In his Great Leap Forward, Chairman Mao declared that his goal was to transform China into a kingdom of bicycles.

Proletariat triumph would be confirmed by the pedaling masses. There were over half a billion of these pushbikes by the 1970s.

Along with sewing machines, watches and steam radios, bikes became status symbols. In China, a bike was a must-have for young ladies. 

A bike was the best way to make it in the Forbidden City.

Every young party appatchik could lift his leg above a crossbar and was given a legover.

Chairman Mao's stated ambition, as part of his Great Leap Forward, was to turn China into a 'kingdom of bicycles'

In his Great Leap Forward, Chairman Mao declared that China would be a ‘kingdom for bicycles’.

But after Mao unzipped his tiny wooden clogs, 1976, his foresighted successors saw that great nation was riding its way towards an economic cul de sac.

Modern technologies were developed to rival the capitalist West in order to replace the lost grace of pedal power.

China today is the largest automobile manufacturer in the world and China has the potential to surpass America’s economic dominance. 

Bicycles are an effective means of transportation and proved to be just as progressive as the Mao-style doggy paddle along the Yangtze.

Unfortunately, this lesson is being ignored by the communist mutton-headed leaders of 21st-century Britain.

Covid has remade our urban centres into insane golf courses. They want to stop freedom of movement. Priority is given to Lycra-clad lunatics racing on bikes and suicide jockeys riding e-scooters.

Anti-car, single-issue fanatics have taken control of transport policy, intent on inflicting the most inconvenience possible to customers and businesses.

London as seen from Genghis Khan’s perspective looks almost like it was hit with a bunch of neutron blasts. The cluster left no damage to the structures and bikes and destroyed any commercial human activity.

The pollution-spewing jams that Town Hall Guardianista polar bear huggers, who are enslaved to the cycling cult have also affected other cities.

It might be better to say “Cyclops” since those in the pushbike industry are totally blind when it comes seeing other points of view.

These infiltrators have penetrated the very core of government. Islingtonian Revolution has taken the Highway Code. New code will give priority to pedestrians and cyclists in all situations. It is expected to enter effect on January 29.

Bikers should ride in the middle of traffic, with two to three bikes per person. This will slow down the speeding vehicle. Bikers and pedestrians are expected to yield to motorists as they turn left.

According to the Department for Transport, it will create a hierarchy for road users in order to make sure that road users with the highest potential to do harm are held to the greatest risk and have to take the necessary steps to minimize the threat to other road users. Boris Johnson stated that the proposal would “help unleash our nation’s cyclists” when it was first proposed.

That was the question: Who did you vote for?

Many of the bicycle lanes constructed in recent years ‘because Covid’ have been abandoned.

It is both dangerous and harmful to reduce emissions by congested vehicles, vans, and trucks.

You only need to be aware that this madness was not a consultation process for any one motoring group. Pro-bike-extremists received a blank sheet to make their own rules.

The revised Highway Code is just the latest example of how virtually every area of public policy has been surrendered to a cabal of blinkered, neo-communist fanatics

Revisions to the Highway Code are just one example of how nearly every area of government policy has been given over to a group blinded, neo-communist fanatics.

Since years the influential cycling lobby has infiltrated their placemen into powerful positions. This was done with the help and support of posh boys such as Call Me Dave or Boris. These boys are always eager to display their “green” credentials and take private jets and chauffeur-driven limousines when they want.

Even Genghis Khan, that self-proclaimed socialist champion of the two-wheels-good brigade, swans round London in an armoured £300,000 Range Rover, courtesy of the Old Bill.

The new regulations do not require cyclists to use costlyly-installed bike lanes. What are these lanes for anyway?

Bicyclists will not have to purchase insurance or pay road tax, nor do they need to wear helmets like all road users. It is absurd! This is a charter for anti-capitalist activists who want to take Britain back to the Stone Age — or at least, 1949-era Peking.

We are waiting for the Great Leap Backwards.

White Van Man is dead, as are all those who depend on motor cars to earn a living and get around.

Just the latest example is that nearly every aspect of public policy was surrendered by a group of neocommunist fanatics. See the madmen who have created ruinous green energy generation plans in the name of a “Conservative Government”.

They are not content to just make us poorer or colder; they also want to make it easier for us to get around.

These must have grown out of their small Chinese minds.