, said after the shooting that he hadn’t heard of any similar incidents in the region. 

“Certainly never seen” [or heard]Thomas replied, “I have never heard of anything like it.” It’s amazing to think that it happened in such a remote area. It’s definitely not expected here. 

Lake Keowee can be found near North Carolina/Georgia’s border. Over 32 people died in the lake over the 30 year period. 

The bizarre incident happened on South Carolina's Lake Keowee, near the northwest border with North Carolina and Georgia

The bizarre incident happened on South Carolina’s Lake Keowee, near the northwest border with North Carolina and Georgia